15 Gorgeous Christmas Hairstyles To Copy This Festive Season

Christmas Hairstyles

Christmas is the time to get decked up. When the first snow of the season covers your back and front yard and the holiday season has arrived, it is also the time to deck up your hairdo to match up with the party vibe. It is the time to experiment with the hairstyles, try something new, and make it extra trendy and fun by adding fashionable hair accessories to it. So if you are all busy doing your Christmas shopping, house party and dinner planning, and gift sorting, these are some of the easy Christmas hairstyles that will make your job easier this year. These are easy to pull off, are full of holiday spirit, and will save your Christmas looks elevating them up to the next level. Let’s try these amazing Christmas hairstyles this year and let everybody envy your look. Check’em out below. 

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Gorgeous Christmas Hairstyles To Copy This Festive Season:

Simple Half-up Pony With Red Ribbon:


This hairstyle is giving us a very cute schoolgirl vibe. It is simple, easy to accomplish, and can be accessorized with just a red ribbon. Make a loose half-up ponytail and amp that up with the ribbon. Simple, girly, and versatile – you will feel like a kid wearing this cute one. And the best part about this hairstyle is that it will take only 10 minutes or less to get done.

Deck Up With Pearl Headband:

While red and green are the colors of the season, a pearl headband is such an elegant hairpiece to incorporate into your hair styling game. Why? Coz, it instantly adds an elegant and sophisticated vibe to your persona and makes you look damn pretty and princessy. Go for a wavy hair look or stick to a statement-y sleek straight hairstyle and add a pearl hairband to upgrade the whole look. 

DIY Rope Braid Bun:

If you are looking out for a festive hairstyle that also adds volume to your hair, go for this exciting rope braid bun hairstyle that is an unusual take on your regular bun hairdo. It is adding texture and volume to your mane and looks so chic. To make it stand out a little more interesting and chic, add a floral piece to your bun and it is easier to accomplish than what it actually looks. 


Glam Waves For Holiday:


If curls are for regular days, then these glam waves are for the holidays. It is perfect for attending a Christmas party and also appropriate for a date night dinner. Glamorous and goes perfectly well with any holiday outfit, the inward-facing soft curls are adding vintage glory to this one of the best Christmas hairstyles. This hairstyle is a perfect blend between old-school glam hair-do and modern style one.

Bow Hairstyles:

Bow hairstyles are sure to turn heads and you can never go wrong with a sassy and trendy bow hairstyle. Whether you have pin-straight hair or have slight waves in it, a bow hairstyle is gonna perfectly suit you. A fun way to switch up your hairdo and an excellent option for girls having medium to long hair, these pictures of bow hairstyles are irresistible and instantly copy-worthy. Bow hairstyles may take a little bit of practice but the end result is awesome. 


Chignon Updos:

Chignon hairstyles are beautiful and feminine and they can be done in so many different ways. There are basic types of the chignon and they can be enhanced anytime with braiding techniques, beads, other accessories, and even by teasing. How to secure your chignon in a place is a thing to learn though. Chignon incorporates a lifted crown so it gives you a look of an elongated neck and adds a soft and feminine dimension to your face. Beautifully tucked under and accessorized to perfection, take inspiration from these pictures of Chignon updos that are some of the best Christmas hairstyles. 


Five Strand Braid:

A bit challenging and looks amazing, a five-strand plait looks ravishing, and be sure to receive compliments from everybody. This is one of the best Christmas hairstyles that does not require a whole lot of hair accessories and ends up being no less than a creative piece of art. It is luxe, adds volume to your mane and long hair gals will rock this hairstyle for sure. 

Festive Side-swept Hairstyles:

Side-swept hairdos look incredible on all face shapes and if you have a round face or a wide forehead, side-swept hair or bang will help you camouflage those flaws too. Adds dimension to your face and is so easy to accomplish, side-swept hairstyles can never go wrong and also will never be out of fashion. Go for a classic red-carpet look or make it more glamorous, a side-swept hairdo is perfect for both a formal as well as an informal Christmas party which you have to attend. Below are some of the best ideas for side-swept Christmas hairstyles. 


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