7 Must-Watch Dog Movies For Every Pooch Lover Out There

Dog Movies

Dog movies will make you laugh, will make you cry, they will take you through an overwhelming ride of a whole array of emotions. It is their innocence, loyalty, unconditional love towards their master that make them a bunch of pure happiness, both on-screen and off-screen. There are dog movies where our canine friends are awfully playful. On the other hand, there are movies where a dog shows unconditional love to the master and dies in the end. Whether you are a dog lover or already have a pet in your life, a film will help you understand how beautifully a non-human animal grows the ultimate bond with his/her human buddy. Full of rollercoasters of emotion, full of innocent charm – we have narrowed down a list of our favorite dog movies that you must watch.

Some of these are classics, some of these are not. But all of them are overpoweringly emotional. You will go all ‘aww’ while watching these movies. Won’t let you wait for more. Let’s browse through the list of some of the best dog movies that you must watch.

Must-Watch Dog Movies For Every Pooch Lover Out There:



Written, produced, and directed by Joe Camp, this 1974 American adventure family romance film is a must-watch that tells the story of a golden mutt named Benji. Benji is a stray dog but is too friendly. Loved by a few of the town’s people including two children, Cindy and Paul – Benji lives a normal life in the town until that two children got kidnapped. Benji loved them so dearly that he even took an attempt to rescue them. The film proceeds with the dog continuously putting effort to rescue the two children. At last, Benji is able to reunite the two children with their father. And the father who was formerly not agreeing to keep Benji as a pet happily allowed the brave dog to stay with his family to everybody’s utter joyousness.

Benji’s soulful stare, his activity throughout the movie, his bonding with the two children are sure to melt your heart. The movie has a remake that was released in 2018 and was directed by Joe’s son Brandon.

Old Yeller:


A 1957 Walt Disney movie that still holds a strong position in the best dog movies list, Old Yeller will make you all teary all the way throughout the film. The movie is based upon the 1956 book ‘Old Yeller’ and its massive success led to its sequel ‘Savage Sam’. Set in post-Civil War background in Texas, the movie beautifully projects the growing bond between a boy and a stray dog, Old Yeller. A must watch for the pup lovers, this movie will stir your heart and will make you hold your pup even tighter.

Marley & Me:


This Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson starrer 2008 American comedy-drama film is what you need to watch if you want to join the life journey of John and Jenny and their yellow Labrador Retriever, Marley. Marley’s vivaciousness, mischievousness, his bonding with the family, how the family goes through different challenges of life, and again tries to keep everything in place – this movie is a must-watch for all the pet owner. The movie has some wonderful quotes about the dog too. One such quote is: “A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.” – John Grogan.

101 Dalmatians:


A 1996 American live-action comedy adventure film, 101 Dalmatians is a full-on entertainment with those spotted furry friends in their action. Anita and Roger are the pet parents of Pongo and Perdy and their litter of 15 Dalmatian babies. The movie portrays how a crazy, demonic, and over-pampered lady, Cruella de Vil wrongly wants to make a coat with the fur of the Dalmatians and wants to wear that. How she steals the puppies from Roger and Anita’s house and how the puppies finally get rescued with the help of other dogs, Pongo, Perdy, their pet parents, and the policemen – the movie is a whirlwind of action, comedy, and utter innocence. One of the best dog movies that you would love to watch with your family.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale:

If you want to witness the extreme level of loyalty a dog has for his master, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale must be on your movie bucket list. The movie is based on a true story as well as a Japanese movie, Hachiko Monogatari, and tells a story of a college music professor who pets an abandoned dog. How these two grow an unconditional and over-whelming relation that is beyond any explanation. Hachi is an Akita breed and looks as sweet as a marshmallow. How the dog accompanies his master every day to the station, gets back home, and again reaches the station at the time of his master’s return is such an emotional thing to watch in a movie. Their usual lives go on until Hachi’s master dies of a fatal stroke. What happens later on? You have to watch the movie to know about the rest.

Lady And The Tramp:


This 1955, animated classic Walt Disney movie is one of the best dog movies you will ever watch. The film shows a dog’s life from his own perspective. The movie tells the story of a female American Cocker Spaniel dog named ‘Lady’ who feels left out in her own family when her pet parents get their own child. How he meets the stray dog ‘Tramp’, gets the taste of a life outside the four walls, and ends up falling in love with Tramp – this movie is a sure emotion-evoker. The film is also considered as one of the best-animated films from the house of Disney.

My Dog Skip:


Based on the autobiographical novel ‘My Dog Skip’, this 2000 American family drama film is one of the best dog movies for children. The movie tells the story of a 9-year-old boy who is given a dog on his birthday. The boy named his dear dog ‘Skip’ and the dog lovingly changed the life of the young kid. How Skip accompanies his new human friend and adds all the colorfulness in his life while he grows up is the subject matter of the movie. The movie will leave a subtle smile on your face and you will love it to bits.

So watch these best dog movies which will definitely make you smile or cry or probably both and spend a good time with your kids and family. If you are planning to get a puppy in your home, these movies will give an idea too about how a pet actually comes and shapes everybody’s life. So grab a cup of coffee and watch these movies that will melt your heart and will bring happy tears in your eyes.

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