9 Amazing Cranberry Juice Benefits You Would Love To Know

Cranberry Juice Benefits

Cranberries are a superfood. Consume them as a raw fruit or in the form of a sauce or juice, these nutrient-dense, small, round, red fruits will provide you with some exceptional health benefits. Talking about cranberry juice, it is widely accepted to be able to help with a urinary tract infection. But that’s not all about it. There are numerous other cranberry juice benefits that make it a super popular drink choice among health-conscious people. Containing essential nutrients like vitamin A, Folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, K, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and more, cranberry juice is one of the most nutrient-dense juices to have. Drink it on an empty stomach in the morning (not before water though) or have it as a post-lunch drink, it is gonna leave you with awesome health benefits. 

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Amazing Cranberry Juice Benefits You Would Love To Know:

Improves Heart Health:


Studies say that drinking two glasses of fresh cranberry juice may protect you from all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. To understand it better, let us tell you that, cranberry juice helps to relax the blood vessels in our body and when that happens our blood pressure gets lowered and its antioxidants help us to get good heart health. Cranberry juice benefits also include improving some cholesterol components and cleaning up the blood vessels that get clogged with high blood cholesterol. Being really rich in proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, and phenolic acids, cranberry juice has been found to be highly beneficial for one’s heart health. 

Good For Weight Loss:


Unsweetened cranberry juice is very good for you if you are aiming at some weight loss. A healthier substitute for sugary drinks and sodas, cranberry juice has been studied to decrease body weight and body mass index. As it is rich in antioxidants, consuming a glass or two of this juice will considerably lower or remove toxins from your system and will also boost metabolism. And a good metabolism leads to proper digestion of food and a slim and trim body. You can also add a few drops of lime juice to the cranberry juice and can drink it up for sure weight loss. 

Cranberry Juice Is Good For Gastritis:

As it contains flavonoids just like apples, garlic, onions, and celery, drinking cranberry juice might be beneficial for those who are suffering from gastritis problems. It is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and prevents the adhesion or the process of sticking of the bacterium H. Pylori to the stomach wall. And thus it is quite helpful in treating gastritis and peptic ulcer and is found beneficial in treating other digestive disorders. 

Has Anti-aging Properties:


Due to its high antioxidant quantity, fresh cranberries, as well as cranberry juice, helps our thyroid produce anti-aging hormones and that helps our cells get less affected by the harmful effects of free radicals. So if you wish to have healthy and glowing skin that has a youthful glow, swear by two glasses of cranberry juices per day. Also, it helps to prevent the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin that gives you baby-like soft skin. Anti-oxidant-rich fruits also help your body to fight against free radicals and your aging process slows down.

Improves Digestive Health:

One of the best cranberry juice benefits is to keep your digestive system healthy. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances present in cranberry juice also protect us against colon cancer.

Strengthens Immune System:

Being a rich source of vitamin C, cranberry juice benefits also include strengthening your immune system. By fighting against oxidative stress and by killing harmful bacteria, it does immense good to your body. According to researches, drinking two glasses of polyphenol-rich cranberry juice will boost your immune system by many times. It also helps your body to absorb iron and produce more collagen.

Cranberry Juice Benefits: Improves Your Dental Health:

fresh and unsweetened cranberry juice has been found to improve the health of your teeth too. It contains an enzyme that repels bacteria from decaying your teeth. It has also been found to reduce plaque by 95 percent. Oral health experts say that cranberry juice helps in reducing the production of sugars in our mouth and hinders acid from generating which is harmful and damages the enamel of our teeth. It also reduces many gum diseases. So if you want a healthy a tasty drink that efficiently fights cavities, reach out for cranberry juice. 

Is Claimed To Lower Risk Of Cancer:

Being rich in proanthocyanidins, cranberry juice hinders the growth of cancerous cells. Many lab studies suggest that cranberry juice extract is effective in inhibiting many types of cancer cells. But researches are still going on so that these claims can be proved. The other claim goes like proanthocyanidins prevents the development of micro-tumors in the blood vessels. 

Helps To Control Urinary Tract Infection:

Cranberry juice contains many organic acids and Benzoic acid is one among them. Now benzoic acid as hippuric acid gets released from our body through urine and inhibits bacterial growth. Also, it is essential in maintaining the perfect acidic pH of our urine so that no harmful bacteria can survive. And as pure cranberry juice has this Benzoic acid in it, it is extremely beneficial in controlling UTIs in women. So if you are not bothered by the taste of fresh cranberry juice, you can drink this on a daily basis. Also, the proanthocyanidins present in the juice stop the bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. So now you know that one of the most amazing cranberry juice benefits is to prevent the chances of you getting UTIs. 

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