7 Cute And Easy DIY Play Kitchen Ideas For Your Kids

DIY Play Kitchen

Do you have a tiny master chef in your home or do you just want to involve your kids in some cute games while you are busy finishing your household chores? What about building a play kitchen for your little master? How cute a DIY play kitchen looks with all those felt vegetables, small and colorful utensils, and miniature cooking tops! Now if you go to shops to buy a play kitchen, it will cost huge and you cannot even customize them in your own way. So, DIY play kitchen ideas are the best and simple ideas to go for in this matter.

Play kitchens are not only meant for your baby girl but also for your boy kids. Just understand the taste of your kid and you can transform your old furniture and used stuff into all-new, ravishing play kitchen or toy kitchen. Choose accessories that won’t hurt your baby anyway and gift your kid a fun-filled play area where he/she can spend his/her time making delicious toy recipes for you. So, let’s dig in and check out the simple yet cool DIY play kitchen ideas.

Vintage Play Kitchen:

Do you have an old bedside nightstand which is no more in its actual use? Transform that into a vintage DIY play kitchen for your lovely kid. Paint it in fun colors and install kid-friendly accessories to it. Use old serving trays or photo frames to make the sink and add colorful spice rack to it to give it a complete look of the play kitchen. Look how beautifully this vintage fabric is complementing the total set up.


DIY Play Kitchen From Old Cabinet:

In the world of DIYing, you can actually accomplish anything you want if you have that patience and creative insight. This old cabinet turned play kitchen is so adorable and realistic that you would even get provoked to cook here. This kitchen has a separate microwave section and a real steel sink. And the entire cabinet is so wonderfully painted and dressed up that it would conquer your kid’s heart in no time. The best part? This is one of the most budget-friendly DIY play kitchen ideas of all.


Play It Yellow:

An old nightstand can be repurposed in such a cute and beautiful way and this yellow pretty play kitchen is a sure example of that. Your kid is gonna love this kitchen set and will end up spending more time here. The ingredients needed are pretty simple like some screws, hooks, a faucet, utensil sets, bubbly-cute curtain fabric, and obviously some bright colored paint. Place this cute yellow play kitchen anywhere and it will amaze your baby in no time.


The Fancy Green Play Kitchen:

Though you may need to go through some trial and error game before you finish up with this project, you can actually make this much effort to gift your kid a fantastic DIY play kitchen, right? Nicely-cut ply-board has been installed to the back and the shelf has been added to use as a spice rack. Nice lime-green paint is increasing the glamour quotient of this DIY play kitchen to the maximum. Such a lovely one among all the DIY play kitchen ideas.


The Movable Grey Play Kitchen:

If you were looking for some budget-friendly DIY play kitchen ideas, this option will surely get you attracted to this. The best part is that this play kitchen is light-weight, movable, and very easy to make. Smart cabinetry, gorgeous utensils, and moreover the quirky blackboard on the wardrobe door- this smart play kitchen is going to be loved by your kid by any means.


The Contemporary One:

A plain microwave stand can be transformed into such a classy and functional piece of the play kitchen. Painted in quartz-white color, with all the essential kitchen elements, spacious counter area, extra small cup hooks – this adorable play kitchen is just so perfect. Add that much-needed pop of color to it by hanging two or three vibrant kitchen towel or hand gloves from it.


The Vibrant Outdoor Play Kitchen:

What if your kid likes to play outside? We have a solution for that too. This brightly colored blue DIY play kitchen will perfectly fit in your backyard. You surely have some old, discouraged shelf doing nothing in your house. This time use that to make this amazing piece of the DIY kitchen. This shelf has been sanded smooth. And after all the essential installation and cutting and screwing games, it was painted in outdoor color and the required decorative game was also done. Check out the tutorial.


Gifting your kid with a DIY play kitchen is always a smart idea. As, this way, you can teach them the basic lesson of taking part in the household chores. These DIY play kitchen ideas were simple and creative. And obviously you can include your little masters in these projects as well. Gift a play kitchen to your kid on his next birthday and when he will make tasty dishes for you in his little kitchen, you won’t even like to lose a chance to praise your little master chef. Let us know, what did your kid make for you for the first time?

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