7 Cute Short Hairstyles To Look All Classy & Sassy

Short is sexy and it is trending too. Short hair is the new definition of beautiful hair. Gone are those days, when idea of beautiful hair was only synonymous to long hair. But now, the scenario is totally different. Cute short hairstyles are the new favorite among the hot celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Culpo, and Emma Watson. Short hair is extremely fun to play with and is also easy to maintain in this sweaty-sultry summer season.

So, if you have finally decided to crop your hair and give a whole new personality to your mane, here are some of the most trending cute short hairstyles for you. From pixie to short blonde cut – here are some gorgeous ideas to inspire you to the core. Debunk the myth that long is beautiful and play up your short hair with these all new, chic, and sexy cute short hairstyles.

Cute Short Hairstyles To Look All Classy & Sassy:

Short Layered Pixie:


Pixie goes well with every face type but you need to know how to style your pixie according to your face shape. Short layered pixie is one of the most edgy hairstyles for the girls with round and oval faces. Layered pixie adds volume to the crown giving your face more height. If you have oval face, try bangs on the crown. Heart faced girls can try flaunting more bangs on the forehead. Easy maintenance and works best if you have thin to medium volume hair.

Short Layered Bob:


A layered bob is absolutely bold. Choose the hair length according to your choice. You can keep it till your collarbone or can crop it up to your chin-length. Whether you have dark hair or blonde hair, this hairstyle will suite you anyway. If you have fine hair, layer will add volume to your locks. The hairstyle makes your jawline look chiseled and gives more shape to your face. In two minds yet? Take inspiration from the pictures.  

The Feminine Lob:


Lob hairstyle is just in between the long hair and bob hair. It is neither too long nor too short. So if you are contemplating whether to crop your hair or not, this is one of the safest yet cute short hairstyles you can go for. Take inspiration from Olivia Culpo’s glossy lob.

You can flaunt that straight and sleek hairstyle following these simple steps. Just apply nice amount of cream to the length to get rid of the frizziness. Blow dry your hair and straighten the strands nicely. Then just back comb your hair and set it with a nice setting spray. You are ready to turn everybody’s head around.

Hair Product To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair:

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist

Try These Setting Sprays:


We also love Emma Stone’s golden side-swept lob with the slight waves.

Blunt Short Hair:


Are you on the track of doing extreme experimentation with your hair? Try out this one. The short blunt is not only an edgy one but it also makes a very bold and edgy statement. Add bangs or keep it minimum according to your face type. And always consult with your hairstylist before chopping your hair off. Best for summer and looks cute as well when you accessorize this hairstyle with cute hair clips and feminine make up. You can even go for bold colored highlights for the frontal part of your hair.

An Asymmetrical  Bob:


This is a bob haircut with a stylish twist. An asymmetric bob goes fantastic with every face shape and it adds more volume to your strands. If you find classic bob to be boring, go for this stunning alternative that is of more fun. You can choose an asymmetric bob with slight undercut or can even go for slight waves or curls to add more drama to the style. Experiment with colors and fringes and there you go girl!

An Experimental Mohawk:


Mohawk hairstyles were mainly famous among the men just a few years back. But fashion breaks boundary and rules every single day. Nowadays Mohawk is a very popular hairstyle among the girls who love bold and statement fashion. You can keep it long at the middle with the sides of your crown shaven or you can even go for Mohawk with lengths as well. The hair can be braided or can even be twisted up in an updo.

Miley Cyrus is giving us absolute fashion goals in her blonde Mohawk hairstyle.

Short Waves With Highlights: One Of The Coolest Cute Short Hairstyles


Wavy hair looks effortlessly beautiful. You can chop your hair off into short bobs or layered pixies that will subtly frame your face. If you have thin hair, a feathery layer will look dreamy on you. Go for an inverted wavy bob to pull off that high street fashion look. A slight wave gives your hair that minimalistic, out of the bed look and you can go like #iwokeuplikethis.

Go for foil highlights or ombre ones for a warm mature look or opt for a salt and pepper highlights to give yourself a chirpy and cool makeover.

There are many unique and cute short hairstyles to choose from. You first need to decipher which style goes best with your personality, your face type, and the kind of attire you wear. Seek help from the specialized hair dressers and stylists on this matter. Once you know what you want, just crop your hair and change the way your hair looked always. Accessorize it right with cute hair bands or pins. Use the right styling tools and products and flaunt your new hair with the right poise and grace.

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