11 Super Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas You Need to Try This Year

Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Carved pumpkin or Jack-O’-Lantern, without this no Halloween celebration is actually complete. Your Halloween decoration game is just not on point if you haven’t kept some really beautiful gleaming carved pumpkins at the front door or patio of your house. Say hi to the trick-or-treaters or welcome your guests – let some super glam carved pumpkins greet your guests when they come home or just pass by admiring those beauties. And what else can be a better way to scare away all those evil spirits than these nicely carved glowing faces of pumpkins? Want to make some extraordinary pumpkin decoration this year? You really need to try these super easy pumpkin carving ideas that are creative and so crafty. Whether you are a pro crafter or just trying your hands for the first time, these easy pumpkin carving ideas can be pulled off by anybody.

Do you know what is the best part about these insanely easy pumpkin carving ideas? These are so easy that even your little masters can take part in crafting these amazing stuff. You do not need any special skill nor need to spend a lot of money. With these ideas, carve your pumpkins in any shape, give them any expression you want. Spooky, funny, creepy, anything. Just roll up your sleeves and get ready with the knives on – make your carved pumpkins the show-stealer with these super easy pumpkin carving ideas.

Super Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas You Need to Try This Year:

Honeycomb Pumpkin:


This is something you will rarely see in any other house. Completely unique and yet so easy, you can accomplish this Halloween craft with only a knife and some yellow craft paint. Get a smooth and medium-sized orange pumpkin. Cut a hexagonal portion from the bottom of the pumpkin just to scoop out all the pulp and seeds. You can use the pulp and seeds to make a delicious snack. Now the pumpkin is ready to get its honeycomb makeover. Cut out portions of pumpkin skin with the help of a sharp knife to delineate the honeycomb pattern properly. And for some portions, do not cut them out completely. Just carve out the skin and fill the dents with yellow craft paints. It will give your pumpkin a more realistic honeycomb makeover. Your pumpkins now look stunning and so creative as a Halloween décor item.

Plant People Pumpkins:

Your pumpkin does not always require to be spooky and terrifying. Consider these innovative plant people easy pumpkin carving ideas that will cheer up your guests. Not at all complex to accomplish, you need a strong, fresh, big sized pumpkin that has super smooth skin. Now cut off the head of the pumpkin so that it gets wide open. Now with washable marker pens, draw cute or any facial expression on the surface of the pumpkin to cut it off with a craft knife. Your cutting should be smooth with no disturbing edges. Scoop out everything from inside the pumpkin. Now starts the real deal.

Place potted bushy shrubs inside the pumpkin so that the leaves of the plants resemble the head of people. People with green hair! Oh, this much fun element you have to put in your Halloween decoration. Make sure that your plant pots are nicely covered by some orange wrappers so that they get nicely hidden. And hola you are ready with one of the most innovating carved pumpkin that will great all the trick-or-treaters.


A Smiling Jack-O’-Lantern:


Now it is the easiest of all. Just carve out a happy face with a four teeth smile, a triangular nose, and round eyes with eyeballs. This pumpkin carving idea is classic and the most traditional of all. A smiling Jack-O’-Lantern will scare away all the evils out of your house. Just place a nicely-lit-candle to make it shine in the dark.

Pumpkin Candy Holder:


When it is Halloween, you must have some candy-loving children around in your house. And Halloween is all about sharing treats and good food. So why not carve your pumpkin into a creative candy dispenser? You can take a real pumpkin or an artificial one that is meant for decorative craft purposes. Nicely cut a big hole on the body and scoop out the flesh. Now paint your pumpkin with whimsical colors and leave that overnight for the paint to get dried. The next day fill up the hollow space with a lot of tasty candies and wait for the delightful hands to take charge of that!

Whale Pumpkin:


How about serving a miniature whale on your Halloween dinner table, that too made out of a pumpkin? Crazy, right? It looks tricky but believe us, it is so easy to make one. Just cut your pumpkin into halves and take the top half and empty the inside. Now attach two small eyes and one wide mouth on it to give it the face of a whale. Keep your whale face on a plate and use some wrappers on the plate to make them look like waves. Do not forget to cut out a piece of whale tail from the other half of the pumpkin and just place that on the plate to give it a complete whale look. Doesn’t it look super cool?

Pumpkin House Number:

There are some easy pumpkin carving ideas that are just not only meant for Halloween. They do not even require real pumpkins. If you have a foam pumpkin that you got as a gift you can transform that into this cool DIY house number craft. You do not really have much to do. Have a hot knife and carve the number on the surface of the orange and cheerful foam pumpkin. Looks unique and you can easily place that outside your house on an urn. Or just hang your pumpkin from above and let everyone notice it.


Pug Pumpkin:

This pug pumpkin or pugin looks effortlessly adorable. Take the help of a pug stencil to draw the pattern of a pug face on the pumpkin and with the help of a good knife, carve your pumpkin into this sweet and adorable pug face with those widely spaced cute eyes, floppy ears, and a flat nose. Certainly not traditional, but its cuteness will delight each of your guests, especially the pug lovers.


DIY Carved Pumpkin Arch:

If you have a lot of foam pumpkins which you will find at any party store, put all of the pumpkins into use and make this fantastic pumpkin arch. Carve out all your pumpkins to give them funny, spooky, and creepy expressions. And with the help of PVC pipe and rebar, you will end up making this cool pumpkin arch.

Wait for the evening and when they all get lit up in the dark, your front door is sure to look enchanting and too dramatic. Foam is lightweight, so it is not that challenging to place your pumpkins on the pipes. Use small and medium-sized circular to semi-cylindrical pumpkins to give your arch a more fun and appealing look.


Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas With A Drill:

If you were looking out for a fun pumpkin carving idea that requires no knife-game, take this chill pill of a drill. You can easily get done with polka dot designs with smooth edges with the help of only a drill. Just mark the placement and bore holes of different sizes according to the design you are up to. This DIY is so easy that any random person can actually make these.


Jigsaw Puzzle Pumpkin:

This is surely cute and so entertaining. A jigsaw puzzle pumpkin, like seriously? After you are done scooping out the guts out of the pumpkin, just trace a puzzle template on the pumpkin’s surface. Scale it up or down according to your wish. Now with the help of a knife cut out the pieces of the puzzle and paint them in nice popping colors. In a small bowl keep your pieces and you are ready with the coolest pumpkin puzzle game ever. Entertain the kids with the game and reward them with candies when they win the puzzle challenge.


A Toothy Affair:


If you want to add a low-key spookiness to your pumpkin carving deal, add these toothpick teeth to your Jack-O-Lantern’s mouth. You already know how to scoop out flesh and stuff and cut out eyes and nose. As the last step just prick crazy amount of toothpicks on the rind of the pumpkin. You are done without much mess. And are free with enough time to bake the cake and other Halloween treats. Add these pumpkins to your Halloween décor and amp up the spooky mood.

Pumpkin carving is an art if it has gone to the hands of the right creative person. You can go up to any level of creativity and transform your pumpkin into a piece if pure wonder. But if you have less patience and are just starting off with carving thing, these easy pumpkin carving ideas will surely inspire you to carve a few more. Get the right tool, get into the working mode, and get done with your Jack-O’-Lantern that will set the mood of the Halloween and will just drive away all the evil when they are lit up in the dark.

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