8 DIY Homemade Christmas Gifts To Make For Your Loved Ones


Surprising your friends with DIY gifts is always special. A DIY gift associates your love, warmth, and thoughts. You can always purchase a gift from a shop but homemade Christmas gifts are way more thought-evoking and nurtured with love. With Christmas Eve just around the corner, it is time to gift your loved ones something unique and well-customized. We all love receiving those shiny Christmas gifts wrapped in glittery and colorful packages. And when you gift your besties or family members that special something, the smile you get to see on their faces is really priceless. Getting worried about what to gift and what not to? As the Jingle Bell rings and our generous Santa Claus starts to pack his bag with pretty gifts, let us just guide you with some fabulous homemade Christmas gifts ideas that are easy to accomplish and does not eat up much of your time.

These DIY gifts take minimum effort but turn out to be so satisfying and worth indulging your time in. Homemade Christmas cookies, quirky stocking stuffers, warm scented-candles, an assortment of essential oils – these gifts are really thoughtful. If you have a little extra time and want to make some elaborate gifts then try some DIY soaps or Macrame wall hangings. So, let’s not waste any more time and let’s have a look on these wonderful gifting ideas that will save your pocket as well as will serve as warm and heart-melting homemade Christmas gifts.

DIY Homemade Christmas Gifts To Make For Your Loved Ones:


To start off with, we have this very stylish and classy piece of DIY recommendation that is this marble dipped mugs. These are so easy to make but look really expensive and you will get them from shops at a very high rate. If you have a  friend in your circle or a special one who loves to spoil himself with aromatic coffee and teas, surprise him with this dainty looking Christmas gift and witness the priceless smile on his face.

The supplies needed are really simple and probably you will get everything in your household, we are not even kidding! Some nail polishes of your choice, plain mugs, container, and some toothpicks. An easy-peasy DIY gift idea that anyone can make any time.



We got blown away by the prettiness of this snow globe as soon as we noticed this. This is one of the funniest homemade Christmas gifts and can work as an excellent centerpiece for the Christmas decoration. You need some epoxy, distilled water, a clean and dry jar, figurine/figurines to put into the jar, glycerin, and some decorative stuff as per your wish. The whole process of making the snow globe is nothing but a simple execution of chemistry. Oops! Getting difficult? Sorry! Just follow this tutorial and you will get to understand everything. Try to use figurines that are winter or Christmas specific. Like, you can use Christmas trees, reindeer, mini Santa Claus, gift boxes and everything that your mind wants to.



Gifting your male friend something that he actually needs is really thoughtful. It might be your dad or uncle or that special person of your life who loves to sip some whiskey in between his work. A hip flask that has a wood grain effect on its surface looks elegant and somewhat masculine. You need a plain stainless steel flask and a contact paper (with wood grain effect on it). Use a paint marker to write some special words for him on the flask. It can be his name too. He will love this idea of unconventional gift for sure.



Coasters are yet another very functional gift idea you can gift someone without any confusion. As we are concentrating on DIY homemade Christmas gifts, let make these coasters a bit more Christmas theme-oriented. You can gather a few pieces of contact papers with Reindeer, Christmas Trees, etc painted on it. Arrange a wood log that can be sliced into moderately thick pieces and then turn them into wonderful and classy pieces of coasters. They are rustic and so effortlessly bohemian. If you are just thinking of hand-making your Christmas gifts, give these unusual coasters a try.



If you have a friend in your circle who loves to pamper himself with homemade bath and body products then make an effort to gift him a tub of DIY mint sugar scrub and make him drool over your offbeat idea. As this Christmas season is gonna be all flooded with everything ‘MINT’, we thought of including the scrub idea having all the goodness of pastel-y mint, coconut oil, and sugar. It is easy to DIY and when you scoop in all the scrub into a mason jar and nicely decorate it with red and white twine and some personalized note, it shows your affection and love to the zenith. For a little TMI, mint green is our favorite color!!!



Hanging the stockings the night before Christmas has been an age-old practice. Now we are all grown up and we do not really believe in all those stories of Santa coming and filling our stockings with gifts. But, hey, you can be the real Santa Claus for your favorite kid! Why not surprise your little munchkin with a pair of sweet surprise stockings? DIY a crochet pair of stockings and fill it in with candies, cookies, and delightful stuff that your kid will love. This red crochet stocking is one of the most adorable homemade Christmas gifts of all.



Among all the senses, the smell is the most sensitive one. We tend to remember things associating them with distinctive scents. A nicely smelling room uplifts our mood supremely. So, gifting an assortment of aromatic candles can be of great appreciation during this year’s Christmas gifting time. The Christmas smells elevate the spirit of Christmas up to the next level. Make aromatic candles using clove oil, orange oil or cinnamon oil or pine essential oil or any essential oil that has that woody and warm smell and gift your neighbor or relative to make them gleam in joy. Here goes the tutorial to guide you through.



This gift idea is for them who love to decorate their homes during the Christmas week or even throughout the year. If you love crocheting and want to put a little bit of extra effort into making something, then try gifting with one of these really impressive homemade Christmas gifts. Macrame hangings can also be bought from the market but then they do not smell like love, isn’t it? Incorporate some simple knots and if you are a beginner, you do not even need to use different colored Macrame cords. Use a single color and follow this tutorial where all the beginner level knots have been instructed beautifully. It requires a little extra time and effort and patience, but then for that someone special who really meanS a lot to you – this much effort is worth putting in.


Make these beautiful homemade Christmas gifts and conquer everybody’s heart this Christmas. Comment us below how did you plan for this year’s Christmas celebration. Be happy, make everybody around happy, and always wear a smile on your face.

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