10 Most Beautiful DIY Wind Chime Projects to Try This Summer

How amazingly refreshing are those breezy summer afternoons when you love to spend your leisure time relaxing on your arm-chair or lying down on the bed while some soft music is playing on your music system! This soothing ambiance can turn up to be even more poetical if a tinkling sound of a wind chime is added to the total scape. DIY wind chimes are so ‘IN’ as home decorating objects nowadays and you can make them in hundreds of different styles according to your choice. Now buying one from the store is an option but that cannot always fit into your budget and they are not customizable. DIY wind chimes are a way smarter option if you want to give your home a refreshing soft musical touch. Let’s learn these pretty DIY wind chime projects which are easy to try and that luring soft music from a gentle breeze is waiting to soothe your sensations.

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Most Beautiful DIY Wind Chime Projects to Try This Summer:

Glazed Clay Pendant Chime:


Starting with the simplest project is always good. Glazed Clay Pendant Chime is easy, adorable and it will perfectly hang from any corner of your home. You can always mix and match with color and patterns of the pendants and give a perfect beach feel to your home in just no time.


Terracotta Flower Pot Wind Chime:


All you need is to buy some terracotta flower pots of small to medium sizes. Paint them bright with all your imagination and attach them to a durable string. Add some spoon or danglers to it which can freely hang down and adore this self-made percussion instrument.


Seashell Wind Chime:


Who on this earth does not collect plenty of seashells when on a beach holiday? And if you are a home decoration addict and DIY projects are your love then you should actually gather these natural beauties. They come in handy in making various DIY crafts. With some transparent threads and a beautiful branch, you can make a pretty seashell wind chime with those lovely nature wonders. And your summer afternoons can even remind you of those breezy beach holidays. Surely this project is one of the best DIY wind chime projects to try.


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Heart-to-Heart Wind Chime:


Heart crafts do not always mean that you will have to gift it to your partner or husband. If red and white hearts are your personal choice then you can decorate your bedside window with this red delight. Say Good morning with the love songs they produce.


Mason Jar Wind Chime:


Mason jars are our recent favorites. They are so versatile and so easy to customize and ready to use that they can go with almost anything and everything. Decorate it with beads, chains, and charms and give it a vintage feel. This tutorial is all you need to accomplish this DIY project.


Bottle-caps Wind Chime:


Are you up to something quirky and different? Then this must be one of the best DIY wind chime projects for you to try out. This is not of a very usual kind and your kid can even make this chime because of its simplicity. All you need is to collect different colored bottle caps. The more colorful the caps are the more beautiful your chime is going to be. Make strings of bottle caps and attach them to a polished tee branch. As simple as that!

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Chic Chandelier:


It has a sophisticated, fairytale kind of look. If you have a bunch of spare key rings, this is the most beautiful thing you can make out of them. Decorate your wind chime with pastel shaded lace, beads and pearl strings. You can also use different yarns to make this DIY wind chime. And the end result is serene. Believe us. Happy crafting!


Old CD Wind Chime:


Having a stack of old CDs? Don’t throw them out. They can also be used aesthetically. Decorate your CDs with aluminum foils and make strings with the help of pompoms and different beads. Hang your wind chime in the way of sunshine and stir your imagination when it shines brightly in the reflecting sunlight.


Copper Penny Wind Chime:


If you have an innovative idea in your mind, you don’t really need much investment to wonderfully decorate your home. This copper penny wind chime is just the perfect example of a dainty and simple home décor item which you can make and hang the same day. A quick treasure for your garden area or the window side.


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Victorian Rose Plate Wind Chime:


Shall we finish our list with this royal DIY? If you have this Victorian Rose printed plate, then what are you waiting for? The gold edge of the plate, the pretty pink flower and those pink and red beads just add to the aristocracy of this piece. Add some dinner forks and large spoons to it for that perfect breezy sound.

We know that by now you have got pretty awesome ideas about how to start these DIY wind chime projects. The summer is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to indulge in some beautiful home décor projects. These are fun and will enhance your artistic skills up to the next level. Include your kids in these chime making sessions and he will surely love to lend you his helping hand. Good day.

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