9 Most Adorable Drawing Ideas For Kids That They Would Love

Drawing Ideas For Kids

Keeping your little kids busy with something that is good for their mental development and also can entertain them in a good way is really a taxing job. And a drawing activity surely ticks off all the boxes in this matter. Children cannot express their emotions thoroughly due to a lack of vocabulary. And drawing is an excellent way by which they express their emotion fully. Also, it helps them develop fine motor skills which include coordinated movement of hands, wrists, and fingers. So it is very necessary that your kids grow the habit of drawing from a really young age. Through the medium of drawing, kids interact with their surrounding and it also mirrors the way they think of everything around them. Want some really cool and fresh drawing ideas for kids that can get your child started with all the colors and pencils? Here we have collected some very useful and adorable ones. Have a look.

What To Give Your Kids For Drawing:

Remember, you should not expect your little star to paint something that is really daunting and tough. They are just familiarizing themselves with shapes, colors, and objects. So the drawing ideas for kids must be easier and fun to accomplish. Let them draw something that requires a few lines and curves. Do not scold them if they paint the sun blue in the place of orange. Your job is to encourage even a very reluctant drawer and not to make the drawing time a study time. They need to enjoy drawing to gradually grow skills in it. Starting drawing from an early age also is beneficial for one’s good handwriting. So summing everything up, drawing is a very necessary thing that your kids must start doing from a juvenile age, and to encourage them with inspirations, you as a parent can offer them these adorable drawing ideas for kids that are interesting, fun to draw, and easy. Let’s dive in.

Most Adorable Drawing Ideas For Kids That They Would Love:

Start Off With A Cartoon Animal:

Cartoon animals are one of the easiest drawing ideas for kids as when drawing a cartoon dog or cat or whatever animal, one does not need to be very precise about the shape of the animal. These incorporate some simple lines, circles, and easy patterns. Usually, for the face of the animal, one needs to draw an initial circle and for the body, generally, a chubbier circle is drawn. For the tail, your kid can draw a few stripes. Lastly, draw the ears, eyes, legs, and mouth of the animal. When the shape of the animal is drawn, let your kid fill the body with crayon colors. Black and white for the pandas, brown and white for the cat and dog, and pink for the pig. Here are some pictures of cartoon animals to take inspiration from.

Racoon Drawing Tutorial

Owl Face Drawing Tutorial

Monkey Face Drawing Tutorial

Object Drawing:

Object drawing increases your kid’s observation power. He/she learns to notice an object in a more detailed manner. In this case, one draws what he/she sees and it is a more realistic drawing where one is not allowed to use his/her imagination. An apple, a flower vase, or whatever your kid loves to draw more, let him draw anything. Set a time limit and notice if your kid is getting the exact shape, color, patterns of the object, or not. Object drawing is also a great way to improve one’s drawing skills. It helps to grow proportion sense, shading sense, and your kid becomes a keen observant.

Observational Or Object Drawing Tutorial

Landscape Drawing:

Landscape drawing can be an easy one to start off with. A landscape generally includes natural scenery that contains mountains, rivers, trees, valley, small huts, sky, a cloud floating there, and the sun, even some flying birds. Your kids can even choose to draw a specific landscape. Like a seaside village or a mountainous terrain, whichever subject is closer to their heart.

In the case of landscape drawing, there must be a focal point of the whole drawing. And the whole composition should be simple and not very complex. Once the sketching part is done, let them fill up the elements with colors. Blue for the sky, brown for the road, green for the valley, and so on.

Urban area landscape drawing is a bit tougher than simple landscape drawing. As it has more houses, cars, and the scenery is more complex. So let them draw urban landscape after some days when they have mastered the easier ones.

Mountain Landscape Drawing Tutorial

A Fish Bowl:

After your kids have learned how to draw a fish properly, this is the time you should make him/her familiar with the natural environment of the living being. Like tigers live in a forest, birds reside on trees, and fishes thrive in water. When your kid draws a fish in a bowl full of water, he/she is getting a better understanding of the fish’s natural habitat which will eventually grow their senses and they will become skillful painters.

To draw a fish in bowl, you need a very few supplies: a drawing paper, a black marker, crayons, and a good step-by-step picture tutorial on how to draw a fish in bowl.

Fish In Bowl Drawing Tutorial

My Happy Family:


This is one of those most adorable drawing ideas for kids which we all have learned to draw when we were kids. Sometimes, kiddos do not even need any guidance and they tend to draw their family. Dad, mom, sibling, even the affectionate doggo – everybody finds a place in their paintings. The world of a child revolves around his/her parents. Family is the unit with whom kids grow emotional bonding. And that is why it is one of the most favorite things to draw for a child. Family is the strength for a kid and it is the place that gives a kid his/her validation. So let your kid draw his/her family. You can even frame the photo and hang it on to the wall so that you can admire it later on and have a smile on your face.

Disney Character Drawing:

The Disney characters must be nearer and dearer to your kid’s heart and that is why these are one of the coolest drawing ideas for kids. The cuddly bear Winnie the Pooh is an all-time favorite among the kids. Filling Winnie’s red t-shirt is so much fun. And Mickey Mouse, the mascot of the Walt Disney Company can be seen on every kid’s drawing book. Mickey Mouse is on their lunch boxes, school bags, shirts, and caps. Make them draw a cute Mickey Mouse along with a pretty Minnie Mouse.

Winnie The Pooh Drawing Tutorial

Mickey Mouse Drawing Tutorial

Sticker Drawing:

Let your kids select their favorite sheet of stickers. It can be a sticker sheet of flowers, dolls, dogs, kitties, or even fishes. Now let them select a few stickers from a single sheet of their choice. Now let them draw the stickers on a paper so that all the paintings together make a story. Like a dollhouse full of 4 or 5 cute dolls gossiping with each other or an underwater life where fishes are gleefully swimming. This is one of the best drawing ideas for kids that will teach your kids about the holistic approach of an environment.

Sticker Drawing Tutorial

Alphabet Drawing:

This is one of the most adorable drawing ideas for kids where your kids are given alphabets and they need to grow the letter in order to reinforce a picture. It is also an excellent way to teach your kids the alphabet. It is really fun to grow the shapes of ‘D’ and ‘J’ to form an umbrella or to transform ‘A’ into a birthday cap. One of the main benefits of alphabet drawing is that it increases your kid’s decision-making ability. One has to think two or three steps ahead while he/she is developing a picture from a mere alphabet. Your job is to provide alphabets on a piece of paper and let them complete the image. It is also a fun way for you to mingle with your child and spend some quality time with your little monster.

Alphabet Drawing Tutorial

Number Drawing:

This is the same thing just like the alphabet drawing. In this case, one needs to develop a number to reinforce a full picture. Like a tree from ‘1’, a butterfly from ‘3’, an apple from ‘5’, and so on and so forth. It is fun to draw little little objects that too from the numbers and then filling them with pretty colors. Your kids are gonna love their drawing times.

Number Drawing tutorial:

This way drawing will be fun for your kids. They won’t consider it as a task and will accept it as a playtime full of entertainment. These were some of the most adorable and easiest drawing ideas for kids that they can start off with. Kindle their creativity and maybe your kid someday will become one of the best painters whom everyone will look up to.

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