12 Evidence-based Dandruff Causes You Might Be Ignoring

Dandruff Causes

Do you love to wear black dresses but cannot wear them because of dandruff? Then you are not the only one, my friend. Irrespective of gender, dandruff is a common scalp problem that might hit anybody at any point of age. Yes, if you are a teenager or just have stepped into adulthood, chances of getting dandruff problems are much higher for you as hormone levels are usually high during this time of the age. Wondering what could be the other possible and most crucial dandruff causes? You need to give a quick read to today’s article. Itchy, flaky, oily scalp full of dandruff? Do not do any delay and just dive into the article to know the common causes. Recognize your causes and opt for effective remedies that will give you problem-free, dandruff-free shiny hair.

Generally, you will notice dry, powder-like flakes on your scalp, shoulder, and forehead, and in some cases on your eyebrows too. The situation gets really worsened when you start to lose hair for an acute dandruff problem. Apart from that, your scalp can also smell bad and your hair may become sticky and may look very unhealthy. And last but not the least, those powdery flakes on the garments look neither pretty nor welcoming. Obviously there are treatments available in the market to combat dandruff but at first, you need to diagnose your dandruff causes. And for that, we’ve come up to help you so that you get the right direction and don’t search in the dark not finding any path. Let’s dig in.

Evidence-based Dandruff Causes You Might Be Ignoring:

If Your Scalp Becomes Too Oily:                  


This situation is medically known as ‘seborrheic dermatitis’. It is also known as scalp eczema or seborrheic eczema and usually triggers when your scalp produces too much oil. Usually, places where there are many sebaceous glands, tend to get prone to seborrheic dermatitis. A little bit of sebum on the scalp is good for the moisturization and nourishment of your hair. But when it goes out of control, it can result in inflamed, irritated, and scaly scalp that is more prone to other fungal infections and dandruff.

Too Much Stress:


Too much stress can aggravate dandruff. Frankly speaking, stress and dandruff have no first-hand connection. But it affects the bodily hormone levels. And when a balanced hormone level is compromised, it leads to increased production of sebum on your scalp. If you already have an oily scalp, extra sebum secretion will cause extra development of the fungus, Malassezia. And it is a vicious cycle that has no stopping what so ever. And the more you get stressed, the more you scratch your scalp worsening the situation even more. Stress is one of the most crucial triggering dandruff causes that lead to hair fall and other beauty and health hazards. So try and manage your stress and meditate for some time every day.



Your body starts to react adversely when you do not drink enough water. Less water intake makes your scalp dry and your hair loses its lubrication both inside and outside. Your hair follicles and scalp become dry and scalp becomes flaky and patchy. So make sure that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water regularly and replenish yourself with yogurt, coconut water, fruits, and vegetables. The dehydrated scalp is one of the most important dandruff causes that you must not ignore.

Not Shampooing Your Hair Often:


If you do not keep your scalp clean and clear, dirt and oil build-up results in the formation of dandruff and flaky scalp. You should shampoo your hair every second or third day. A good rinse will make sure that your hair roots are dirt and grime free and your scalp does not get excess oil and sebum build-up.


Yes, my friends. Over-shampooing your hair is as bad as under-shampooing. When you shampoo every day, it strips off the natural oil of your scalp and hair that is very important to keep your hair nourished and healthy. Over-shampooing is one of the main dandruff causes and makes your hair brittle, frizzy, and more prone to breakage. So maintain a balance and shampoo your hair twice a week.



Who can ignore that a good diet transforms your whole body? If you are facing problems with recurring dandruff, you might look into the diet you are consuming. A diet scanty in zinc, healthy fats, protein, vitamins (especially B complex), and minerals can be one of the most potential dandruff causes.

Yeast Formation Due To No Exposure To The Sun:


You might have noticed the fact that during the winter months, the dandruff problem is at its worst state. The reason is that, during winter months, we often tend to stay back at home and whenever we go out, we usually cover up our heads with some kinds of scarves or hoodies. And this no exposure to the sun causes yeast formation and yeast growth on our scalp leading to dandruff. The ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun acts against yeast formation.

Not Brushing Your Hair Regularly:


If you skip hair brushing often, chances are you are welcoming the problem of dandruff. When you do not comb through your hair for a prolonged period of time, the dead skin cells sit and accumulate on your scalp leading to severe dandruff issues. So make it a point to take care of your hair, pamper them and brush them regularly.

Certain Hair Products:


You might be shocked and surprised to know that often your hair care product build-up might be mistaken with dandruff! Yes, peeps. There are certain hair care and styling products that cause flakiness at the roots of your hair. Generally, hair styling products like gels, mousses or sprays that give your hair strong hold tend to cause dandruff too.

Besides, hair products containing toxic ingredients, synthetic chemicals are among the culprits of dandruff causes.

Lack Of Sleep:


Did you know that sleep deprivation is one of the most notorious dandruff causes? Lack of sleep leads to tension and stress build-up. And when you are tensed it hinders the usual flow of blood to your scalp. Low blood circulation makes your hair brittle. Your scalp becomes more prone to fungal infection and develops dandruff.

Too Much Dairy Products And Chocolates:


Too much dairy products and chocolates add bad fat to your system. And it causes more oil production that consequently leads to dandruff.

Certain Medical Issues:

People suffering from Parkinson’s disease are subjected to more dandruff occurrences. And studies have also confirmed that patients with a history of recent heart attack tend to get more dandruff. Your age and weak immune system can also be some of the most crucial dandruff causes.

There is a misbelief that dandruff only happens due to poor hygiene. But there are certainly more dandruff causes that you need to consider if you are suffering from the same. Even newborn babies can develop yellowish, scaly dandruff which is known as cradle cap. If you have a vitamin deficiency or a weak immune system, you need to take good nutrient-rich food. Use a clean comb every time you brush your hair and sleep on clean pillowcases. Whenever you see dandruff on your scalp, use a gentle and mild shampoo to wash that off. One more thing we would like to tell you here is that scratching your scalp makes the dandruff problem even more severe and worse.

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