7 Super Gorgeous Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look To Steal

Cut Crease

The technique of applying a lighter shade of eyeshadow right across the eyelid that helps create a very dramatic eye look – a cut crease eye makeup is the coolest makeup trend right now. The trend was first made popular in the ‘60s and now you probably come across it every now and then as all the celebs like Adele, Twiggy, and fashion and beauty bloggers are sporting it so dearly. A cut crease eye makeup makes your eyes look wider and brighter and the best part is that it looks good on almost every eye shape, even on hooded eyes. 

Most of the time this eye makeup is created by using an eye shadow on the crease followed by a concealer application that cuts into the crease of the lid. It adds the right amount of drama, contrast, and brightness to your eyes. Want to explore some really beautiful cut crease styles that can be copied to create different eye makeup? Get ready with your makeup products and brushes and delve into these excellent makeup tutorials. 

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Super Gorgeous Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look To Steal:

Basic Cut Crease Tutorial:

If you are just starting off with this eye makeup technique and do not want to confuse yourself with a whole lot of colors and steps, this is a simple beginner-friendly tutorial to follow. It is a simple two-tone eye makeup where there is no glitter, no extra technique, and you can pull it off really easily. If you find it to be a big struggle to master a cut crease makeup, this tutorial of a simple winged version of this eye makeup is just meant for you. 

Warm Cut Crease Makeup:

If you are decking up for a night party and want to look your flawless best, give this warm eye makeup a try. For a warm look, you will love to use eyeshadow shades like a warm orange, a warm peach, and ochre as it has been used in this make tutorial. Blend them really well to add depth to your eyes and then with the help of a foundation or concealer, clean up the eyeshadows and create a defined and sharp cut crease look. This eye makeup is very edgy and has a dramatic contrast. We love it to bits. 

Smoky Cut Crease:

When you combine the sultriness of a smoky eye look with the timeless appeal of a cut crease, you look no less than a celebrity. This cool-toned eye makeup is unique and easy to master. It also has sort of an ombre effect the eyeshadow look intensifies as you move outward. When you are satisfied with the application of the eyeshadow, give your eyes that ultimate definition by going for a smooth stroke of black eyeliner. Create a smoky effect too for the lower waterline and look in the mirror to discover a new ‘You’.

Copper Double Eye Makeup:

When the festive season is knocking at the door and you want to try a cut crease make up look that will give you that supermodel glamour and is truly iconic, go for this really gorgeous double cut crease eye look that uses a warm and metallic copper color and has a full-on retro vibe to it. It is a cut crease with a lot of other things and really helps your eyes to pop out. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any special party you have got to attend? Do not worry and steal this makeup look.

Glitter Cut Crease:

Want to create a very intense and dramatic eye makeup look that steals the thunder? Try this glitter cut crease eye makeup where you will be using sparkling glitter to define the cut crease. Go for a voluminous mascara and apply a black eyeliner to make your eyes look more expressive.

Purple Cut Crease:

If you are up for a purple makeup look, say for Valentine’s Day date or for a day out during the spring season, this purple eye makeup will add character and allure to your personality. Purple eyeshadows do real wonders on olive or darker skin tones and have a mystical effect. Make your cut crease more defined or keep it subtle according to your wish and by intensifying the depth of the eyeshadow you can also make an ombre super glam look. Take help from this tutorial. 

Black And Silver Cut Crease:

If you want a more confident and flawless, bold eye makeup look that oozes appeal and elegant charm, go for this black and silver cut crease. The silver adds a beautiful shimmer onto the eyelids and the black eyeshadow intensifies the look. A silver gel liner has been used to define the crease and then it has been elongated to the outer corner of the eyes where it meets the black liner. Super reflective and having maximum impact, this is a straight-out gorgeous party eye makeup look that will look flattering with a silver shimmery bodycon dress or even a black gown. If you choose to wear black, accessorize that with a silver clutch and silver pumps to make your look nicely put together.

A cut crease is really a work of art and can give your eyes an amplified look anytime you want. You can use tiny jewels to bedazzle your eyes or can go for a smoother half technique makeup look if you want to keep it mellow. Mix and match with fun colors like neon pink and green and try a retro theme too. This eye makeup technique can be a bit tricky to master but once you have got the concept, your every makeup day will be a flawless makeup day. Prime your eyelid really nicely and blend it well before starting off with applying makeup. And follow these tutorials to add extra oomph and drama to your eyes. Let everybody stare at your eyes in awe. 

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