9 Creative DIY Home Décor Ideas You Must Try This Weekend

DIY Home Décor ideas are the best ideas to go for if you want to nurture your crafty and artistic potential. They are fun, they are kind of positive entertainment and moreover, you get to customize your dear home according to your wish yet being on a budget. Today we have some cute and creative DIY home décor ideas for you which require ingredients like wood frames, papers, old bottles, etc. Some of them you will find very easily in your home itself and the other stuff are pretty easily available in your nearby stationary stores or thrift stores. So, let’s concentrate on our DIY ideas and let’s have inspiration from them.

Creative DIY Home Décor Ideas:

DIY Old Sweater Crafts:

Have you ever realized how much versatile your old sweaters are. If they are not fitting you like before, no worries. You can effortlessly transform them into chic and comfy pillow covers and can throw them whimsically onto your bed and admire how creative they turn out to be.

Another very interesting DIY sweater craft is transforming them into display holders. Go for peppy and fun colors and jazz up your indoor. Here we show you how.



DIY Chalkboard Mugs:

These DIY mugs are so adorable and the supplies you need are pretty affordable and easy to get. Make a perfect cup of coffee and have sips from these cute cups or keep them as decorative pieces on your center tables and go all praises.

Cork-board Display:

This is what we can say is like ‘uniqueness redefined’. You need plenty and plenty of wine bottle corks or any cork and an old wooden window frame. Stick all the corks on the window panel in a beautiful pattern and you are done. You can definitely color some of the corks and can give the whole DIY stuff a more fun and designer look. Hang it onto the wall and get amazed.


DIY String Art:

With some easy peasy supplies like yarn plywood boards, some nails, tape, and hanger you can make simple string arts of anything you want. Starting from your lovely pet to any alphabets you can make anything. Pretty simple and quite less tiresome, this craft will add some cuteness to the corners of your home. Get your own customized nail board with the help of this tutorial. We love this one of the DIY home décor ideas for how simple it is.


Shelf With Popsicles:

It is pretty amazing to know that how our everyday normal objects can be used as DIY home décor supplies. Popsicle crafts are no doubt budget friendly and the best part is that they work as fantastic wall crafts. This hexagonal wall shelf looks vintage and uber cool at the same time. Apart from wall shelves, you can also make bunny shaped standing showpieces or anything you want with the versatile popsicles.


DIY Moroccan Lanterns:

Want to experience that jewel adorned vintage lantern flavor inside your bedroom? Go on crafting this DIY Moroccan lantern. Get some old jars and if possible have them tinted for a more beautiful display. Make ornaments like designs on the jars with the help of paint brushes and gold dimensional puff paints and fill the jars with candles, and hang them in your room.

Coasters From Old CDs:

Now this DIY is very popular and you will get the internet all loaded with different coaster making tutorials and images. You can easily cover your CDs with colorful fabrics or felt papers and rim it with lace or add some glitters or beads on it to give it a more artistic makeover.


DIY Light Bulb Craft:


Light bulbs do not seem to be a very promising crafting supply but after you try something like this you are never gonna underestimate them. Stock up as many light bulbs as you can and then make your favorite characters or animals out of them. You can make Santa Clauses by putting a hat on it and even you can make cute penguins. This DIY home décor idea will also serve you as a beautiful Christmas décor accent as well.

Loved them? Blown away by the ideas? Get your ingredients ready and try out these amazing DIY home decor ideas. You will get bunches of appreciation for sure.

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