6 Easiest And Quickest Fun Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter Crafts For Kids

Adding some creativity to the fun of the holidays is a great idea. And when it is the Easter celebration and your kids are around, why not engage them in making some fun easter crafts for kids that are both entertaining and creative? Easter crafts are not only limited to making Easter eggs. There are so many other fun craft ideas for Easter that embrace the true spirit of this season of celebration. And these adorable Easter crafts for kids will get your little monsters’ creative juices flowing. Though there are many Easter crafts that are meant for all age groups, today we have rounded up few such craft ideas that are just appropriate for your kids. These will keep them busy for hours and most of them will also turn out to be gorgeous Easter decor pieces too. 

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Easiest And Quickest Fun Easter Crafts For Kids:

Plastic Spoon Easter Bunny Craft:

This is the cutest Easter craft ever. Easy to make and a potential decor item, these bunny crafts are fun to add to your Easter baskets. And your kids will be so happy to look at the plastic spoon-turned bunnies. Once your kids have learned the simple process, they can easily add a fun twist to the craft and can customize the look of them. Let them make cheerful eyes and mouths to make the face of the bunnies and yarns and ribbons can be used to create hairs, bows, and other decorative features. 


Adorable PomPom Bunnies:

Bunnies are cute and they look more adorable when they are made up of pompoms. A fun spring project, these adorable bunnies can be made using different colored yarns. If there is an extra yarn stash lying in your home, it is also a fun idea to make good use of them. With just a few supplies and a few minutes, your kids will end up making this one of the most adorable Easter crafts for kids. 


Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft:

Easter is the time to welcome the warmth of the sun and the spirit of the spring. And when the atmosphere is lively and bright and the sun is all cheerful, you need to ask your kids to make a DIY craft that welcomes the lively sun. These Easter egg suncatchers are delightful and they would look really beautiful when you place them near the window and they catch the ray of the sun shining through them. This is such an easy peasy craft to make where no glue game is involved. Mess-free and quick, contact papers and torn tissue paper are the only needed stuff to make this unique Easter craft. 


Paper Roll Bunnies:

If you are looking out for some easy and peasy Easter crafts for kids, this is one of the bests to try. Toilet paper rolls are one of the most popular supplies when it comes to talking about DIY crafts. Your kids can make so many crafts using only toilet paper rolls. In this project, let them make colorful bunnies that look fancy and are full of Easter spirit. Let them add googly eyes to the faces. With white cardstock and colored paper, the ears can easily be made. With the help of pipe cleaners, the whiskers of the bunnies can easily be made. Fun and quirky, bunnies with unique personalities will add life to your home when you use them as Easter decor pieces. 


Easter Q-tip Lamb:

Use them as a place card holder or make them as spring displays, these super cite q-tip lambs are pretty hard to ignore. Your kids will be needing some simple materials like q-tips, glue, magic marker, crayon pencil, ribbon, scissors, white paper, and two clothespins. And by cutting the bodies and heads of the lambs and adding the heads of the q-tips to the bodies of the lamb – your kids will soon be completed with the task. This was one of the most adorable DIY Easter crafts for kids.


Butterfly Finger Puppet:

When spring is upon us, it is the time to celebrate the spirit of Easter with all the spring-themed elements. Flowers, ladybugs, butterflies, bunnies – these are just so synonymous with the Spring charm and this DIY craft efficiently makes some good use of the old winter accessories. If you have some old winter gloves lying in your room, make some springy use out of them by letting your kid make these cute butterfly finger puppets that are one of the easiest Easter crafts for kids. The supplies you need are a butterfly wings pattern, winter gloves, felt, white string, googly eyes, puffy paints, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Now just follow the tutorial given below which we got from ‘I Heart Crafty Things’ and when the project is finished, let your kid wear the butterfly finger puppet and run around the house with flying colorful butterflies.


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