26 Best Ideas Of Compass Tattoo That You Would Adore

Compass Tattoo

A globetrotter, love to travel by sea, or in search of the right direction in life? You need to get inked with a perfect compass tattoo that will guide you through your journey of life and will show you the right direction. There are very few tattoo subjects that are as meaningful as compass tattoos. Keep aside its symbolic meaning, a compass tattoo can be a very versatile topic that you can get on your body that would look amazing. There was a time when sailors used to get this tattoo as they believed that this would protect them and guide them through their voyage saving them from getting lost. Primarily a commonplace among the sailors, these days, compass tattoos have become a very popular fashion element that you can try to look cool. Let’s delve into a bunch of very cool designs of this tattoo from where you can acquire some inspiration.

A compass tattoo can be comprised of just four lines directing to the four main directions or it can be a complete nautical symbol with a rope and other nautical detailing. Place it anywhere on your body and its ability to fit at different placements make it one of the best-chosen tattoo designs among tattoo artists and customers. Check out the designs below to find out which one suits your style the best.

Best Ideas Of Compass Tattoo That You Would Adore:

All Black:


If you are new to the world of tattoo and want a very minimalistic tattoo design to start with, check out this one which is very simply done with only one black ink and no drama. Just the four lines for four of the directions and the signs of the directions – you are all set to give everyone the tattoo goal.

Black Compass With Little Detailing:


When you do not want your tattoo to be very minimal but do not want an overwhelming one as well, go for this lovely tattoo design. It is a medium-sized tattoo that has little detailing. Its prominent lines, arrowheads, and the signs directing to the four directions come together as a sophisticated and copy-worthy tattoo design. You can get it at your chest area and at the mid-upper back area where it would look the best.

Simple black compass tattoos come in other variations too, check them out and get glued:


Inner Ankle All Black Minimalist Tattoo:


With this cutesy inner ankle compass tattoo, you will always be fashion-forward and in the right direction.

Watercolor Compass:


Just a splash of color at the edges would be enough to beautify a really simple compass tattoo. If you zoom into the design, you will notice a simple arrow to the north and an anchor to the south. These little details add to the amazing design of the tattoo that will be best worn on your forearm area.

Added Feather:


If a feather is your favorite design element, incorporate it into your tattoo design without giving it a second thought. Done in black and white, this tattoo is creating an embossed effect and also has a depth to it. A shadow effect has also been created by the tattoo artist which is adding dimension to the design. The best placement for this unique compass tattoo would be your upper back area where the canvas is wide and smooth.

Check out below more ideas of compass with feather tattoos:


Dreamcatcher Compass:


Your ardent love for a dreamcatcher tattoo can be expressed the right way when you get this dreamcatcher compass tattoo. Both the tattoo elements have so nicely been incorporated together in the same design and not a single design is looking overpowering. The upper round portion of the dreamcatcher has been used to place the compass and intricate detailing has been done all over the design. Very creative and appealing to the eyes – this is one of the best compass tattoo designs you will ever find.

Elaborate And Fun:


A very elaborate tattoo idea that has watercolor in it, 3D effect in it, an anchor, and also other geometrical shapes incorporated in it, this is the compass tattoo design to go for when you want it to be big and impactful.

This Back Compass Tattoo Is Equally Gorgeous:


Outline Compass Tattoo:


This design needs a wide expanse. And your forearm and back area will be the best two placements to get this gorgeous tattoo done.

Compass With A Colon:


Colon tattoos have a deep inner meaning. They symbolize strong solidarity against all the negative things like depression, addiction, suicide, and other issues. And when you bring a colon tattoo and a compass design together, it is emblematic of your certain mental state. It might symbolize that you have recognized the right direction of your life and have given your life a second chance against all the negativity. Or it can also mean that this compass is guiding you through all the thick and thins of your life. The abstract watercolor effect is set as an outstanding backdrop for your meaningful tattoo.

Compass With Flower Bouquet:


In Feng Shui, a compass symbolizes good luck and prosperity. And this tattoo design is having such subtle femininity to it. It is boho, it is very casual in its approach but will stand out among all the other tattoo designs.

Compass And World Map Tattoo:


Do we need to say anything more about this tattoo design? It just beautifully establishes your immense love for traveling. A big world map and a compass in the middle, it looks super classy and conveys your passion for world traveling in the best possible way. Use your wide back as a canvas and go get it.



Your wanderlust is best paired with a cool tattoo design. And a compass tattoo will be the best friend on your journey to satisfy your wanderlust.

Contemporary Compass:

For those lasses who do not love overdramatic, big designs, this design will suit them the best. It is so contemporary with only a few lines and a few circles. No mess, very sophisticated, and elegant, girls with contemporary choices will love this compass tattoo idea to bits.


Blue Compass:

Getting inked is so much fun when you get a design like this. It has a compass and a lit-up candle which is creating whimsical smoke. And the blue watercolor design is setting the striking base for this thoughtful tattoo design. A probable meaning of this tattoo design might be that your life is all about finding the right direction. The candle is symbolic of your life that is slowly burning into ashes.  Source

These were some of the best classy to sassy compass tattoo designs that we tried to collect for you so that your search for the perfect tattoo design can come to its final destination.

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