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10 Best DIY Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat in Style

Spring has all gone and the summer season is here to make us down and dehydrated. So when the scorching sun is just above our head, we really need some delicious drinks with us to quench that unbearable thirst. Right? So what about trying some DIY Summer drinks recipes which are rich in the goodness of various fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs? Yes, we know you are all excited to know about them. They will not only help you to beat the heat but they will also keep you healthy and hydrated throughout the summer season. So let’s just start with the recipes of some DIY summer drinks without doing any further delay. Here we go…

Enjoy These DIY Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat:

Mango Cooler: 

Summer is all about those juicy and fleshy ripe mangoes. So our list should start with the goodness of mangoes. This ‘mango cooler’ drink is easy to make and all the ingredients used in it are beneficial to health some way or the other. Juicy mangoes, refreshing mints, lime, honey, and milk…just enjoy the combination and you are all ready to beat the summer heat.



You are thinking wrong, it does not even contain a single drop of beer. This cool drink is all about lemons, oranges, and freshly chopped gingers. To add with, it is enriched with honey ( a good source of vitamins C, calcium, iron and minerals). Delicious, easy to make, and refreshing. What else do you want?


Watermelon-Coconut Cooler:

The combination of watermelon and coconut is timeless. They make a perfectly healthy summer drink together. Watermelon is all about vitamin A, B6, and C. It contains amino acids and antioxidants too. Moreover, coconut will help you to convert the bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. So just make this simple cooler at your home and get delighted with every single sip.


Thai Frozen Iced Coffee:

Nothing can be more appealing than a cool cup of cold iced coffee after a long, hectic, sunny day. And this drink comes with a wonderful Thai twist. Add Some coconut to it for that tropical punch. Enjoy the beverage with a scoop of whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes on it.


Raspberry Iced Tea:

Want some vibrant and colorful summer drinks to get all refreshed? This recipe will surely attract you. This drink has the goodness of tea whereas, raspberry will give you that added vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. It is sweet, delicious and easy to make. A perfect drink that will also act as a natural anti-aging tonic.


Salad Drink:

Salad for us means something leafy and full of veggies but for the Filipinos, it is something fruity and sweet. This salad drink is filled with the goodness of fruits. Have a look at the glass full of this drink, it’s so refreshing and calming. Being enriched with coconut, bananas, milk, and fruit cocktail this drink will surely sweep away all of your summer fatigue in one run.


Frozen Lime Margarita:

Looking for some alcoholic cooling drink for summer? Try this out. This drink will also attract health freaks as the calorie count per serving is also very low (only 122 cal). It has frozen limeade concentrate, tequila and all that tangy sensations come from oranges and lime. Enjoy the summer sunset with your loved ones with this tangy lime slush.


Honeydew-Mint Iced Tea:

It is a sweet affair of fresh mint and honeydew melon. Being a fruit of the semi-arid regions honeydew is full of antioxidants so that it gives you that glowing summer skin. And mint leaves promote digestion, which is a big problem in summer. Serve it with fresh mint ice cubes and your summer evenings are all cool and breezy.


Cocoa-Banana Shake:

These two flavors mix so well together. It is creamy, fruity, and a healthy way of summer snacking. It is something more than your usual chocolate shake as it has that creamy-yummy banana twist. You can use vanilla ice cream if you don’t want that strong scent of chocolate or if you are more of a cocoa person then go on adding chocolate ice cream. Splurge on this rich shake to say bye to the summer blues.  


Fascinating Peach Punch:

We will finish off our list with this peachy, non-alcoholic, cool, fizzy drink. It is luscious with all the goodness of peach nectar, lemon, and ginger ale. And the best part about this one of the most healing summer drinks is that you can store it for almost 3 months in the refrigerator so that your summer never gets boring.


Summer is hot, summer is all about sweat and sun but as it comes with all those colorful and juicy varieties of fruits, we should make the best use of them. After a long, packed up day, refresh yourself with your own choice of DIY summer drinks and get back your lost energy. Try experimenting with the recipes and treat yourself all juicy this summer. Rely only on these cooling, soothing summer drinks to beat the heat. What else?

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