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10 Dos And 10 Don’ts To Get A Beautiful Skin Naturally

We all pray for flawless, problem-free skin and to be very frank, this prayer is very sincere. But what we forget to do is to maintain some healthy habits that would help us to achieve that desired glowing beautiful skin. The C-T-M (cleansing toning moisturizing) routine is so very important for us but we often skip this for many reasons. We do not end up drinking as much as the water we need and we do not even eat healthily at times. These unhealthy practices take a havoc toll on our skin.


There are certain very simple do’s and don’ts that we need to follow in our day to day routine in order to get a supple, beautiful skin. These do’s and don’ts stuff apply for all the seasons, 24*7. Gone are those days when the environment was pure and our lifestyle was simple. In today’s life, if we do not follow some day to day steps, our skin would become dull, lifeless and what not in a couple of days. So here is a full proof list of certain very important things that would benefit your skin like magic. Go through them, follow them religiously, and beautiful skin is just a single step away.

Dos And 10 Don’ts To Get A Beautiful Skin Naturally:

The Dos:

Do make it a point to remove makeup before dozing off to sleep. Overnight make up clogs your pores like anything and then you will curse yourself for having a breakout the next morning.

Sleep is essential and you know it. Yet, you do not follow the eight-hour sleeping norm. Make a sleep routine and stick to it. Less and untimely sleep produces more stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in your body making your skin dull and unattractive.

Be it summer, be it winter or be it the monsoon, SPF is your BFF. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen with good SPF in it all over your exposed body part before you get out. This habit will save your skin from premature aging, fine line, and wrinkles.

And we can not stress enough on the benefits of drinking fluid. At least eight glasses of water is a must whereas taking two glasses of detox drink will benefit your skin like anything.

The Cleansing-Toning Moisturizing routine For Beautiful Skin:

Whatever comes in the way, do follow the cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine religiously. Clean your face first thing in the morning. Apply toner and moisturizer before covering it up with sunscreen. In the night, after removing those makeup, clean your face with mild face wash. Toner will help you calm down your face and moisturizer will keep your face hydrated all over the night.

Exfoliate the alternative day, if not regularly. Exfoliation cleans away the dead cells from your skin keeping it revitalized, supple and glowing.


Do use clean face towels every time you pat dry your face. Your dirty towel can be the reason behind your pimple problems.

Do clean your mobile phone screen using any microfiber cloth. You can rely on any cell-phone sanitizer for it. You will experience less acne story in life.

Try to be happy all the time. If possible take a meditation session, calm yourself down, and don’t take stress much. Your skin just reflects how you are from the inside.

Exercise regularly. It will ensure that your blood carries oxygen and other nutrients to the cells properly, keeping your skin healthy. Exercising also lowers down the level of cortisol and helps you to sweat out the toxins. The result? A healthy, glowing and beautiful skin.

The Don’ts:

Now we have the don’ts list. There are so many things that we unknowingly do regularly that have negative impacts on our skin. Take a look and don’t repeat them again in order to get a blessed beautiful skin.

Do not lick your lips as it dries up your lips like no one’s business.

Do not rub your face with towels while you are trying to towel dry it. It will aggravate the acne problem even more.

Do not wash your face more than twice daily. Excessive washing means your skin is losing its natural moisture and that is obviously not what we want.

Too Much Makeup Harms:

Do not wear heavy makeup for a long period of time as it does not let your beautiful skin breathe and your skin suffers for that.

Contrary to popular belief, do not apply toothpaste on the acne or a pimple. Toothpaste strips off moisture from your skin and leaves it dry. It may also leave dark patches on the skin. Instead, use a paste of neem leaves or honey on the acne to dry it out.

Do not wash off your face with hot water. Always go for cold or room temperature water.


Do not use makeup or skin care products that have paraben, sulfates or any carcinogenic ingredients in them. Go through the ingredients list carefully before buying it.

Do not touch your skin with unwashed hands frequently.

Do not use harsh face scrubs onto your skin. Avoid face exfoliators that have very sharp-edged particles in it. And do not overdo scrubbing.

Do not sleep with open hair. Your loose hair, when rubbed against your skin, can cause problems like breakouts and acne. Always tie it up into bun or ponytail or even make a loose braid.

You might be using the high-end skin care products and everything but not seeing any positive results as so far. Have you ever asked yourself why? Maybe you are doing these wrong things to your skin without even knowing how much they are affecting your skin. So, now you have a complete skincare guide in your hand that briefly tells you what to do and what not to. Follow them and get smooth, supple, beautiful skin naturally.

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