8 Crispy, Unique, And Most Delicious Easy Waffle Recipes To Try

Easy Waffle Recipes

A Sunday breakfast screams for delicious crispy waffles on the plate. Thin, crispy, and utterly delicious – waffles are your sweetest quick breakfast fix. Some love to dig in a plateful of Belgian chocolate waffles drenched in yummy peanut butter sauce and for some people, a warm slice of aromatic cinnamon waffle feels like heaven in the mouth. On a chilly winter morning, you just need to try these warm and flavourful easy waffle recipes and just gorge on them whenever you feel like. These are the go-to waffle recipes and no messy steps and hard-to-reach ingredients are required to make these. So just make these super-indulgent easy waffles and start digging in. Though they are high in calories, sometimes it feels good to be guilt-free and enjoy doing the sweet sin. 

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Crispy and golden from the outside and fluffy and light-weight on the inside – these are the ultimate homemade easy waffle recipes you need to make. 

Crispy, Unique, And Most Delicious Easy Waffle Recipes To Try:

Belgian Rainbow Waffle:

Obsessed with rainbows? Then this brilliant-looking rainbow waffle is the first one that you need to try. A basic Belgian waffle works as the base and you just need those gel food colors to add wonderfully vibrant bright rainbow hues to the Belgian waffle bases. Cook your waffles a bit less than what you normally would do for your usual waffles as too much cooking will brown the outside and the beautiful rainbow hue will be gone. Crispy and visually appealing, serve your rainbow waffles with whipped cream and a few pieces of Rolos. Check out the recipe at ‘Dinner Then Dessert’.

Paleo Almond Flour Waffles:

Give a healthy twist to your not-so-healthy waffles and try this paleo almond flour waffle recipe that is a savior on the days when you have a huge time crunch. All the ingredients you will be using in this recipe are healthy. Almond flour, coconut flour, flaxseed, almond milk, and eggs – if you often feel guilty while gorging on a tasty slice of waffle, feel free to try this paleo recipe. Top it with berries and nuts and make it taste even more delicious by going for tempting add-ins and syrups. Check the recipe at ‘Bonfire’. 

Mini Banana Walnut Oat Waffles With Berries:

Make it for a weeknight party or whip it up on the daily days – your kids will just wait for breakfast time when the menu is this grand and colorful. This recipe uses oat flour and tastes all delightful with bananas and walnuts. Drizzle sweet raspberry maple syrup over the waffles and serve them warm and crispy. Get the recipe at ‘Hallmark Channel’.

Red Velvet Waffles:

A romantic dessert option for Valentine’s Day dinner or a quick fix for a red food theme party, treat yourself and your loved ones with this royal-looking red velvet waffle which is one of the prettiest and easy waffle recipes. When you find your plain old waffles to be a bit boring and want to spark up and add some fun color to your breakfast table, this waffle is a must-try. Just use your usual waffle-making ingredients and add a good quality red gel food color to the batter, you really do not need to do anything else to whip up this charming-looking waffle recipe. Top it with whipped cream or cream cheese drizzle and enjoy a hearty recipe with your loved ones. Get the recipe at ‘Home Cooking Memories’.

Cinnamon Roll Waffles:

The mindblowing smell and flavor of cinnamon – it is exactly what you need to warm up a cold and gray winter morning. The recipe is super easy and it is such a fun way to add fall-winter apt flavors to your classic dessert. Gets ready in a jiffy and is your perfect pick when you want to have a breakfast that is fancy and festive. Get the recipe at ‘One Sweet Appetite’. 

Gingerbread Easy Waffle Recipes:

Filled with a wonderfully spicy smell and having a mood-lifting comforting taste, gingerbread waffles can be your winter breakfast staple. Not overly sweet and having the exact amount of rich flavor, this waffle recipe tastes the best when you dust them with powdered sugar and drizzle some syrup over them. The recipe is also a make-ahead one that you can store in the refrigerator in a freezer bag. Heat it up the next day and serve warm. Get the recipe at ‘Caroline’s Cooking’.

The Best Ever Strawberry Waffles:

Perfect for regular days and easy to whip up as a brunch centerpiece, this is the best and one of the easy waffle recipes to try during springtime. Loaded with fresh strawberries and perfectly light and fluffy, this delicious dessert is a perfect crowd-pleaser. Get the recipe at ‘Everyday Eileen’. 

Charcoal Waffle Sandwiches:

This is something that we bet you never have come across. The most unique ingredient that this recipe uses is a powder named bamboo charcoal powder. Originally this powder is from Japan and you just need only a spoon full of this powder to make your batter turn black. It does not have any distinguishable flavor but the color it adds to the waffle is simply to die for. Once you have readied up the waffles, just add maple candied bacon, basil walnut cream cheese spread, roasted vein cherry tomatoes & juicy portobello mushrooms to them and fold them as sandwiches. Your unique charcoal waffle sandwiches are ready. Isn’t it one of the most unique yet easy waffle recipes of all? Get the recipe here.

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