7 Lovely And Unique DIY Hanging Planter Ideas For Your Home

Who does not like a splash of greenery in their home? Plants are not only a beautiful part of our indoor decoration but they also have some specific benefits. They do purify the indoor air, reduce stress, reduce noise and obviously have a beautiful visual appeal. But all of us do not have that luxury of having a garden in our premises and there comes the importance of DIY hanging planter ideas. A beautiful hanging planter with pretty flowers can bring that instant smile on your face.

In today’s article we will be presenting before you some very innovative and easy to accomplish DIY hanging planter ideas which you can actually make with some very easy supplies like a wooden box, old tire, mason jar or say some plastic bowls. As the summer is here and as these cute DIY hanging planters can increase that easy breezy cool vibe of your home up to many times, let’s not waste much time and let’s concentrate on the DIY lovely planter projects.

Lovely And Unique DIY Hanging Planter Ideas For Your Home:

Upgraded DIY Hanging Planter:


This one is the easiest of all to accomplish. Here you don’t need to do much actually. You can get hanging plant pots from any shop and then you need to add some extra beautification to them. You can paint them with some wall paint and after the color had dried, paint them with beautiful motifs. Use glitters and laces if you wish. When you are happy with the upgradation, just hang them with new cords and arrange your favorite plants in them. TUTORIAL

DIY Plastic Bottle Planters:


DIYing is a fun thing to do and when you get to recycle your old plastic bottles to hang plants, nothing can be more joyful than that. First, gather some plastic bottles and simply cut them to use the sections with the lids. Get some colorful threads to hang them through holes and make sure the screw top has a hole to allow the drainage. Fill them up with colorful flowering plants and in this way, you can instantly change any boring wall of your home. TUTORIAL

Rustic Tiered Hanging Planters:


Two is better than one and three is even better than two, right? Ha, ha… This very idea is about tiered hanging planters where you can use your vertical space of the home in a creative way. This project has a rustic touch to it as you are using some scrap wood, terracotta pots, some ropes and metal rings. Find a nice corner in your home and hang this amazing DIY planter. Get the full tutorial here. TUTORIAL

Fabric And Tin Can Planter:


Again we have a DIY idea which can be accomplished with some very easy to gather supplies. Arrange some ribbons or fabrics which are pretty in color with nice shades and patterns. The game is all about how nicely you can make the knots in the fabric strips. You need to follow the instructions given in the tutorial and you will be all sorted out. Put a colored tin can inside the fabric hanger and set it anywhere in your home. Your effort is gonna be praised by everyone. We bet! TUTORIAL 

DIY Painted Tire Planter:


We couldn’t help ourselves from including this idea in today’s list as soon as we saw this picture. This is something really cute among all the DIY hanging planter ideas mentioned here. Have some old tires in your house doing just nothing and waiting to be a part of the landfill? Then just use them to transform them into these adorable planters. Spray paint your tire, arrange beautiful flowers in it and hang it from the wall or else you can also hang it down from an outdoor tree branch if there is an option. Just adore the beauty. TUTORIAL 

Macrame Plant Hanger:


Macrame technique is one of the most popular techniques to make DIY stuff like curtains, wall arts, bracelets and this time you can use this technique to make your customized hanging planter. You need to use some paracords, scissors and measuring tapes to create your own macramé cord. Enhance the beauty of your hanger by adding occasional beads and crystals in between the cords. You can use plastic fish bowls as the pot or anything you want. Such a unique and stylish thing it would be to add some touch of fresh greenery inside your home. TUTORIAL 

DIY Burlap Hanging Planter:


Burlap is obviously your first choice if you always look out for eco-friendly home décor stuff. This woven canvas can prove to be a great supply when it comes to talking about DIY hanging planter ideas. Burlap planters are cheap to make and they will drain out those extra water in no time and will also keep the soil moist in the summer months. Follow this easy tutorial and get done with some country-chic, style-on-a budget, cute hanging planter made all by yourself. TUTORIAL 

Nowadays cute hanging planters are really costly if you want to buy them from outside. But why worry when we are here to continuously provide you with new DIY ideas every now and then? Just you need some time in your hand and some creative mind. When you lack in open space in your yard and yet want to create some green corner in your home, the DIY hanging planter ideas really come handy. Mix and match with styles and techniques and create new thing every day. Bye for today will come up with new ideas real soon.


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