10 Gorgeous DIY Stone Craft Ideas to Beautify your Home

Stone and Pebble crafts are eco-friendly and they do not burn a hole in your pocket at the same time. They are gorgeous to look at and you can decorate your interior and exterior with them as well. Today we will be going through some cute little DIY stone craft ideas which are fun to create and are very easy to accomplish as well. When you will put them into display you are surely gonna get appreciated by everyone. So, let’s just dig into.

Gorgeous DIY Stone Craft Ideas to Beautify your Home:

DIY Pebble Coasters:

If you love pebbles and stone craft you must already have some cute river pebbles with you from your last riverside vacation. Just start with them. The DIY pebble coasters are so popular everywhere. You need some fairly smooth stones to work with and make sure that they have flat surfaces. Else it will be really tough to stick them on the keels. The pretty coasters look so cute when you put your kettles or cups on it.


Stone Candle Holders:

DIY stone crafts are the easiest things to accomplish. This pretty stone candle holder looks as if hours of toiling efforts have been given to achieve them. But, in reality, they are pretty easy. Some smooth river or sea pebbles (make sure you arrange them according to the size to give a candle holder shape), hot glue gun, and a sharpie or paint stuff. You are done making them and now place them on the desired location.


Pebble Table Runner:

The same rule goes for this stone craft also. Always go for the smoother stones to make an outstanding table runner. You need a good mesh or rug where you can stick your pebbles. After you have done making it, just place it on your dining table and get overwhelmed by the rustic flavor it exerts.


Stone Bath Mat:

One very useful trick about the DIY stone craft projects is that you must arrange smooth surfaced pebbles and stones as uneven stones may cause you injury while they are wet. Arrange a rubber mat, drain the excess water and start with your DIY project.


Stone And Pebble Headboard:

For this project, you can either use some pebble tiles or you can make your own big pebble board on your own but that is truly time-consuming. Then frame the whole tile thing with good wooden frame or any other frame of your choice and place the whole piece of art as a bed headboard. A piece of aristocracy just in your bedroom.


Word Pebbles:

This is a cute DIY stone craft in which you can even include your little kiddos. You can write any inspirational quotes or words on your stones and customize it in your own way. Use bright acrylic paints to write your quotes and it is one of the easiest among all.


DIY Garden Markers From Stones:

Do you ever find difficulties to recognize your garden vegetable seeds you just have planted? Here is a cute solution to that. Painted stones are colorful and bright solutions to your problem. Let’s start the project on a sunny weekend and also include your kids. Turn your stones into cute fruits and veggies with the help of acrylic paints and use them as garden markers.


Stone Footprints:

This is somewhat a creative idea. With different sized smooth sea or river pebbles, you can make footprints of human beings or even doggies. From paws to hooman footprints, this is a fun project. Decorate your patio, living rooms with this wonderful piece of art.


River Stone Planter:

You have surely gone through many DIY projects about how to make different planters. But have you ever thought of making an all pebble planter? This is so rustic and bohemian to look at. Just get a planter and attach the smooth stones onto it. Your brand new stone craft planter is ready to rock.

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Pebble Art:

This is unique and such a cute way to express your emotions and artistic sides. With different colors and sizes of pebbles, you can create different stories. Use other accessory materials like twigs or beads or threads to complete your story. Glue the whole picture on to a sturdy board and place them on the wall. There are picture ideas for every room and every age.


We know by now you have surely liked our project ideas immensely. Stones and pebbles are versatile. They are easy to find out and The DIY stone craft is so easy to start off with if you are new into DIYing. So let’s not waste much time and get into some real fun projects right now. Good luck.

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