9 DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas To Liven Up Your Inner Space

You won’t even imagine that a simple rope-knotting and twisting session can turn out to be this much of a beautiful art piece. Starting from the simplest one to the complicated ones with more complex knotting patterns, there are many DIY macrame wall hanging ideas for you to try. Macrame wall hangings are oh so boho and instantly add a pop of rustic, sophisticated touch to your plain boring wall.

You can start off with a simple white cord macramé hanging and then gradually as you master the art, try something more crafty and colorful. You can add beautiful pompoms to the ends of the cords or you can play up with some rainbow colored cords. Macramé is a rage nowadays and you would find it everywhere. So why not try some very unique DIY macrame wall hanging ideas to decorate your wall and give them a splash of a new, bohemian, and beachy makeover, right now?

What Is Macrame?

Well, Macrames were not really made to use as decorative pieces in the past. During the 13th century, in Arab, weavers usually use these fringed things to put on the camels or horses to keep flies away from the animals. There are other records as well that say, macrame comes from Turkish ‘makrama’ that means towel and these were used to secure the top and bottom loose edges of the loomed fabric. Later on, Macrame got its popularity as plaited or braided decorative pieces and spread everywhere.

So let’s not waste any more time and delve into some of the finest and easy to try DIY macrame wall hanging ideas to get heavily inspired to try some.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas To Liven Up Your Inner Space:

The Simple White One:

This is one among the easiest DIY macrame wall hanging ideas where you need to perform Lark’s Head Knot and Square Knot (the most basic knot style of all). After you are done with your macramé pattern, trim the bottom edges to give it your desired shape, you can give it a ‘v’ shape or a ‘u’ shape or just keep it the way it is that is in a square or rectangle shape. Hang the art piece on a crimson or a teal colored wall and admire how gorgeous it looks.


The Ombre Dyed Macrame Wall Hanging:

This beautiful piece of work instantly caught our eyes. A stunning ombre dyed macramé hang will fancy up any wall. You can fill up the adjacent space with mirrors and shell accents to give your wall a perfect new look. You need wooden rods of two different lengths, some cotton macramé cords, and dyes of your preferred colors so that you get a perfect gradient effect. This tutorial will get you going with every steps and trick to get done with a serene piece of macramé hang.


Pink My Feet:

Okay, if you didn’t get an idea of this wall hanging from the name, just look at the pretty picture and you will figure it out. This, one of the most gorgeous DIY macrame wall hanging projects, is very simple, sober, and the tips are just dyed into girly, flirty pink color. A perfect piece of art with cute yellow detailing for your sweet girl’s bedroom.


DIY Hot Pink Macrame Wall Hanging:

This pink beauty is definitely a show stopper. You just need to perform rounds of square knots and half hitch knots to create this piece. We know that making the traditional macramé knots can be very repetitive, time-consuming, and hectic but believe us the hard work will pay you off with a bigger smile. This hot pink wonder will look great against any white wall or even a lavender or grey colored wall.


Rainbow Macrame Wall Hanging:

Add happy rainbow vibe to your home décor with this playful rainbow macramé one. You need to gather yarns and arrange them according to the colors of the rainbow. Attach the yarns to a wooden dowel using Lark’s Head Knot and lastly stick these giant paper flowers to your wall hanging to give it a personal touch. Glorify any corner of your house with this lovely DIY macram wall hanging.


Jersey Fabric Macrame Hanging:

This sounds so interesting, right? You do not need any paracord to create this. Get a jersey fabric of your desired color and cut that into strips. Fold the strips and make knots around the wooden dowel as instructed in the tutorial. Later on, you need to perform some traditional square knots and your nice looking DIY craft is ready to woo everybody. Cut the bottom edges of the strips to get a polished overall look. We are drooling over this teal beauty.


Macrame Wall Hanging As Headboard:

Well, macramé headboards can be really costly if you buy them online or from any other offline stores. So, if you are crafty enough and want a gorgeous macramé craft as your headboard, you need to try this one out. This impressive macramé headboard has very basic knotting details so for beginners it is a great choice to start off with. Hang this headboard to give your bedroom a total makeover.


Macrame Heart Wall Hanging:

This will prove to be a gorgeous accent piece for your wall and is a very good gifting option too. Again is not a very complicated one so you can learn it easily with the help of this tutorial. Wooden beads add a more customized look to the craft. You can make several macramé hearts of different colors and attach them together to create a bigger wall hanging. Amp up your indoor and we just love this idea to the core.


Colorblock Wall hanging:

Are you a big-time fan of the color-block trend? This is legit everywhere. We love color-block shoes, clothes, then why not incorporate this trend into home decoration also? This DIY macrame wall hanging looks stunning and will give you a picture-perfect instagrammable wall once you place it on. You need some neutral colored ropes and some colorful yarns to get done with this project. Pat your own shoulder and get astonished when your pretty wall hanging is ready.


We fall short in words while describing how versatile these macramé crafts are, as home décor accents. You can make small wrist bands to macramé swings to macramé dream catchers to anything you want. These DIY macrame wall hanging ideas will just liven up your indoor without costing you a bomb. Use branches, beads, dyes to give your craft more ornamentation and characteristics. Gleam in joy when your pretty creation welcomes you to a more beautiful home.

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