9 Easiest Designs Of Crochet Flower Pattern To Learn

Flower Pattern

If you find crochet fun and if you feel an undeniable passion for crocheting, you must learn some basic crocheting techniques that will increase your interest in this craft even more. Knowing some cool designs of flower pattern will turn your crochet projects into very creative and visually appealing pieces in no time. Not only as an attaching option to your crochet hats or afghans, a crochet flower or a bunch of flowers can prove to be a beautiful addition to your home décor supplies too. From hats to shoes and from coasters to table runners – you can try a versatile crochet flower pattern that will add more aesthetic to all of these things. Looking out for some really cool crochet flower inspirations? Check out below these really cool patterns that are quick and easy to make and are beginner-friendly.

A crochet flower pattern instantly embellishes your project. Learn to make flowers for every season and once you grow interest in flower making, you won’t be able to stop yourself from making patterns one after another. From small poppy flower pattern to roses, and layered flowers – do not let your yarn balls sit idle. And get started with your crochet craft projects once you browse through all of these lovely patterns that we have collected for you from many sources. Now your home is going to feel all fresh and springy with all these crochet flowers delightfully beautifying your home.

Easiest Designs Of Crochet Flower Pattern To Learn:

Bell Flowers:

How pretty these blue flowers look when they are in full bloom in the garden. Why not steal the beauty from nature and try to make a really unique crochet bell flower pattern? A bunch of blue bells can be placed in a pot and just place that on a corner table to instantly make your room smile in joy. The flowers are easy to make as it requires some common stitching techniques like single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, and half double crochet, etc and the pattern is also really quick to execute.


The Simplest Crochet Flower Pattern:

When you are just starting off with making a crochet flower pattern, you need flowers that are not very daunting and require less time and a low skill level. For that, we have this design that is so sweet and delicate to look at and can be added as a crochet appliqué on most of your DIY crochet or fabric projects. Attach one on your beanie or on your socks and you can decide to make a few of these flowers and can go on adding them to the cards you make. A unique way to make a DIY floral card!


Crochet Rose:

Who does not love a rose? And while a real rose will inevitably dry out and die, a crochet rose is gonna stay with you for the longest time. And you really can make a real looking rose flower pattern once you have this easy tutorial with you. This simple rose flower pattern will jazz up any boring and plain crochet hat or a crochet headband. Be a bit more experimental and make a big crochet wall décor piece that has a number of yarn roses placed whimsically on it. a fun way to decorate your home that is budget-friendly and so creative.


Crochet Button Flower Pattern:

Have you heard the phrase, ‘cute as a button’? yes, colorful buttons are one of the most dainty and cute pieces in the world. And in this flower pattern, you get to see real buttons in the designs. These flowers will be pretty small in size with 5 cute petals and a colorful button placed in the middle. The tutorial linked below will help you get through the project.


Make a bunch of button flowers and place them on a paper and frame it to use as a wall accent piece over your headboard.

Cherry Blossom Flower Pattern:

When you want to give your home a perfect spring makeover, you need to introduce a few accent pieces to your interior that scream spring. And cherry blossoms or Sakura in Japanese, being a symbol of spring warmly welcomes this season. These cherry blossom flowers come in a four-round five-petal crochet pattern and are made to perfection with all the pale pink and rose pink petals that resemble a real cherry blossom flower. The tutorial linked below is really handy with detailed instruction and a symbol chart.


Three Layer Crochet Flower Pattern:

Work up a three-layer crochet flower pattern that you can use as a decorative piece for your crochet hats or beanies. The versatility of this flower pattern makes it one of the must-tries as you can attach it to your handbags, scarves, headbands, and your cushions as well. Use specific colors to make the center of the flower. And go on using contrasting colors of yarns for each of the three layers. Choose a theme and stick to that. Your three-layer flower can be a pastel themed flower or it can be of a fall-winter themed color that you can attach to your warm and cozy hats. An ombre three-layer flower would also look so subtle and delicate.


Wagon Wheel Crochet Flower:

Up your crochet flower game with this three-dimensional flower pattern. Start crocheting your yarns and in no time you will be ready with quite a few wagon wheel flowers that can act as the perfect decorative elements for any of your projects. This flower pattern is one of our favorites as it requires very little yarn and works up very fast. The skill level required is really low as you only need to perform a few stitches like double crochet, chain, and single crochet. Beginner-friendly but very attractive – make wagon wheel crochet flowers and admire their beauty.


Popcorn Stitch Flower:

Another unique and three-dimensional flower pattern that does not look amateurish at all, you have to try the popcorn stitch crochet pattern if you want to give your knitted or crochet project a textured finish. A popcorn stitched flower might look really overwhelming but the technique is really easy to work up and would look so flattering when appliquéd on your knit sweater or a table runner.


Pinwheel Crochet Flower:

The last one on the list is this really pretty-looking pinwheel crochet flower pattern that is so versatile as a decorative piece. A large flower can be added as a coat appliqué and a few of the flowers together will end up making a long decorative ribbon. To make one, you only need to know a few basic crochet stitches and the supplies needed are also pretty simple. Make sure that you use cotton yarns and not acrylic yarns as they sometimes can be a little problematic to work with as this tutorial says. These are also three-dimensional and look excellently beautiful.


Hope you found these ideas of crochet flower pattern really inspiring. Now manage some time out and sit to accomplish a few of these patterns. It feels really rewarding once you master these intricate designs and make projects that buy everybody’s attraction and appreciation.

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