15 Prettiest And Best Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

No Christmas celebration is probably complete without a beautifully decorated Christmas tree at the corner of our living room. An age-long tradition that was practiced both by Pagans and Christians, the Christmas tree decorating tradition is thought to have been introduced as a part of the winter festival celebration. Bringing a Christmas tree inside our home just transforms the indoor in a magical way and makes it festive-ready. Are you up to decorating your tree to make it a showstopper this year? Then you must be searching for some top-notch and ornamental Christmas tree decorating ideas that will suit your taste and bring enough brightness to your indoors. 

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And keeping that in mind, today we have gathered below some of the best and most alluring Christmas tree decorating ideas that include a lot of decorating styles. From a modern way of decorating to keeping your tree rustic with natural stuff and wooden accents, you are sure to find decoration inspirations from these below ideas. Let’s dig in. 

Prettiest And Best Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas:

Pastel Dreams:


Really soothing on the eyes and totally engrossing, every pastel and pink lover will fall for this one of the best Christmas tree decorating ideas. The pastel ornaments with iridescent accents, the magical champagne bottle and cocktail glasses hanging from the trees, and the satin-finished topper are giving this tree a subtle but glamorous look. The pastel-wrapped tree gets that much-needed pop of color from that strategically-placed blue balls. Coated with sugar and spice and beautifully placed in front of a blush pink wall along with golden and powder-blue present boxes, this is going to be the prettiest corner of your house for sure.

Traditional And Timeless:

Credit: Michael Partenio

We can never get enough of a Christmas tree that has been decorated in a traditional way. This tree compels us to travel back to the earlier times when a festive tree decorating was all about gingerbread garland, candles, red balls, pine cones, and classic ornaments. Adorn your fir tree with a straw star topper or an angel topper or a pine cone topper and finish it off by wrapping it with string lights. Place your Christmas tree against the background of a rustic-vibed wall and go classic.

All That Glitters:

Credit: Hector Manuel Sanchez

Your Fraser Fir has never looked this glammed up, we bet. The 4-inch golden ribbon is the most dominant decor item here that is wrapping the tree at random intervals. Glitter gold baubles, the string light, snowflakes, and rose gold baubles are making sure that there is no gap on the tree and the train track circling the tree with a train on it is making it look so thoughtful and unique.

White And Red:


Red and White are the colors of the Christmas and they look gorgeous when combined together. Fake a snowy fir tree and keep on adding all the red ornamental pieces to it that you own. Red and white plaid ribbons, red flowers, red baubles – and everything put together so nicely on a winter-themed tree. Top your tree with a star topper and it is certainly one of the best Christmas tree decorating ideas to take inspiration from. Those white gift boxes with golden border detailing are so elegant and stylish. 

Play It Unique, Play It Contemporary:

Argos Home

Now forget about the living area and give some attention to your bedroom where you cozy up and spend the most intimate moments of a day. Your bedroom also deserves some upliftment and a Christmas makeover. But placing a heavily ornate Christmas tree will ruin the mood and calmness of a bedroom. And there comes this showstopping, interesting, and out-of-the-world iron tree at your rescue. Totally minimal with some minimal Christmas-apt ornament pieces and red and grey bauble display – this is one of the most contemporary Christmas tree decorating ideas that you may also try as a last-minute decor fix.

Rustic Christmas Tree:

Country Living Staff
the vintage tags are the main decorating accents of this rustic tree.

Jazz up your Christmas tree decor with the rustic theme this year and invite some farmhouse vibe to your interior. From incorporating dried citrus garlands to a little bit of ratten details to burlap decorating – options are many and the choice is yours. Go for a vintage bucket tree stand, try anything that is unexpected, and go for the rustic wreath and pine cones to decorate the tree. Some country-inspired touches amp up the farmhouse vibe and it is one of the most favorite tree decorating ideas of ours. Check out the images for inspiration. 

Neutral And Minimal:


If the minimal interior is right up your alley, a neutral Christmas tree will be the best pick for your holiday living room. It embraces a calm vibe with nothing over the top going on and the adornments are also very minimal and less vibrant in color. A neural Christmas tree looks more realistic and it has a characteristic of its own that can never be pulled off by trying anything else. So sober and so aesthetically pure, this is one of the best Christmas tree decorating ideas that will go with almost every kind of room decor.

Halloween Christmas Tree:

Source: hearstapps.com

This Christmas tree is having a witch hat topper and a broomstick too. Totally gorgeous.

Add a Christmas tree to your Halloween decor too and that will be a great addition for sure. From pumpkins to ghosts to spooky and creepy ornaments, a whimsical mask can be used as a tree topper too. Steal ideas from the pictures. Make it look ghoulish and make it look fun.  

Also, check out the below images and grab ideas of some tree-mendous Christmas tree decoration ideas and celebrate the holiday in full spirit.


Rainbow Vibe:


Snowman Christmas Tree:


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