20 Most Beautiful Ideas Of Elegant Nails To Copy Right Now

Elegant Nails

We are a sucker for classy and elegant nails. Classy nails are trendsetters and they make your hands look stand out among the crowd. You just need to have a good choice and a creative eye to pick up the best ideas of gorgeous and elegant nails for you. And no matter what the season and the occasion is, there is always a timeless idea of a unique classy nail design for you. You can mix and match with different nail shapes and can showcase many statement nail arts. Try out different colors, embellishments, patterns, and detailing – these brilliant ideas of elegant nails will inspire you to get your next manicure done real quick. Let’s have a look at them yourself. 

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Most Beautiful Ideas Of Elegant Nails To Copy Right Now:

Nude Nails With Rhinestones:

Source Source: @tior_nails

If you love oval nails, this clean and crisp nail idea is for you. First, they have been painted with a very light and classy shade of nude color, leaving one. And then the other nail has been painted with that exact nude color keeping a clear negative space intact. The rhinestone detailing perfectly adds that much-needed bling to the nail art making it a unique piece. Not too jazzy and not too simple, it is one of the best ideas of elegant nails you can even wear to a wedding function. 

Marbled Elegance:


These powder blue nails look classy and drop-dead gorgeous where the blues of the nails are accompanied by a white and grey marble nail and a wide golden strip on another nail. An adorable shade of blue, a little hint of bling with that golden strip, and the marble detailing on one nail – these nails are ticking off all the boxes for being one of the most luxurious ideas of elegant nails.

Mocha Ombre:


Want to wear chocolate and coffee on your nails? Then go for these so sophisticated brown ombre nails that have hints of mocha, chocolate, and brunette. An ultimate pick-me-up nail art to beat the cold-weather blues.

Short And Nude:


If you are a more mature kind of woman and want to wear trendy elegant nails that are neither too loud nor too embellished, these short nude nails will be your no-fuss, go-to manicure. It has three different shades of nude and makes your hands look rich and classy. Perfect as an everyday wear and sure to be your all-time favorite if you do not like flashy colors, this nail art is one of our favorites.

Metallic And Green:


This unique shade of green and the metallic gold tips make this nail idea irresistible and so contemporary. It is a beautiful and trendy take on the French tip nails and umm, we are just digging it. Smart new-gen ladies who need to visit a workplace, attend seminars and meetings will love this one of the smartest ideas of elegant nails to the moon and back. 

Subtle Rainbow:

Source: @nailsbycambria

Summer and spring-ready nails can also be elegant and classy. If you do not want to miss out on the fun of wearing colors but also want your nails to be chic and rich, go for these soft ombre rainbow nails. It is a very low-key nail art where the colors are not too flashy and over the top. Dreamy and young, every girl and young woman will love this girl-next-door nail art.

Abstract And Elegant:


When you do not want to go all over with gold and black but also do not want to miss the fun of wearing this deadly duo, try this abstract and contemporary nail design that is way different from being your regular black and gold nails and is one of the best ideas of elegant nails. Create a nude base first. choose any finish between matte and glossy for the base. Let the base dry out completely and then go all experimental with the help of a regular piece of straight-edged tape. Create unusual patterns out of your own imagination and admire your pretty nails later on. 

Delicate Floral:

Steal the pretty hues from the flowers and leaves and place them on the background of a beautiful pinky nude. This nail idea is so subtle, so classy, and so delicate. Whether you are out and about to attend a brunch date or want to welcome spring with your pretty and sophisticated nails, this edgy manicure would be a fantastic option. Keep the base of the nail light so that the floral designs can stand out.

Another Great Idea For Green And Gold Nails…:

Elegance Redefined:

You can not take your eyes off this one of the prettiest ideas of elegant nails. It has everything. It incorporates the reverse French tip technique and defines that with golden embellishment. The marble nail art is adding to its gorgeousness. On another nail, there are small floral detailing placed on the base of nude pink. The other two nails have been pained using two very beautiful shades of nail paint – mauvy pink and matte nude. And they have also been toned up using a golden embellishment and a glitter silver line respectively. When you literally want to use each and every nail art element in a single design and still want it to look classy and not chaotic and clumsy, this nail design is the solution for you. 

Elegant Fall Nails:

Fall for this gorgeous Fall nail art where you simply cut your nails, shape them, and wear a warm shade of pumpkin orange. Sport your oversized sweater, wear a tote, and wear a statement ring, that’s it. You will feel extra cozy wearing these freshly-painted fall-winter apt elegant nails. 

Gold And Glitter:


This is one of the best glitter gold elegant nails that prove that short nails can also look as gorgeous and party-ready as long coffin nails. Add some golden sparkles to your nails and going for an acrylic nail art will also ensure that your glitters stay in place for a long time.

We are sure that you are craving some more beautiful designs of elegant nails. And we won’t disappoint you. Scroll down below and discover these pretty ones. 



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