22 Easy And Cool Drawing Ideas To Try Right Now

Cool Drawing Ideas

Have some time in your hand and also have a plain paper and pen lying on the table that you can put into some use? Let’s just grab them and pour out your imagination onto that paper by simply sketching it out. If you really want to draw something, you can get inspiration from anything around you. Try to draw the landscape you can see out of your window or even try making a sketch of an apple that is there on the table. You can give wings to your imagination and can draw an object that might be an interpretation of something in your own way. You might not be a great painter with all the fundamental drawing skills up your alley. But with these cool drawing ideas, you will definitely end up creating some really cute and beautiful pieces of artwork on your own.

If you are a beginner who is just approaching painting out of sheer love, here are some pieces of recommendations for you. Do not try to be a perfectionist. We all know that practice makes a man perfect but if you start thinking about perfection in the first place, you will never end up trying something out of your comfort zone. So, just sharpen your pencil, take inspirations from these cool drawing ideas, and just get started. And if you are really serious about painting, manage some time every day, be consistent, and draw something new. Ideas are plenty and you just have to sit and try and brush up your skill.

Easy And Cool Drawing Ideas To Try Right Now:

Fruits & Vegetables:


Starting off with the still life drawing, a fruit or a vegetable or a bunch of fruits and veggies are the most readily available thing that you will get in your household. In still life drawing, as the object never moves, you get enough time to study your object and can draw them perfectly. It is one of the best and cool drawing ideas to try if you are a beginner. After you are done with the basic shape, concentrate on a little more detailing and work on the highlights and shadows to give your fruits the realistic three-dimensional appearance. Once you are done drawing, you can even end up munching on the fruits as a post-drawing session snack! What say?

Draw A Cute Pup:

For the canine lovers, what else can be a great drawing idea rather than this cute little puppy? That cute puppy face is enough to melt anybody’s heart.

Here we also have a tutorial for you too.

A Happy Cartoon Clownfish:

This bright orange fish with occasional white stripes on their body and with two eager googly eyes is one of the best and fun things to draw. If you love marine creatures, this super cute Clownfish from the Disney Movie ‘Finding Nemo’ is an easy pick to draw.

Check out this tutorial.

A Cute Baby Elephant With Balloon:


Baby elephants are a symbol of good luck, power, and also a success. So why not try drawing a happy cute baby elephant with a balloon that is so jolly and joyous to look at! This is one of the happiest cool drawing ideas to try.

Tom & Jerry: Famous Cartoon Character Drawing:

These two inseparable cartoon characters and their banter brought an unconditional smile of joy on the face of kids and grownups alike. Draw this popular pair on your sketchbook and relive your childhood days.

This tutorial will give you a step-by-step guideline.

A Piece Of Candy:


Sweet happy treats do not only taste good, they look good on a piece of paper too. A piece of candy wrapped in a colorful wrapper is so easy to draw and happy to look at. How we wish that we had that magic pencil that would give life to whatever we drew! Then we could draw as many as candies we love and could just eat them.

An Easy Unicorn:


This mythical creature is one of the most colorful and adorable creatures we have ever seen. Its colorful mane, pointed spiral horn, innocent eyes – it is cuteness overloaded. Try drawing it down to feel all magical. This is one of those cool drawing ideas that kids can also draw.

A Pair Of Beautiful Eyes:


What do you notice in a person once you meet him/her for the first time? Researches say that most of the people notice the eyes first. And we can not agree more with this fact. Beautiful eyes are magnetic and they are envious. Draw a gorgeous pair of eyes that look so full of life.

Well, drawing perfect eyes can get really tricky. And it might take several days of practice to draw a pair of eyes like a pro and that is so realistic and expressive.

Save Earth Drawing:


Now if we lean toward the topic of responsible drawing, ‘Save Earth’ is one of the most ideal topics to start off with. In this age of massive global warming, pollution, and tremendous biodiversity loss, what can be a more appropriate piece of cool drawing ideas apart from this picture with a strong message?

A Vase With Flowers:


This is one of the classic pieces of drawing that everyone tries to draw. Go for bright colorful flowers and a vase with an interesting shape. This is easy and does not require any complicated drawing skills to turn out to be perfect.



Their chirpy presence brightens up every single space. Why not make a cool painting of your favorite bird depicting its innocence and beauty in a drawing? This cute Robbin bird is so adorable.

Tribal Birds:


On the same line, you can also go for this bold tribal bird painting. They look great as tattoos too. One of the most appealing and cool drawing ideas that incorporate some bold lines and charismatic designs.

Draw A Face:

Start by drawing a face from the front. Once you master that up, start drawing side profile. This is trickier and needs time to get perfect. Take help from this tutorial.

Making Heart With Hands Drawing:


To draw this, at first, you need to know how to draw fingers and then hands. Once you have become used to with that, you can draw anything that contains a feature of hands.

Draw A Piece of Cheese:


Super easy and super quick, this one is for everyone trying to draw something that needs no former skill of painting.

Cute Girl Wearing Reflective Sunglasses:


Now this piece of drawing can get really intimidating. Though not everybody’s cup of tree but the enthusiastic ones must try it.

Draw A Mandala:


Literally, Mandala means anything round or circular. So in this art, you make a central point and then draw a circle around that. Your whole artwork must be contained by that big circle within which you can use different shapes like spirals, triangles, smaller circles, flowers, birds, small triangles, etc. It is a beautiful art that symbolizes the universe, spirituality, enlightenment of the soul in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Draw A Landscape:


One of the cool drawing ideas is to paint a pretty landscape. You can draw a landscape that you can see out of your window or can draw a land that hits your imagination. If nothing comes to your mind, try to draw this tranquil landscape in the picture that contains mountains, sparsely placed trees, and a tiny little house. The picture itself will give you enough respite from the chaos of city life.

A Panda:

Drawing this happy animal can turn out to be something of ultimate fun. It may look quite trickier at first glance. But it only needs some light sketching and shading steps to draw a perfect panda. Follow this tutorial.

Draw Your Favorite Landmark:


It might be the Eiffel Tower, it might be the school building that was your second home during the childhood days. The landmark even can be that old church that stands straight at one side of the winding alley in the midst of a forest.

Line Drawing:


Draw something like an art student. This is one of the cool drawing ideas where you just need to work with some lines and this piece of excellent art with powerful image will be created.

This line drawing is by Charles Avery: the illusory combining of hair with perspective lines vanishing towards a horizon makes for a powerful image.

Two Happy Cats:


Continuous one line drawing is one of the cool drawing ideas and here this specific style of drawing has been used to paint the image of these two happy cats silhouettes. This is so minimalistic yet so cute.

Try these cool drawing ideas and create some amazing pieces of art.

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