12 Gorgeous Dark Red Hair Colors That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Dark Red Hair

Embracing dark red hair is not everybody’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to sport a redhead with grace and poise. It is stylish and so strikingly fabulous if you are not afraid to experiment with a wild color like red. There are so many eclectic shades of red to choose from when it comes to giving your hair a bold and statement hair makeover. From crazy scarlet to rich red wine color and from light copper shade to more festive-y shade like reddish-gold – there are so many flamboyant shades to choose from to gift yourself a dark red hair makeover. If you are not sure enough whether you want to go gaga over red hair and just want to add some extra depth to the mane, try sexy red streaks to add a funky and vibrant vibe to your hairstyle.

It is very rare to have naturally dark red hair in the world. You may have naturally brown hair or blonde hair but a stunning red mane is one of the rarest hair colors in the world. And that is why it is the hottest hair color that women with bold tastes crave to have. And with all the celebrities sporting some of the red hot hair colors like Zoey Deutch’s dark red hair to Lucy Hale’s prettiest rose-gold red hair – it is definitely the high time when we should also play up with some of the chicest dark red shades. Browse through these trendiest dark red colors to add that touch of magic to your mane.

Gorgeous Dark Red Hair Colors That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion:

Dark Auburn Highlights:

If you are a lass with a darker skin complexion and have naturally brown hair color, dark auburn highlights will add a nice feature to your mane. Often described as reddish-brown or dark ginger, this is one of the safest red colors to go for. If you want to try a safer variety of red that is not too bold or too risky, try auburn highlights that are effortlessly flattering and add richness and dimension to your hair. The best part about this hair color is that it is low maintenance.

Reddish Blonde:


Women with lighter skin tone and blonde hair would fall for this variety of dark red hair color that is so naturally flattering on women with light eyes. It is not a fiery red but not the lightest blonde either. It is something in between and carries a subtleness that is so elegant. If you do not want to spoil your blonde hair and yet want to embrace a darker shade of red, choose a reddish blonde that will add a sunkissed glow to your face.

Copper Red:


One of the most popular dark red hair colors that is statement-y and so flattering is this hard to resist copper red hair color. It is rich and has a stunning blend of red and orange. Quite flattering on fair to medium skin tone, this copper-red color instantly makes your face glowing and radiant. Warm and such a signature shade – get this universally flattering dark red hair color if you want to turn heads wherever you go.

Coral Red:


Ditch the traditional red and go get this light and fresh shade of red that is so summery and has a rose gold hue to it. Not too challenging to pull off and gives you a Barbie doll look, this color is so easygoing and adds a baby soft character to your pretty face. Apt for light to medium skin tone, this red shade will frame your face adding femininity to it.

Wine Red Hair:


Deep, dark, and utterly sexy – wine red hair will just set the temperature soaring. It adds grunge to your personality and you will fall in love with your feisty and fiery dark red hair all over again. Opt for a wine red where a rich shade of red slowly blends into a softer hue of purple creating an irresistibly dramatic look to die for.

Electric Orange Hair:


Super spunky and definitely one of the loudest dark red hair colors – an electric orange shade will take a lot of courage to sport the right way. Those cascading yellow-orange locks that make statements everywhere – it seriously resembles the flowing lava. One of the warmest red shades to try in the summer season as well as in the fall, electric orange is here to kill it.

Ruby Red Hair:


Step up your hair game with this signature dark red hair color that will probably never go out of fashion. Transform your locks into a luscious shade of ruby that is just trending this year. Ask yourself whether you are ready for a deep and dramatic shade as the ruby red is. Girls with medium skin tone can perfectly rock this vibrant red shade but dark skin tone people can also try it if they want to look like a sultry siren.

Brick Red:


Red with a mix of brown, brick red is on the more mature side of the dark red hair color family and would be the best bet for women who want a more professional hair dye not compromising with the chic factor. It is more cool-toned and is subtler and is a very wearable shade.

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Soft Amber:


When in two minds, try a softer shade like a pretty amber. It is not too in the face and has less gold in it. when you are naturally not a redhead, this is that one color to go for. Amber is an excellent cross between blonde and red hair and adds a softer and summery feel to your mane without changing your look completely. Team your gorgeous amber hair with brown eyeliner and brown or soft pink lipstick and you will look as fresh as the autumn season.

Crimson Red:


One of the most beloved shades of dark red hair color, crimson red is everything that is dramatic and super glam. It is a color that stands out in the crowd. If a deep dark crimson red is too much for you, ask your hairstylist to blend some coppers into it. Copper highlights will add depth and more character to your already gorgeous crimson red hair. Women with slightly wavy and curly hair will cherish this color the most.

Rusty Brown-Red:

This is a color that would look gorgeous on a dimensional redhead. Edgy, full of spunk, and bang on experimental – rusty brown-red is a brownish red mixed with orange hue sure to melt your heart if you are a bold and wild person by heart.

Outrageous Red With Orange Hue:


Rihanna’s red hair always does round on the internet. And this outrageous dark red hair is something that is seriously the ultimate hair goal. Perfect for the lasses with dusky and dark skin tone, you will look a queen when you color your hair in this rich pumpkin hue. Apt for the autumn-winter season, step up your mane game with this bold and fun dark red hair color.

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One thing that you need to keep in mind while getting dark red hair is that it is high maintenance. The darker your hair color is, the more you will be requiring touch-ups. Also, you need to shampoo your hair less and whenever you are shampooing your hair, use cold water to rinse it off. Go for dramatic shades, experiment with your style. Style yourself right with costumes and accessories that elevate the hair color look and say hello to a revamped and gorgeous new ‘U’. Your hair is one of the most beautiful parts of your identity, so CELEBRATE it.

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