15 Classy To Quirky Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair For Every Occasion

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you have long thick locks like Rapunzel, then styling them like a pro must be a pretty struggling job for you. But getting a happy hairdo for your luscious locks is just so easy when you have these ideas of easy hairstyles for long hair at your rescue. Properly styling your long hair takes decades. Plus most of the time you end up creating repetitive hairstyles or just secure it into a bun as you lack diverse hairstyle ideas. But remember ladies, it only takes a little bit of patience and these simple ideas of easy hairstyles for long hair that can transform your whole hair look from drab to fab. Whether you are getting ready for a party or are in need of some go-to daily hairstyles, our list of hairstyle compilation has got you covered.

Long hair gives you the chance to experiment with an endless variety of hairstyles. Go creative with twisted buns or upgrade your party hair game with some super glam romantic hairstyles. Remember your school day with a pigtail or try a decorated bun style with all the embellished hair accessories when you are going to attend a wedding. Remember to use good quality hair styling tools and browse through this list of easy hairstyles for long hair to gift yourself a chic hair makeover every day. Even if you have short hair, this post will surely be a delightful read!

Classy To Quirky Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair For Every Occasion:

The Simplest Low Messy Bun:

This hairstyle is for those busy days when you do not even have time to get your clothes fixed. Middle part your hair. Do a halfway through low pony and lastly just twist and knot the rest of the hair around the rubber tie that you just used to make your low pony. Secure everything with bobby pins and rush to your workplace.


Wavy Updo:


If you have slightly curly hair and you have an event to attend, go for an elegant wavy updo hairstyle that is so sophisticated and gives your face feminine and princess-y features. Do not get disappointed if you do not have naturally curly hair. Use a good quality curler to loosely curl your locks and then try this one of the most eye-catching easy hairstyles for long hair.

Adele makes a statement with this red knee-length Valentino dress and her chic wavy updo.


An easy to create, lazy hairstyle perfect for your casual winter mornings, a half-bun hairstyle gives you a girl next door look and elongates your face also giving some length to your neck. A hit among the young women, a half-bun hairdo would pair well with your jeans t-shirt, maxi dress, rompers, and a wide range of other casual outfits. The best part about this hairstyle is that it looks good on wavy, pin-straight, or curly – all types of hair.

Half-Up Half-Down:


Classy, easy to do, and takes just a few minutes to get prepped up – this one of the easy hairstyles for long hair looks gorgeous on thick, wavy locks. This is also a tricky hairstyle for your bad hair days when your layers are oily, roots are greasy yet you want to look all glammed up and put together.

Summer Hairstyle With Head Scarf:

No summer is a perfect summer if you do not elevate your hair game. And when the sun is ablaze and pollution is everywhere, it is a smart idea to style your hair with trendy head scarfs. So that you can any time use your scarf to cover up your head if needed. Also on those hot summer days, you can hide your greasy and sweaty hair roots with these clever easy hairstyles for long hair. Incorporate smooth, lightweight, and brightly colored headscarves preferably in silk or satin material. They easily glide into your hair making the hairstyle steps comfortable to work with.

Tutorial For Hairstyles With Head Scarf

Textured Braidstyle:

It is even easier than it looks. It is basically a two-in-one hairstyle wherein you perform a side pancake braid first and then incorporate that braid into a low ponytail. When you have thin long hair and you want to add volume to your locks, rock this one of the easy hairstyles for long hair which can even be sported to any dressy occasion.


Bubble Pony Half-Up Hairdo:

Bubble pony hairdo looks so cute and you can make it under 10 minutes. Use a good texture cream on your hair before you start making your hairstyle. It will give your hair more hold and the bubbles will stay at their place for a longer period of time. One of the easy hairstyles for long hair to try when you want to look all adorable and dolled up.


Half-Wrapped Ponytail:

Photo By @jas_ana/Instagram

Does this hairstyle look immensely daunting to you? But believe us, it is not. It is a clever way to upgrade your normal ponytail hairstyle wherein you use your own hair to wrap a portion of the ponytail and the lower part is left loose. This is such a trendy and girly hairstyle that will buy you a lot of compliments.

Braided Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair:


Classic braided hairstyles are timeless and no matter what kind of long hair you might have, a nicely done braided hairstyle looks chic on everybody. Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, braided hairstyles will make you look royal and regal. From easy to more intricate below are some of the pictures of royal braided hairstyles from where you can pick up your own style.

Long Pigtail:


The perfect hairdo to go with your athleisure outfits, long pigtail hairstyles are sporty, cool, and you can wear them to your gym as well as on the girls’ day out. It is one of the best and easy hairstyles for long hair when you want your hair to look fresh and tidy no matter how greasy and sweaty you might be.

Half-Up Bow:

We all have seen bows on presents and on pretty frock dresses, but a bow on the back of the head that too made out of your own hair! Just look at this pretty bow hairstyle that adds princess-y feel to your hair and as it is a half-up hairstyle, you can keep your hair open and loose and at the same time can flaunt a subtle hair look straight out of a storybook.

Long hair gives you endless opportunities to experiment with your hairstyle. Then why tie your hair in only one style when the sky is this big? Bid adieu to your plain and boring everyday hairstyle. And make these easy hairstyles for long hair your best friends to jazz up your whole look. Let your hairstyle be the talk of the town.

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