7 Colorful Nail Ideas That Are Absolutely Swoonworthy

Colorful Nail Ideas

Do you love to deck up your nail with fun colors and pretty motifs? Then today’s post is just meant for you. If you are just planning to get your nails done and are not sure about which design to try this time, have a look at these fun and colorful nail ideas that are everything but boring. Beautifully done colorful nails have the power to light up any boring and dull day and they add summer freshness to your personality. whether you have short nails or longer ones and no matter what nail shape you may have – these colorful nail ideas are sure to be your next favorite manicure designs. Check them out and choose the best for yourself.

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Colorful Nail Ideas That Are Absolutely Swoonworthy:

Pink Rainbow Coffin Nails:


Pink is feminine and pink is flirty. And when you want to try a mani idea that is far from being boring and is very colorful, get yourself these pink rainbow coffin nails. Though it has all the vibrant summery shades in one nail art, we prefer to emphasize on the pink color, as one entire nail has only pink and nothing else on it. Fresh, popping and certainly very bright, this nail art is appropriate for the girly girls and women who love vivid and colorful styles. One of the best colorful nail ideas to try.

Subtle Rainbow:

If the former style was too overwhelming to suit your taste, you are certainly gonna love this one as this is way more subtle and soft but is pretty and colorful. If you do not want to miss out on the fun of wearing colors but also want your nails to be chic and rich, go for these soft ombre rainbow nails. It is a very low-key nail art where the colors are not too flashy and over the top. Dreamy and young, every girl and young woman will love this girl-next-door nail art. Who said that summer and spring-ready nails can’t be elegant and classy?

Madly Neon:

Two is better than one, three is better than two, and four is better than three when it comes to adding colors to your nails. And this multicolor manicure is for those ladies who can’t decide on their favorite neon shade. From bright highlighter lemon-yellow shade to bold red and neon pink – it is a fun way to deck up your colorful nails. One of the boldest colorful nail ideas to pick.

Give Me All Colors:

When you are in love with all the pretty colors and do not want to leave any one of them, go for this bright and colorful star nail manicure which is an ideal pick for holidays too. It has all the colors in it and star motifs have been painted in an infinite pattern. The iridescent silvery sheen is adding a brilliant effect hard to ignore. 

Marble Colorful Nail Ideas:


This is one of the most popular nail designs that is loved all through the year irrespective of the seasons and time. They are so artsy and add sheer elegance to your nails. Experimental souls will love to try some watercolor-style marble nails where there are pops of pinks, oranges, mints, and aqua. Use your own imagination to paint your nails with more gorgeous marble designs.

Fun And Colorful:

There is no rule of styling and prepping up your nails when it comes to talking about colorful nail ideas. Make your nails everything but boring when you try all the quirky motifs on your nails. From mushrooms to ice cream cones to whimsical colors to word puzzle boards, your nails are the canvas and you can paint your heart out on the canvas the way you like it. We can tell one thing for sure, kids are gonna love your nails and everybody around you are gonna envy your off-beat and rare funky nails.

Colorful Poka Dots:

Colorful nail ideas always catch attention and this polka dot nail art is extra vibrant as the whimsical dots are painted on the background of black. Easy to accomplish and fun to look at, this nail art is best for teenagers and girls who love simple yet colorful ad cute nail ideas. If you are looking out for a nail art that is suitable for day-to-day wear and can easily be worn with any outfit or attire, this is the one to go for. Easy to carry, very feminine, and an eternal fashion element – polka dots would never go out of fashion.

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