8 Coolest Design Inspiration For Small Bedrooms You Need To Try

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Having a tiny bedroom can make you feel suffocated and out of space. It is even troublesome to sleep properly in a small bedroom and decorating it nicely? Do not even talk about that part. But hey, do not get so upset when we are here to help you out with each of your problems. From maximizing space to designing your bedroom in such a way that, your private area feels bigger and breathe more, here are some of the best design inspiration for your small bedroom that will bring back life into your room. Design inspiration will help you out with plans to play up the light game and also to use the bedroom furniture in the trickiest way possible.

As a primary design inspiration to decorate your small bedroom we recommend you to keep the room plain and simple. Minimalism has its own magic and it is rather harder to pull off a minimalistic space smartly than you might think. Obviously you need a bed in your bedroom and that eats up a large amount of area in your already small bedroom. How to utilize your bed as great storage and how to trick your eye with illusive colors and décor objects? With all these tips and tricks, here we go with the most effective small bedroom design inspiration ideas to guide you in the best way.

Coolest Design Inspiration For Small Bedrooms You Need To Try:

Choose The Right Bed:

Murphy Bed

First things first: the bed. Choosing the right bed that complements the small room is a brainstorming task. You won’t want a bulky, elaborate bed in a small space because that will just hinder the natural flow of air and light of the space making it feel more congested. You need practical design inspiration for beds. A bed that acts as a storage unit and also allows you to use the space when not in use is a great option to choose.

Murphy beds are one of the most functional bed recommendations. It can be vertically placed against the wall during the morning time. A sofa cum bed ensures storage plus bed. Loft beds are again another superb choice and it looks too tricky and fabulous. A freestanding loft bed allows you to use the bottom area to use as a work area and the top area is used as a bed. One vertical side of the bed can be used to display your decorative pieces. #spacesavingmantra. The fold-down wall beds are also functional and you can easily get that in your room. Make sure that the natural circulation of air in your room does not get hampered and you maintain buffer spaces between your bed and other furniture of your room.

Ditch The Idea Of Traditional Headboard:


In a small bedroom where there is already space crunch, a heavy wall-covering headboard will add up to the claustrophobic-ness of your room even more. So for a small minimalist bedroom, ditch the idea of a headboard and keep the wall bare so that it creates openness. Want some style trick? Install mirrors on the wall. The mirror creates an illusion of large space and also reflects the incoming light making your bedroom brighter and bigger. Plus this way, you will add your personal style to the bedroom. Also, a couple of photo frames or vertical plants can be hung on the bed wall to add accent to the wall but not completely blocking the view of the wall.

Be Creative About The Storage:


A small room needs proper planning while installing the storage unit. Incline toward more built-in drawers and shelves and use the vertical space of your room so that you do not need to confine or suffocate the floor. Go for space-optimizing beds and try to use the empty area under your window. Stools with storage areas, a dresser that has built-in storage units are great to add to as your bedroom furniture. There are hidden spaces in your bedroom that you ignore often. The area behind the door can be used to hang your clothes or to store your shoes. Install layered shelving, go for wall-mounted storage units. A petite room can be as beautiful as a big bedroom if styled well with good design inspiration.   

The Coloring Game:


The subtler the better, yes this is the thumb rule when talking about coloring a small bedroom. Soft colors like off-white, mild blue, green, soft petal pink, neutrals, earthy tones are safer color to go for. The trim and moldings of the wall should be of a lighter shade than your wall. This creates the illusion of a bigger room. Dark colors eat up the light making your room clumsy and even darker. If you do not want to paint all the walls with the same color and want an accent wall instead, use a warm shade like crimson or purple on that wall that catches maximum light. Use different shades of the color of the wall trims while choosing the drapes, accessories, and rugs. This will make your room feel cozy and put together. Softer shades of grey, yellow, taupe are also great for small bedrooms.

You can also make a focus wall in your bedroom by going for wall art or stencil designs, that will catch everybody’s attention. For the ceiling, white is usually the most sorted color. But pale blue, lavender, and soft grey also create an illusion of a higher ceiling.

Add Wall Sconces:


No space for nightstands beside your bed? Worry not and add wall sconces. They are clever ways to use your wall and is also exactly where you want your light to be. They come in both modern and traditional styles and act as both functional and decorative pieces.

Lightings Make Big Difference:


Proper lighting can make your petite room look bigger and brighter. First of all, if your room receives a great amount of natural light, good for you. Add reflective surfaces on your wall to multiply the lighting. If your room is dull and dark, you have to keep faith in artificial light. In this case, the space to light ratio is very important. Use clever light fixtures to light up your room. They also work as accent décor pieces and add character to your space. To play a light and shadow game, use artistic lamps. Sparkling string lights can also be adorable additions to your small bedroom. Big chandeliers are not highly recommended for a small room. For better design inspiration and understanding, have a look at the images.  

The Curtain Talk:

Small rooms tend to have smaller windows. But to create an illusion of bigger windows, you can get some long floor-length curtains. They not only make your window look bigger but also add height to the room. Long, flowy, and breezy curtains are a sure pick-me-up for small bedrooms.

Also, if you want to divide your small bedroom into two sections: one work sections and one sleeping ad lounging sections, curtains can be used as a divider. They do not eat up place and you can any time move them sideways.

Do not use heavier fabrics for bedroom curtains. Velvet, thick cotton eat up light and make your room darker than what they are. Sheer, light-weight, and softer colored curtains are recommended for a small bedroom. One color-guidance for choosing the right curtain is that always go for one shade darker or lighter color than your wall color to make it a great statement piece.

The Right Accessory:


While talking about ideas and design inspiration for small bedrooms, one very crucial thing you need to keep in mind is that nothing should be too big or bulky in your room. Small, statement accessories complement small bedrooms the best. Small artworks, smaller rugs, dainty pieces look good in a small area.


If you want to add one big photo frame onto the wall, go for seascape or landscape pictures that make you go deeper into the picture giving you a sense of openness.

While choosing floor rugs, pillows, cushions, and throws go for little detailing and pretty pastel shades that match with the whole interior of the bedroom.

Designing a small bedroom can be a heck of a job. Figuring out where to keep your clothes, where to place the work desk, how to make the best use of the available space – it is quite brainstorming. We have tried to help you out with ample ideas and bedroom design inspiration. In addition, there are a lot of good images depicting how to embrace a small space in the best possible way. Lastly, you need to use your own creative thinking and personal choice to execute the best bedroom that personifies you, your choice and blesses you with a good night’s sleep.

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