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10 Easy Yoga Poses To Beat The Heat This Summer

Summer is already here and it is the time to get decked up for the muggy, hot, sweaty season. And for being effortlessly cool, fresh, and healthy during this hot season, nothing can be a better option than regular yoga. Regular yoga practice will keep you energetic during the hectic summer days and is very useful to unburden those summer fatigue. Today, we’ve come up with some very useful, easy yoga poses to practice this summer and they are kind of fun to do as well. They will surely help you to beat the heat during this steamy weather. With regular meditation, some breathing practices, yoga and, proper hydration, cool off this summer like never before.

Easy Yoga Poses To Beat The Heat This Summer:

The Lion Pose (Simhasana):


Popular for its cooling benefits, this is a pose which helps you to reduce the stress of your mind and body, and soothes each-n-every muscle of your face. The pose resembles that of a sitting lion and thus is so named. This yoga pose helps in maintaining normal blood pressure and heartbeats by aiding better functioning of the carotid body.

The Camel Pose (Ustrasana): Easy Yoga Poses:


Camel pose efficiently lessens fatigue and relaxes anxiety. When performed correctly, Camel pose stretches all of our body’s major muscles and stimulates and tones the front side of our body. As it improves the digestive, respiratory, endocrinal, and circulatory functions of our body, practicing this during summer and even during the whole year keeps our body fresh and carefree. It is certainly one of the best and easy yoga poses to try.

The Fish Pose (Matsyasana):


Do you know why this yoga pose is so named? That’s a fun thing. The fish pose, if properly carried out in water, allows one’s body to float easily on the water just like a fish, hence the name. Matsyasana relieves respiratory disorder as it incorporates deep breathing. So, it is very useful as a summer yoga pose. It also stretches the chest and neck and can be practiced throughout the year. Avoid this pose if you suffer from blood pressure problem and migraine and insomnia disorder.

The Tree Pose (Vrikshasana): One Of The Easy Yoga Poses To Try:


This pose cools off your mind and relaxes your entire body. Easy to perform and resembles that steady and confident stance of a tree. Your body gets rejuvenated and your concentration level is lifted up. One of the best and easy yoga poses to practice in summer as it brings total balance and equilibrium to your body and mind.

The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar):

Surya namaskar is considered as an excellent yoga for your entire body. This pose is consisted of a sequence of 12 powerful postures and if you are looking for one single yoga pose to stay fit this summer then this is the thing you must try. Regular practice of this pose will end up giving you a shaped body, calm and healthy mind and for the best result perform it in the early morning and on an empty stomach.

The Lizard Pose (Uttan Prishthasana):

Stretches are always relaxing for your body muscles and this specific pose concentrates on your hip area. This one of the easy yoga poses strengthens your hips, ligaments, and muscles of legs. Might look a bit tricky at the first look but regular practice will make it simpler.

The Water Gesture (Jal Mudra):


It requires only your hand and your fingers to accomplish this yoga pose. The Jal Mudra stabilizes the water element of body and keeps your entire body cool during hot summer. Human body is made up of 5 elements namely: Earth, water, air, fire, and space. And your body feels the best when all of these elements are in equilibrium. So activate the fluid circulation of your body with the regular practice of Jal / Varun Mudra and keep yourself moisturized.

The Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adhomukthasvanasana) : Easy Yoga Poses To Try:


One of the most useful and easy yoga poses for getting back that dewy glow on your face. This pose ensures added blood flow to the face and head giving you healthy skin and calmer expression. It strengthens your bones, reliefs you from nasal congestion, and gives you overall healthy body.

Sitali Breathing (Sitali Pranayama):

Pranayamas give excellent result when done regularly and this ‘Sitali’ Breathing, itself, is a cooling Yogic pose which keeps your entire body cool and calm during summer. In Sanskrit, ‘Sitali’ means ‘Cooling’. So the name says it all. Sit in a comfortable position, free your mind and concentrate on this practice. It will cut down all your anxiety and your summer days are gonna be breezy and nice like never before.

The Corpse Pose (Savasana):


After you are done with all of the other easy yoga poses, your last yoga pose to execute is the Corpse Pose. This posture leaves you in a state of rejuvenation and helps in repairing all of your tissues and cells, keeping all of your stress at bay. The perfect pose to end up any yoga session.

Summer days make us impatient, overheated, and agitated. So regular yoga practice during summer is very good as it has cooling, healing, and calming properties. It improves the blood circulation, rejuvenates overall body, and balances the 5 elements of our body. And for better result drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours. Above described poses are the best and easy yoga poses to practice this summer and if you religiously follow them be sure that your next summer experience is going to be better like never before.

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