17 Out Of The World Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair You Need To Try

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

Every hair length has its own pros and cons. Like long hair gives you enough scope to play up with hairstyles and short hair is easy to maintain and you need less amount of time to style it. And who said that short hair can’t be styled to turn heads? Look at our favorite celebs. Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus – they confidently sport their short hair with glamorous hairstyles. Are you a gorgeous lady with an equally gorgeous short mane? Then you need to check out these pretty ideas of easy hairstyles for short hair. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair, this list of hairstyles will cover pretty much every hair type. From cute to extravagant to classy to sassy – these are the ultimate easy hairstyles for short hair that you need to check out.

Short Undercut Pixie With Choppy Top:

If you have a rounder face and you have a desire to embrace a fresh and trendy hairstyle that will redefine your personality, choppy pixies are one of the easy hairstyles for short hair to try. Whether you are a brunette or blonde, short choppy hair will make you look elegant and unique.


Short Layered Bob Hair:


Easy to carry and adds a lot of volume to your thin hair, layered bob is one of the most versatile styles to go for. Add different highlights to your layers to give more dimension to it. If you have dark hair, consider adding blonde highlights to that. Naturally brown hair will look so flattering when blonde and caramel highlights are done on that. Short layered bob is edgy and nicely frames your face making you look smart and fabulous.

Drew Barrymore’s layered bob is the best bet if you have chin-length hair. Lightly tousle it to add extra volume to the sides.

Short Pulled Back Hair:


Want a girl next door look? Try short pulled back hair by adding a little mousse to it. Finger comb your hair back to give it a not-so-clean look. And when you are getting ready for a formal occasion, apply a generous amount of mousse to the hair and neatly comb it back. You will look no less than a Hollywood star.

Messy Low Chignon:

Try this unkempt but elegant hairstyle when you are going to attend a beach wedding or you are a bridesmaid. Who said that short hair can’t be styled well for parties or weddings? Refer to the picture to believe how beautifully it can be styled. Add embellished accessories or flowers to your hair to make it appear dreamy.  


Brunette Razored Shag:

One of the most uber-cool and easy hairstyles for short hair, this messy bob haircut will rightly complement your curly shaggy locks. The casual uneven waves add innocence to the face, framing it with grace and playfulness. If you are in need of a stunning hair-inspo, look no further.


Statement Bangs:


Steal Cardi B’s incredible hairstyle with this bold and edgy blunt bang blunt crop hairstyle. This is one of those easy hairstyles for short hair that needs very low maintenance and is so easy to get ready with.

Half Updos:


Half Updos look stunning on long hair as well as on short hair. It is comfortable to carry to college or when you are just out and about with your friends. Style it with a braid or curls to elevate the hairdo. Or just do your half updo casually to pull off a girl-next-door look. A hairstyle to wear every day and also a no-brainer option for the bad hair days.

Messy Ponytail For Short Hair:


When you want your hair to stay put for a long period without having to worry about it, try a messy ponytail. Just pull all your hair to the back and secure it with an elegant hair tie. Tease and twist some hair from the crown to give it more volume and an out-of-the bed vibe.

Side-Swept Hairstyle:


Whether you have medium-short hair or very-short length hair, this edgy hairstyle is gonna grace your crown the right way. Would look great on a slimmer face and will add a new definition to your personality when you confidently pull off this not-so-usual hairstyle.

Ringlet Bob:


Have very short and thick ringlet hair? Stare at Jodie Turner-Smith’s sexy ringlet bob and drool over.

Rosy Pink Hair with Undercut:

One of those extremely bold and statement-y easy hairstyles for short hair that is obviously not everybody’s cup of tea. It takes guts to dye your hair pink. And for a runway-ready hair makeover, go for short, choppy layers with an undercut to look like a supermodel straight out of a fashion magazine.


Pixie With Sidecut:


Take style inspo from none other than Kristen Stewart who looks like a diva with her pixie and sidecut. This hairstyle is so unexpected and the best to try when you want to give your short hair a whole new passionate makeover.

Shaved And Blonde:


Well, Kristen Stewart did chop all of her hair for a reason which seemed more practical to her. But OMG, she looked so damn sexy with this all-chopped-off blonde head hairstyle. When you want to look unapologetically bold and be all happy about it, this is one of those easy hairstyles for short hair to try.

Below are some more easy hairstyles for short hair that will blow your mind.

Flower Crown Short Hairstyle:


Perfect for your beach vacation and boho-chic, this hairstyle needs no effort and looks all the way fun and fresh.

Hairstyle With Headband:


To add an instant stylish touch to your whole outfit, wear a matching hairband that makes your short hair look cute and keeps it out of your face.

Short Pigtail:


Young, careless, and vibrant – this is one of the best easy hairstyles for short hair to go for if you have a fearless mind and funky sense of fashion.

Blunt Bob:


For a change, this is one of the safest and easy hairstyles for short hair to go for. When you are too scared to try experimental haircuts and also do not want to chop off your hair too short, try this blunt bob hairstyle like our very pretty Selena Gomez has done.

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