20 Brilliant Coffin Nail Ideas That Are Sure Manicure Goals

Coffin Nail Ideas

The coffin is one such nail trend that is here to stay and rule the way. We are not saying that we don’t love square nails or almond nails. But there is something in the coffin nail trend that allures us with its uniqueness and statement appeal. This particular nail design gets its name due to its coffin-like shape that has a tapered appearance and finishes off to the top having a rectangular construction. If you are a short-nail person but want to have medium or long statement mani during the festive season, these coffin nail ideas will surely catch your attention. Our dear Kylie Jenner is often seen flaunting coffin nails and several other Hollywood celebrities also seem to love this nail trend. Join the parade with them and try these awesome coffin or ballerina nail ideas that will help you get raining complements. 

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Brilliant Coffin Nail Ideas That Are Sure Manicure Goals:

Pink Rainbow Coffin Nails:


Pink is feminine and pink is flirty. And when you want to try a mani idea that is far from being boring, get yourself these pink rainbow coffin nails. Though it has all the vibrant summery shades in one nail art, we prefer to emphasize on pink as one entire nail has only pink and nothing else on it. Fresh, popping, and certainly very bright, this nail art is appropriate for the girly girls and women who love vivid and colorful styles.

French Tip Coffin Nail Ideas:


Classic and evergreen, French tip nails look divine on any nail shape. And if you have long coffin nails, go for a large French tip manicure and let your hands stand out everywhere. Whether you have long nails or short ones – this elegant nail design will effortlessly suit anybody’s style. When you are in doubt, have faith in the French tips blindly. 

Blue Glittery Coffin Nails:

Source: pinterest

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new and something unexpected. This glittery navy blue nail idea is way too long for most of our comfort zones but if you can dare, go for it. A royal shade of blue has been chosen as the base color. And the glitter particles have been glued on top of that. When it is party season and you want to try some extravagant, try blue glitter coffin nail ideas,  

Marbled Coffin Nails:


Marbled manicures are making waves everywhere and they look incredible on every nail shape. The swirls of different colors make your nails look dramatic and it is perhaps the best coffin nail idea to sport when you are on a beach vacay.

Coffin Wedding Nails:


If you are the bride-to-be and are thinking to glam up your nails in the subtlest way, this is one of the prettiest wedding coffin nail ideas to try. This unconventional muted pink and pearl nail art is unique and gorgeous. The pink polish is simply beautiful with a pearly finish and luxurious gleam. And the silver pearl balls and the frosted effect on the other nails are enough to take your nail art up to the next level. You really need to try this stunning design and it can prove to be a statement nail for anyone with a unique sense of style. 

A few more coffin wedding nail ideas to inspire you:


Glam And Golden:

Source: instagram.com

Stealing inspiration from Egypt’s ancient royalty, this golden and black coffin nail is nothing but outrageously bling and glam. The black nail polish has a high gloss finish and the other nails are having intricate golden bling. Chunky golden glitters are crying out for attention and are adding a dramatic and 3D effect to the nails. A must-try for the daring souls and is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Pink And Orange Ombre Nails:

Source: instagram.com

The neon pink is doing all the trick here and the gorgeous transition from the fuchsia pink to bright orange is making the nails look straight out of a salon. The colors accentuate the shape of your coffin nails in the rightest way and the clear glitter polish on the top of these sizzling shades is the icing on the cake. You just can’t take off your eyes, we bet.

Animal Print Coffin Nails:


A ‘90s trend that is still going very strong, animal prints look good on everything. On your blazer, your pants, on your bags, shoes, and even on your nails. Bring out your wild side and paint your long coffin nails with bold animal prints that exude sexiness and sultriness. This cheetah print nail art looks gorgeous and sassy on the background of a cool coffee nude nail paint. It is sober and has an elegant charm to it.

Black Matte Coffin Nails:


A classic matte nail is a no-brainer nail idea when you are getting a hard time deciding on your party manicure. And when it is done on your coffin nails, it is sure to steal the show. Extra classy and looks so expensive, your nails will stand out in the crowd for being extra gorgeous ad amazing.

An Affair With Green:

If you are a sucker for long dramatic coffin nails, these green nails will allure you to the core. Not so traditional and not everybody’s cup of tea, if you want to break the traditional norm of wearing red and gold for autumn, swear by this one of the best coffin nail ideas where it is an uncanny affair of metallic green, black, glitter, embellishment, and floral details. It is a perfect party manicure when you want your nails to be extravagant, eye-catching, and richly ornate. Dress up your nails just like a queen and let them scream GREEN!

Below are a few more brilliant coffin nail ideas that you must find attrcative and unique.





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