8 Delicious Dumpling Recipes To Feast On Every Now And Then

Dumpling Recipes

A staple food that can be found all over Asia, dumplings are tasty treats and are both comforting and filling. The word ‘dumplings’ refers to a specific process, the process of wrapping a sweet, spicy, or savory ingredient or filling in flour wrapping. Then you either boil, fry, or bake these small balls and enjoy till the last bite. The traditional Chinese dumplings which are also called ‘Jiaozi’ are made with ground meat or vegetable filling. They are wrapped into rolled flour dough and then are boiled. But that does not mean you only have to stick to this one recipe. You can experiment with filling, techniques, and presentations, and can incorporate dumplings into your meal, snack, or weekend night dinner recipes. Want to impress your family or friends with some experimental dumpling recipes every now and then? You have surely gotta have a look at these savory recipes then. 

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Dumplings are easy to make. You do not have to be a chef to whip up a good recipe. You know at the end of the day, it is only about making the filling and stuffing that into the dough, the job is done. Now fry it to make it crispy or experiment with the dough or eat it with a tasty accompanying sauce. Here we go with some of the best dumpling recipes that are sure to make your dumpling eating experience even more scrumptious. 

Delicious Dumpling Recipes To Feast On Every Now And Then:

Traditional Chinese Dumplings:

Traditional ‘jiaozi’ is easy to make and tastes heavenly. And this version of traditional Chinese pork dumplings will even be loved by a picky eater. The process might be a little time-consuming but it is worth the effort. If you are pressed for time, consider buying store-bought wrappers instead of making homemade ones. The taste of meaty pork and the Chinese cabbage mixes so well. Wrap your filling and boil it to fry it. For healthy eating, prefer the boiled ones. Serve the little balls with a savory sauce and finish off your dumplings in a jiffy. 


Ginger Dumpling Soup:

The best comforting recipe for the early winters, dumpling soups are utterly healthy and satisfying. And ginger comes with its own set of health benefits and boosts your immunity system and helps with conditions like migraine and inflammations. A perfect breakfast option with 247 cal, this ginger dumpling soup uses chicken and napa cabbage as the filling of the dumplings and is irresistibly tasty. Try it to believe it. 


Crystal Skin Shrimp Dumplings:

This classic recipe of dumplings uses shrimps in the filling and the specialty of this dish is its thin and translucent dough which allows you to see the chunks of shrimp making you salivate before even you taste it. This one of the best dumpling recipes uses port fat in the mixture that ensures that the filling becomes more moist and juicy. Enjoy these plump and pretty shrimp purses and welcome winter. 


Colorful Dumplings:

Color-coded dumplings? What’s even that? You do not even need to use any artificial coloring for that. Use your everyday vegetables to add stark color to your dumpling dough and make them look ravishing. You know eye-catching and colorful foods look more appetizing. Plus these dumplings are packed with a boost of nutrition too. We love these rainbow-colored dumplings to bits. 


Sheng Jian Bao (Pan-Fried Pork Buns):

Traditionally these dumplings are served as breakfast options but they make appetizing party food too. It is a tasty Chinese delicacy and uses a yeast dough wrapper to stuff the filling. The aromatic and juicy filling of minced pork, spring onion, and different seasoning bursts into a delightful taste in the mouth making you crave for more. Garnish your balls with finely chopped spring onion and toasted sesame seeds for a better presentation. 


Pierogi Wontons:

This is a straight-out experimental dish where you pair a traditional Polish pierogi filling of potatoes and farmer’s cheese with Chinese ingredients. It is comforting, soft from inside and crisp, and slightly brown from outside, and offers a great fusion of taste that takes flavors from both the Polish cuisine and Chinese food world. 


Dumpling Meatballs:

When you want to skip the tiring folding part of the dumpling and simply want to enjoy its taste but with a twist, try this dumpling meatball recipe. Make the meatballs, prepare the dipping sauce by stirring together soy sauce, vinegar, chili garlic sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds, and serve the cooked meatballs with green onion and lettuce leaves garnishing with the dipping sauce by the side. 


Low Crab Dumplings:

If you are health and calorie-conscious and want an easy substitute for the traditional flour dough dumpling wrapper, this low-carb dumpling recipe is for you. Cabbage substitutes the traditional wonton wrapper here and lets the dumplings get cooked more quickly. Tastes delicious and does not make you feel guilty about consuming flour. Enjoy this one of the best dumpling recipes and remain guilt-free.


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