9 Most Festive Recipes Of Christmas Cocktails You Must Try

Christmas Cocktails

Boozy cocktails, we love them any time, any day. And when it is Christmas, we have got extra excuses to whip up some festive Christmas cocktails that are great to serve with the appetizers and finger foods. After a day full of fun activities, when the night crawls in, these great Christmas cocktails will get you in the mood and you will get to treat yourself to something really fancy and savory. Set a party at your place, cozy up around the hearth, and celebrate the good time with these exclusive specialty cocktails. From boozy vodka cocktails to the winter favorite hot toddy – below are some brilliant recipes of festive cocktails that will suit your taste for sure. Now say cheers and get into the holiday spirit. 

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Most Festive Recipes Of Christmas Cocktails You Must Try:

Vanilla Chai Old Fashioned:

Warming, fizzy, and full of the aroma of vanilla, this old fashioned cocktail is a fall-winter must-have. It is sweet, it is spicy, and it is not very heavy. Make your chai simple syrup that is all about chai tea, sweetened maple, and a little bit of vanilla. And to that, add bourbon and a dash of citrus. You can make your syrup beforehand and just shake up the cocktail when the guests arrive. This is one of the best Christmas cocktails that will cozy you up and you will be obsessing over it. 


Pomegranate French 75:

A must-have for any festive party, the Pomegranate French 75 is loved for its sweet and floral taste that comes with a subtle tart flavor. This recipe claims to be a twist on the classic gin-and-champagne-based French 75 and it is the best drink to serve for toasting the New Year. Light, prepared with minimal ingredients, and made to taste super awesome, serve your fizzy cocktail in a Champagne glass, top with sparkling wine, and garnish it with a lemon twist and pomegranate seeds. 



An avid lover of peppermint bark? You will find your soulmate in this one of the best Christmas cocktails. Semisweet chocolate chips, candy canes, white chocolate liqueur, vodka, peppermint schnapps, and heavy cream come together to make this ecstatic drink and this is what we call to be a perfect Christmas-themed cocktail. Give everything a good shake and say cheers to deliciousness. 


Pisco Sour:

Not everyone is a big fan of cinnamon, vanilla, and dark chocolate when the winter hits. Some people love their summer flavors more than the winter flavors. And for them, this is one of the best Christmas cocktails which will become their holiday staple. Refreshing, lemony sour, and very easy to prepare, Pisco sour is aromatic and unique.


White Christmas Martini:

You can call it an adult-only white chocolate milkshake that gets served in a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass. A perfect drink to celebrate the Christmas-eve, you and your guests are gonna love its complex flavor that comes out when you shake vanilla vodka, white chocolate liqueur, and creme de cocoa – everything together. 


Santa Clausmopolitans:

When you are done with all the Christmas decorations, your table is ready with all the nice smelling foods arranged on it, and when all the presents are wrapped and arranged surrounding the Christmas tree, say cheers to yourself, and serve yourself a glass of Santa Clausmopolitans. You truly deserve this tart and fresh treat to destress and relax. It has cranberry juice, vodka, and lime juice and gets served in a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass topped with fresh cranberries. Yummy and boozy. 


Pumpkin Spice White Russian:

Give a fall twist to your classic cocktail and enjoy this rich, creamy, ad smooth drink that is pure love served in a glass. This, one of the best Christmas cocktails is a perfect blend of smoothness, richness, and fragrance, and it will be a favorite even with people who are not that fans of PSLs. 


Pear And Rosemary Sangria:

If you think that sangria is only meant for summer, you have gotta try this festive cocktail. When you have got bored with your classic glass of wine and want to serve something refreshing yet festive this Christmas, try this gorgeous combination of pear and rosemary. This is fall-inspired, something different than the usual cocktails, and looks so professional when you put it in a pitcher. This is one of our party favorites. 


Hot Toddy:

Welcome the winter chill with a classic glass of Hot Toddy which is quintessentially a cold-weather cocktail. Apart from warming yourself up, the spices and the woody flavor of bourbon also pack a punch and give you a boost during winter. You need to pour hot water into a glass and then steep a tea bag in that for a couple of minutes. After removing the bag, add bourbon, lemon juice, and honey to that and follow that with a good stir. Serve hot with woody spices and a slice of lemon and you are ready with one of the best winter favorite Christmas cocktails


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