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10 Christmas Decorating Ideas For A Stylish Makeover Of Your Home

After you are done with all the excitements of the Halloween week, it is time to gear up for the next big festival, that is the Christmas. As we slowly embrace the winter, it is the moment we start decorating our home afresh. So, you must have already started your décor up planning and are sure in search of some good DIY Christmas decorating ideas. Your search is over pal. Festive up your home with these lovely DIY Christmas decorating ideas both indoor and outdoor and celebrate a jolly, cheerful Christmas with your friends and family.


Christmas Decorating Ideas For A Stylish Makeover Of Your Home:

Fringe the Front Door Happy:

We will start from your entrance. The first thing your guest will notice is your front door, right? So décor it up joyfully. Place a welcome doormat in the front and hang an ornate Christmas wreath on the door. Finally, place two beautifully decorated mini Christmas trees on either side of the door to complete the whole look. We are in love with this front door décor idea in the picture. 

Backyard Bucket Planter:

Revamp your backyard pathways with potted evergreen bushes. Plants like Juniper and Cypress thrive well in the winters so go for these variants. Plant them in decorative buckets and give them nice adornment with ribbons and shiny glittery balls. Illuminate the pathways and see how amazing they look. 


Give Your Bed A Makeover:

Coming into the indoor, at first, change the way your master bedroom looks. Throw some red cozy bed covers on the bed and go for motifs like reindeers or stars which enhance the feel of the Christmas. You can flank your bed with ornate garlands and put some berries and pinecones in a pot and place that on the bedside tables. 

Fake The Frost:

What about giving your table accents an icy cool chilled look? It is fancy and full of that Christmas vibe. Mix three parts of glitters to one part of silver and coat your table accents like candle holders, faux fruits, table runner with this. Such an easy and effortless project but the outcome is so brilliant. Silver glitters and white glitters are readily available in the market. These frosted driftwood branches are so welcoming the Christmas. 


Décor Up Your Christmas Tree:

The most vital decoration part is to transform your Christmas tree into a decoration masterpiece. It is not only about throwing some lights here and there on the tree but with your artistic insight and creativity, you can give your tree an elegant and exquisite look. Go for some blingy ornaments, nice ribbons, and bright bronze hues and work on your tree accordingly. Here comes the tutorial.


Pretty Pinecones:

Christmas pine cones are so versatile that you can make wreaths out of them, you can give your fireplace a wonderful makeover with these pinecones and many more. Dip some pinecones in a bucketful of gold paint and then sprinkle some glue spray on them to stick silver or colored glitters. Place this arrangement on a side table in your leaving room and welcome the Christmas in full swing. You can also try some adorable hanging pinecone Santa Clauses and can decorate your home.

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Santa Chair Topper:

Christmas decorating ideas are just incomplete without some cute little touches of Santa. How about the wonderful red and white Santa Chair toppers? You can even DIY your personalized chair toppers. They are cute, washable and will bring that instant Christmas vibe in your dining room. 

Twinkle Terrariums:

With some clear glass jars or plant terrarium, you can do wonder. For thoughtful Christmas decorating accents, you can sprinkle them with golden glitters and can add some fairy twinkling lights inside the terrarium. For best look keep three or four different size jars together. Place them in a fireplace and enjoy the Christmas. These firefly string lights look so full of festivity in the glass terrariums. one of the loveliest Christmas decorating ideas of all time. 


Decorative Garlands:

Elevate your home’s holiday look by using plenty of decorative garlands. Flank your front door with some garlands which have twinkling lights, pinecones or spruce leaves in it. In the same way, you can also make some reindeer garlands. Jazz up your window frames, mantels, and hutches with varieties of garlands and put the festive mode on in no time. You will get some pretty decent ideas from these pictures.        

Candy Christmas Decoration:

If you are organizing a theme party on the very day of Christmas, you will obviously have some jolly kids in your home on that day. This candy decoration part will be their best hang-out corner in your entire home. Fill big glass jars with holiday candies and place them on the table or make a decorative candy island at one corner and get all sorted. The red and white candy cane theme will offer a sweet and cheerful approach immediately.  


Christmas is the time to get all glammed up and to give your house that new, fresh look as well. So these were some really gorgeous Christmas Decorating ideas from our side to give your house that perfect party makeover. Hope you got some inspiration from us and have planned already the way you want to liven up your home. 

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