14 Expert Styling Tips For All Those Curvy Girls Out There

Curvy Girls

Pretty girls, embrace your curves in style. Remember, your curves are not to be shamed. Plus-size women often feel ashamed of their shape and tend to get depressed with the way they look. Now the debate of whether skinny is good or curvy is good is a long-running shallow debate and we really don’t think there is any justification of such debate. Ditch the conventional idea of being attractive. If you know the actual styling tips for how to flaunt your gorgeous curves the right way, curvy girls can rock all the way.

In the very first place, try to accept the person you are. If you are a curvy girl reading this article right now, you must be shocked to know that skinny girls also feel depressed about their body measurements and the way they look. So there is certainly no such parameter to measure what is more beautiful and what is not. You just need to know your body type. And with all these effective styling tips for the curvy girls, you are gonna look sizzling and beautiful just the way you are. Break the myth of being pretty and set your own standard of being attractive. Let’s now move on to all the tips we have rounded up for you here.

Expert Styling Tips For All Those Curvy Girls:

No Oversized Clothes Please:

Often curvy girls think that oversized garments would hide their extra inches and they would look less fatty. But in reality, they just do the opposite. Oversized clothes add extra bulk and volume to your curves making you look like a pumpkin wearing cover. Don’t laugh, it’s true! An oversized, baggy t-shirt or a maxi dress that is 2 size up your true size will make you look very bad. Instead, go for body-skimming clothes that do not cling on to your curves. Body-skimming sheath dresses or peplum tops paired with a slightly tighter pair of trousers can do wonder to your figure.

Clothes That Accentuate Your Waist Line:

Accentuating the waistline is a smart idea for the curvy girls. Go for slightly body-skimming clothes that have a smart waistline. It will give your body an illusion of an hourglass figure. Playing smart with the colors of clothes can also play a pivotal role here. Fit-n-flare dress that has a darker color-blocking at your waistline, will be working excellent for the curvier people.

Clean Cut And Line For Continuation Of Outfit:


Clean cuts and clean lines in clothes make sure that the appearance of your outfit remains very fuss-free and sober. Too many ruffles or frills create interruption and unnecessary detailing of the cloth, making you look bulkier.

Go For Monochrome:


Same colored top and bottom are not boring, they are chic and very powerful in making you look taller and thinner. Blazer and pants in the same color will make you look elongated and will create an unbroken line that will drive away everybody’s attention from your body’s midsection.

Fabric Matters:

One of the most important and crucial styling tips for curvy girls is to go for the right fabric. Fabrics like georgette, satin, viscose, silk are the best for the voluptuous figures. These are stretchy and also look luxurious when worn. Stretchy denims are also good choice and so is the jersey material. These have higher degrees of elasticity and are the best for curvy girls.

Show Off Your Skin:


A little bit of revealing your skin works great when it comes to curvy girls styling tips. Dresses that have v-neck allow you to show off more skin and at the same time, elongate your neck giving you a slimmer appearance. Go for cropped top and skirt co-ord sets. That little bit of show off will add extra height to your body and will make you appear lengthier. Go for tops that have cold-shoulders.

Bold Co-ord Set:

Say Hi To High-Waisted Denims:


They are curvy girls’ best friend. High-waisted denim makes your tummy area look shaped and tucks in all the flabs. Also, they efficiently hide your muffin tops. Also, make sure that your jeans do not finish off above your ankle. This tends to shorten the length of your leg. Ankle-length or below the ankle denim works best for the curvy girls.

Prints and Stripes:


This is a MAKE-IT or BREAK-IT tip. Small prints are your best friends and vertical strips are your go-to things to add a little bit of height and slimness to your stature. Bigger prints are a no-no for you. And ditch all those clothes that have horizontal stripes on them. As simple as that!



Often curvy girls shy away from wearing colorful clothes. There is a fashion myth that curvy girls can only wear black, white, grey, and all those lighter shades of the color. But this is the time to bust those myths and state the actual fact in front of you.

Big fashion designers and stylists recommend curvy girls to play up with colors. Bold bright colors can also look good on you. Wear a neon-pink v-neck top first. Then add a black front-open cardigan to layer that up. Play up with mustard, orange, blue anything that you like. You are gonna rock it girl!

Pick The Right Accessory:

Choosing the right accessory to go with your ensemble is very important.

If you are a heavy girl, ditch big hobo bags. Instead, go for sling or handbags that are not too big in size.


For jewelry, pick up dainty and long neckpieces. These will make your neck look longer and will add length to your bust area. Wearing a choker necklace will make your upper body look bulkier.

Curvy girls should swear by big hoop earrings or long geometric earrings. Teardrop earrings are also excellent in making your face look elongated. It will make your rounder face look sharper and most attractive.


The belt is one of the best accessories that you must have in your wardrobe. Buy so many of them, actually a lot of them. Belts would accentuate your curves hiding all those tummy fat and will also give your figure a nice shape.

To add definition to your body, a long scarf is also excellent.

Fab Your Feet:

Looking out for perfect pair of shoes for yourself? You must know what shoe works best for you. go buy anything that has pointed toe. Pointed shoes elongate your frame and make your legs look longer. Also, ditch the ballerina flats as they make your feet appear fatter and shorter. Besides, wedges, pointed-toe high-heeled boots will also frame your body the way you want.

Choose The Right Underwear:

We have saved the most important point for the last. Your underwear is more important than you even think. Your bra’s work not only is to give good support to your breasts. They are also supposed to provide a flattering shape to your body. Know your measurements and choose the right cup size for yourself. Too much tight bra will create unnecessary bulge at your bust area and a bra too loose will make you appear like a sack.

Give utmost importance to your shapewear. Wear seamless panties and full-butt panties that flatter your hips. Experts often compare underwear to the base makeup of your face. Unless you have a good primer and foundation game going on, your makeup cannot look 100% best. The same goes for your innerwear too. A nicely cut, the rightly-tailored outfit looks horrific if your undergarments are ill-fitted.

A Perfect Strapless Waist Cincher:

Also invest in good basic tees, tights, and camisoles. They are equally important just like your high-waisted denim is.

Ah, we are finished. If you are one among those blessed curvy girls, we really envy you. And with these simple tricks and styling tips, we are sure that, you are going to be the best version of yourself. Just be more confident and carry yourself with grace and poise. The fashion world is ever-evolving and curvy girls are here to stay.

Much Love…

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