7 Most Adorable And Easy Crafts For Kids To Try This Weekend

Easy Crafts For Kids

You need to engage your kids in some creative activities for their overall growth. Art and crafts are important for kids as this helps to develop self-confidence in them and they grow patience while accomplishing a task. So as a parent, you need to include your kids in such crafts which they will find interesting and these will also help them grow correct decision-making abilities. They will become skilled and polished too. So, this post is all about some of the very easy crafts for kids that are full of fun and joy. And your tiny kiddos will love playing with the papers, glue, colors, and other stuff.

When the crafts are ready, display the creations in the hallway or the lobby or in your kid’s room. They will feel proud of looking at their own creation. There are also some projects where you can take part in and can help your kid all the way. This will help them understand team spirit and how to work in a group. You need no special skill or hard to find ingredients to accomplish these easy crafts mentioned below. Your kids need to enjoy the whole procedure and these are not that time-consuming too. Just make them roll up their sleeves and let them go crafty on the weekends or on the holidays. Now let’s dig into the fun-filled easy crafts for kids that are both adorable and damn creative.

Most Adorable And Easy Crafts For Kids To Try This Weekend:

DIY Caterpillar Craft:

We have seen that kids are fascinated by the caterpillars. They love to draw caterpillars and anything related to these creatures. First of all, make your kid read the beautiful children’s’ book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and they will slowly start loving these easy crafts for kids. You need to provide some colorful papers, scissors, and glue to let them sit and start. And when the body of the caterpillar is ready, let them attach the googly eyes to the face with the help of glue. Make cute expression on the caterpillar’s face with the help of black construction paper and the cute little craft is ready to place on the table.


Paper Craft Owl:

Owl crafts are not only for the Halloween decorations. These winged creatures are adorable to look at and will add dramatic personality to your room when crafted the right way.

The supplies needed are bathroom tissue tube, cupcake liner for the wings, tapes, glue, card stocks to make the beaks and the eyes, marker pen to draw the pupil and dots on the eyes. This is one of the best easy crafts for kids and they will love going through the owl-making process so much.


Ladybug Painted Rocks:

For this project, your kids will need some smooth river rocks. If you are visiting any riverside vacation destination soon, make them pick up some rocks for themselves. The rocks need not be very big, smaller oval or rounder rocks would be the best for this project. If you can not manage to go to the riverside, there are many garden stores or craft supply stores where you can buy them from for a very affordable price.

As this is an outdoor project, you should be buying patio paints so that the color can withstand sun and rain. Apart from rocks and patio paint in different colors, you need to buy an outdoor mod podge or patio paint clear coat, toothpick, and a paintbrush. That’s all.

Your kids will love to transform a simple rock into a colorful lively ladybug. This one of the easy crafts for kids will also serve as a functional decorative item. They can be used as great garden edging stuff or you can also keep one of them on your bedside table to add a quirky touch to your indoor décor.


Paper Plate Tropical Fish:

Just a look at them and anybody will start loving these cute little colorful fishes. If a paper plate can be transformed into such an adorable and creative craft piece, what are you waiting for? Let your kids use their holiday afternoons in a productive way that will both entertain them and will make them grow the love for other animals.

Let them use their own imagination and make them go random with the colors and patterns they choose. It is always not necessary to make an existing species of fish all the time, you understand what we mean, right? Just a few cutting, gluing, and painting game, and hurray! your joyful, cheerful, vibrant little fishes are ready to awe everybody around them.


Lego Candy Dispenser:

This DIY craft uses two of the most favorite things of your kiddo. Lego and candies. Even when we were young, we loved to play with Legos. And now these interlocking plastic bricks are more elaborate and upgraded. We got this brilliant idea from ‘Frugal Fun 4 Boys’ and we are just digging it. The tutorial shows brilliant instructions on how to make the LEGO candy dispenser perfectly but your kid can anytime customize it in his own way. Fill in the machine with all those M&Ms and other candies and let your kids have a sugar treat anytime they want. (NOT ALL THE TIME THOUGH, TOO MUCH SUGAR IS A BIG NO, NO.)


Origami Corner Bookmarks:

If your kids do not enjoy reading, this fun craft will give them a reason to spend more time with their books. This fun project is apt for the beginners and kids of any age group will find it interesting. This origami is a woodland animal origami and all your kids need to do is to print and fold. Let them choose their favorite animals and you can lend your helping hand by printing the woodland animal clipart printables. Now they are ready to make their favorite animal bookmarks. Foxes! Or an owl! Or even a bunny! It is all up to their choice. IT IS ONE OF THE MOST DROOLWORTHY AND EASY CRAFTS FOR KIDS WE HAVE EVER COME ACROSS!


Butterfly Finger Puppet:

Spring is already upon us and it is the time to celebrate with all the spring-themed elements. Flowers, ladybugs, butterflies – these are just so synonymous to the Spring charm and this DIY efficiently makes some use of the old winter accessories. If you have some old winter gloves lying in your room, make some springy use out of them by letting your kid make these cute butterfly finger puppets that are one of the easy crafts for kids.

The supplies you need are butterfly wings pattern, winter gloves, felt, white string, googly eyes, puffy paints, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Now just follow the tutorial given below which we got from ‘I Heart Crafty Things’ and when the project is finished, let your kid wear the butterfly finger puppet and run around the house with flying colorful butterflies.


Make your kids go more crafty with these amazing, cute, and easy crafts for kids and this would be the stepping stone of their overall growth in many aspects. Stir their creativity and also help them out when they are in a little trouble. These are some quality activities that will keep your kids engrossed in a positive way and when they will get older, a glimpse of their own handmade DIY crafts would make them nostalgic as well as happy. Enjoy your craft times with kids and we shall come back with our next post real soon.

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