11 Beautiful Country Kitchen Ideas That Are Incredibly Rustic

Country Kitchen

Any rustic space has a lively country ambiance and that is so cozy and inviting. And these days, most of the homemakers are turning towards a more eco-friendly and antique-looking kitchen that is full of timeless beauty and still is very practical. It is one of the constantly evolving fresh trends that is appealing to homeowners around the world. And you know what? Creating a country kitchen is not a very tough job. Its freshness, elegance, and minimalistic appearance appeal to everybody. And transforming your kitchen into a space full of rustic charm is not that expensive too. Whether you are planning for a full remodel or are just thinking of giving some of the portions of your kitchen a rustic makeover, below are some ravishing country kitchen ideas that will provide you with some prompt inspiration. 

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There is something so undeniably refreshing about a country kitchen. It maintains a certain color scheme, it can be both traditional and contemporary and plays up with earthy tones and hues so beautifully. Nearer to nature and so airy and delightful, a rustic kitchen is no less beautiful than a sleek or modern kitchen, whatsoever. Splurge on a full remodeling project or try ideas in bits and pieces, these ideas below are sure to inspire you to redecorate your kitchen. 

Beautiful Country Kitchen Ideas That Are Incredibly Rustic:

Color Is The Key:


The idea is to keeping it mellow and not too stark. A country kitchen, in the first place, should be very soothing and warm. While white and earthy colors like beige, gray, off-white, and cream are chosen as the focal colors, you may also mix and match with warm colors like rust, shades of red, yellow, green, and even blue. Mustard yellow is a really good color that can be used in combination with white to create a bold and bright farmhouse-style kitchen. Creamy whites and beige create an illusion of a bigger space and when paired with soft blue or yellow shades, they really pull off the brilliant country theme. Remember that your cooking space should look very calming and soft and not very loud and bold. If you are using a bold color like red in your kitchen, balance that boldness by using other muted colors like any pastel shade or neutral shade, and you can never go wrong with creating a beautiful space that has depth and extra coziness. 

Use Wood And Wooden Textures:


To create a perfectly eye-fetching country kitchen, you can strategically use wooden textures. A wooden kitchen island or a kitchen backsplash with wooden texture instantly brings in the farmhouse charm, You can also create a cozy nook with a wooden bar counter that will be the accent corner of your kitchen. Wood brings in a vintage scape in your kitchen and also adds that much-needed warmth. A wooden ceiling with exposed beams will be such a nice idea if you can execute it properly. Barn wood decoration will also imbue a very worn-out feel and adds a beachy vibe.

Add Industrial Touch:

Image by Bret Gum

Infusing industrial style to your rustic kitchen really elevates the mood of your cooking place to a great, great extent. The industrial-style kitchens are affordable and practical and when infused with a peasant-style space, they can turn out to be magical adding edgy and rugged character to the area. Go for exposed beam and stone walls and amp up the interior with metal accents, stainless steel materials, and raw textures. If you cannot afford a stone wall, try faux-brick wallpapers that look realistic and add aesthetic. Metal light fixtures, subway tiles, and open shelves add more drama and make your kitchen an artsy space.

Welcome Balanced Contrast:


Going total neutral or full-on wooden might not be your style. Then what you can do to pull off that striking countryside charm? It is simple. Go for balanced contrast and apply a bit of everything. Your kitchen can carry a wall color theme of white and beige. It can feature white subway tile and a neutral but swoon-worthy backsplash. And for welcoming the cheerful contrast, go for cabinetry in vibrant shades and apply colorful tiles. Several colorful accents will brighten up your country kitchen. Play up with the color of the upholstery and add poping colored bar-stools and bright kitchenware to strike the perfect balance.   

Use Rustic And Recycled Lights:

One of the main highlights of your kitchen is the lighting you choose for it. And recycled lightings give it a major character without burning a hole in your pocket. Use materials like stone, metal, wood, rock, and the lightings will just set the mood of a perfect country kitchen. Take ideas from the pictures. 


The rustic kitchen lighting can also be royal. The chandelier-style light fixture is the proof for that. 

So, folks, you must have got some cool ideas of how to turn your usual kitchen into a dream farm-style country kitchen. Now go for a remodeling session of your kitchen and make your cooking space the coziest space in the whole house. 

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