7 Mouthwatering And Easy Lasagna Recipes To Try

Easy Lasagna Recipes

Lasagna tastes so good and when it is homemade, it tastes even better. A classic and delicious dinner for the whole family, lasagna can be made in your kitchen and that will turn out to be a great crowd-pleaser. An Italian delicacy, this baked dish gets an easy meat sauce at the base and it has layers of noodles and cheese that get wonderfully baked before you can feed your whole family with it. You can make a meat version of lasagna and can also go for a vegetarian version which tastes equally delicious. Up for making the perfect dish of lasagna? Then there are some of the best and easy lasagna recipes down below that you must check out. They are crave-worthy, comforting, and are crazy delicious.

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Mouthwatering And Easy Lasagna Recipes To Try:

Classic Lasagna Recipe:

Starting off with this wonderful lasagna recipe that is made with creamy parmesan ricotta cheese filling, gooey and melted mozzarella cheese, lasagna noodles, and a zesty tomato meat sauce. A perfect weeknight dinner or a tasty on-the-go meal – your family will be obsessed with its taste and flavor. Comforting, decadent, and perfectly cheesy and melt-in-mouth taste – we are in love with this one of the best and easy lasagna recipes that will feed a large crowd and is warm and cheesilicious. 


The Easiest Lasagna River:

It is one of the easiest lasagna recipes that has a rich taste profile and is loaded with cheesy delight. It becomes perfectly tender and is all tasteful with a rich beefy and tomato-based sauce. An easy-to-prepare dinner menu that will be everybody’s favorite, there is nothing very complicated in this one of the best and easy lasagna recipes where you are supposed to use a few simple ingredients and just follow this recipe steps to get done with a foolproof dinner dish. 


White Chicken Lasagna:

If you have some pre-cooked chicken lying in your fridge and you want to use them in the best way possible, let’s make this white chicken lasagna with them. It turns out creamy and rich and you will turn to this recipe again and again. When you are running out of time and you want to feed yourself with something really yummy and delicious, make this lasagna where no-boil noodles, chicken, sliced mushrooms, spinach, and shredded cheese get used. It is egg-free, soy-free, and is a high-protein meal recipe that you can make ahead of time and can refrigerate to eat later on. 


Cheesy Sausage And Beef Lasagna:

If you are a meat lasagna lover, this will be your ultimate meat lasagna recipe that is oozing hearty flavor and is all stuffed with meat sauce made with ground beef and sausage. The sausage and the lean ground meat get totally stirred into the tomato sauce and the flavor profile it creates is just outstanding. And this lasagna can also be made with turkey or chicken if you want to give beef a skip. The layers are full of surprise ingredients and you will just crave it once you have tasted its rich flavor. One of the most crowd-pleasing and easy lasagna recipes out there. 


Roasted Cauliflower Lasagna:

Healthier, richer, and cozier – this veggie lasagna version is for those who are not up for meat sauce but want an equally satisfying sauce that does not lack in richness. Cauliflower plays a double role here. Firstly, you are gonna use it in the ricotta cheese filling. And secondly, it also gets used in the tomato sauce where traditionally, one is supposed to use meatballs. The rich and creamy taste of cheese gets perfectly balanced with the use of sweet red bell pepper in the making of tomato sauce. Be ready to get surprised with a rich, complex taste profile with every bite of it. 


Lasagna Rolls:

If you have got bored with the traditional looking lasagnas, it is time to whip up things and try this brand new lasagna roll recipe where the rolls exactly resembling cannelloni are stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese, and prosciutto and have got a hearty coating of marinara and bechamel sauce. Buttery, smooth, and rich creamy – these will be your perfect winter comforting food and you will savor every bit of it. One of the best and alternative easy lasagna recipes for sure. 


Ina Garten’s Turkey Lasagna Recipe:

Lasagna can be made with every freaking ingredient. If you already have tried your hands in chicken, vegetable, and beef lasagnas, this is the time to say yes to this turkey lasagna recipe which is one of the mind-blowing take-ups on the easy lasagna recipes. It comes in so many layers and every layer of it screams richness and flavorfulness. Even if you are not a fond admirer of Italian pasta or lasagna, this recipe will make you fond of it. This recipe is unique in the way that it uses four different kinds of cheese and requires Italian sausage. A perfect addition to your holiday brunch table and perfectly rich and comforting – we are loving this recipe for its balanced mixture of different ingredients. Try it and fall in love.


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