9 Cute And Easy Origami Projects For The Beginners

Easy Origami

Origami is the art of paper folding. It owes its origin to Japanese culture and in historical past in Japan, paper folding or origami was a recreational as well as ceremonial practice. Cut to today’s world, in modern days, this practice of paper folding has become a popular hobby and a form of art all over the world. And not only that, with the invention of new techniques, cutting and folding evolution, origami, these days is even applied to solve an array of engineering challenges. It has even been applied to design satellites, to heart stents, and self-assembling robots. Interesting, right? So are you also a great fan of this art form? Tried some of them but found them to be very daunting? Worry not? Today we have come up with some of the best and easy origami projects that even a beginner can try and successfully accomplish.

The fun art style imparts several benefits to one’s development too. Origami improves one’s level of concentration, it develops eye and hand coordination, spatial skills, memory, brain function, and more. If you find yourself restless, impatient not being able to concentrate on anything, try these easy origami ideas. This art is beneficial for your kids too. There are levels of paper-folding projects. Starting from easy to very hard and puzzling, origami can be very challenging all the way. Learning all the folding types, when to flip the paper, and repeat steps – it is not an art you can learn overnight. So if you are really interested in this amazing art that transforms a flat square paper into a marvelous sculpture, these are some of the easy origami projects you can start off with.

Cute And Easy Origami Projects For The Beginners:

Paper Boat Origami:

This is one of the simplest of all the projects and we all have probably made this in our childhood days. You can also make a bunch of these cute little boats and let your kid float them in the bathtub or in a nearby lake. You just need regular size A4 papers. And with a few folding and flipping games, you will be ready with the easy origami paper boat just under a couple of minutes. Get colorful papers and make a bunch of them. It is fun and easy so your kid can also join you to make a piece or two.


Easy Origami Lily Flower:

We love to draw flowers and we love to make them too. An origami lily flower looks great if you just put it on your bedside table or make a bouquet full of other variety of origami flowers and they look amazing as party decoration elements too. In this origami, you need to use paper that has color on both of its sides. Once you have learned how to make a lily flower, you will also end up making more other flowers. Learn how to make lily flowers from this below tutorial.


Origami Fish:

Cute origami flowers are easy to make and suitable for beginners. You just need two ingredients, a square origami paper, and googly eyes to make your fish more realistic. After you have made a whole lot of origami fishes. Add strings to them and hang them from a wall. It will turn out to be one of the most stunning wall décor ideas.


Easy Origami Butterfly:

Butterflies are one of the most common origami projects to start off with. Colored squared paper is needed to make beautiful butterflies. If you want small butterflies, cut your paper into 4”x4” size. For a medium-sized butterfly 6”x6” will do and a 10”x10” paper will be the best for a large big size butterfly. Don’t start with a paper that’s too small, it will be a real struggle to make folds with that. Make a lot of them and decorate your space with these cute origami butterflies.


Pretty Envelope:

Sending your loved one a cute little note or a letter full of good wishes? Try this pretty envelope that carries your love and hearty wishes. This origami envelope opens up like a flower and you can also wrap little gifts or chocolates in it. It is so elegant and makes in a couple of minutes.


Easy Origami Turtle:

This cute marine animal is a popular choice while making origami animals. You might have noticed that easy to make paper turtles never look realistic and the beautiful looking stuff are really hard to fold to perfection. But this origami turtle is easy to fold and looks so realistic and aesthetic. The neck part can be a tad bit of issue but with this elaborate tutorial provided below, you will be able to tackle it effortlessly.


Cute Cats:

Who does not love a cute cat? And it looks even cuter when you make them with papers. This easy project requires two pieces of paper. One for the head and the other one for the body. Some simple folding and unfolding games, and you will be ready with a cute cat ready to awe everybody. The head part is pretty simple. But the body part can be a bit trickier. But with repeated efforts and practices, you can master it within a few days. Use colored papers or pre-paint your papers with some brown or black patches to give your kitty a more realistic and practical look.


Origami Birds:

A beautiful bedside bird will cheer you up when you wake up in the morning. Do they look daunting in the picture? Believe us, they are not. It needs standard origami papers and basic folding tricks and you can make your own origami birds for sure. Once you are done making these simple birds, try getting your hands on some really tricky origami birds. Use them as wall décor or even to make a DIY origami bird chandelier.


Ice Cream Cones:

What about some pretty origami ice cream cones? They look as cute and provocative as the original ones. Use sharpie markers to paint the ice cream’s face and to write some cute notes on the ice cream body. And also make some decorations on your ice creams with circular stickers as you can see in the pictures. Aren’t they adorable? Here you go with the tutorial.


These cute and easy origami projects will not only keep you occupied and entertained but also these will give you a sense of accomplishment. These are fun to do, simple, and just requires your patience and a little creativity. All DIYs do not need a truckload of supplies. With a few sheets of paper, you can make these awesome origami projects. You can gift them to your near or dear ones or just can use them for home decoration purposes. So the next time when you feel a bit restless and want to engage your mind in something creative and artistic, sit down and start making these easy origami projects.

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