7 Delightful Chicken Chow Mein Recipes For You To Try

A hot, smoky, super spicy and saucy plate of Chicken Chow Mein is everybody’s favorite. Those slender pieces of chicken breast tossed in spices and sauces, that colorful and crisp combination of vegetable, the mouthwatering smell it exerts when served on the table – you just feel like diving into the delicacy. And why order food from the restaurants when you can cook it easily in your kitchen? We have come up with some delightful Chicken Chow Mein recipes today; classic one, with a twist, healthy ones and everything you can imagine of!

Chow Mein basically means the stir-fried noodle that owes it origin from Northern China. They eat it as a main course dish and the authentic Chow Mein recpies only include vegetable and not any meat. With time, regional variations were made to the original preparations and Chicken Chow Mein recipes are basically the westernized variations of the Chinese Chow Mein. So, as now you have known all the history parts of this delicious dish, let’s dig into some Chicken Chow Mein recipes which you can try easily at your home on the next weekend.

Delightful Chicken Chow Mein Recipes For You To Try:

Authentic Chicken Chow Mein Recipe:

It is totally a game of mixing the right sauces properly. You need either any Asian Chow Mein noodles or spaghetti noodles and freshly and thinly cut vegetables to add that crisp and color to your Chow Mein. That tingling and yummy taste of chicken Chow Mein mainly comes from the sauce you use in your preparation. A combination of oyster sauce and soy sauce is what we recommend. It gives that right balance of sweetness to the dish. Make sure you do not over boil your noodles so that they get mushy. The recipe below will help you through out.


American Style Chicken Chow Mein:

This is a crispier version where Hong Kong style drier and flat noodles are used.  At the East Coast of the US, the crispy Chicken Chow Mein recipes are very popular on the other hand, western Coast mainly loves the softer, steamed version of Chow Mein. Allover, American Chicken Chow Mein can be a classic twist to the authentic Chinese Chow Mein. You may add mushrooms, celery, cabbages in this preparation. Use the chicken stock and mixture of sauces to increase the taste. Top your dish with deep fried noodles and serve on the table.


Chicken Chow Mein – Caribbean Style:

This Chow Mein Recipe is again served with plain rice and Caribbean people love lots of flavors in their food. Mainly egg noodles are used for the preparation and lots of chile pepper, onion, garlic, ginger root, bell pepper, white pepper is used to add to the hot flavor. You do not need to pre-marinate the chicken in this case. The noodles are not also stir-fried as in the case of American style Chicken Chow Mein recipes. High on protein, this recipe uses vegetable oil to fry the ingredients being on the healthier side.


Nepali Style Chicken Chow Mein:

This is an easy, fuss-free version of Chicken Chow Mein recipes which is of great taste and can be found almost everywhere in the street food corners of Nepal. Nepalese use Asian noodles for their recipe and they love it to be of slight curry flavor with a few spices being used. Apart from the soy sauce and oyster sauce, chili paste is also added to increase that spicy taste. Serve the Chicken Chow Mein with tomato ketchup and chili sauce.


Gravy Chicken Chow Mein:

Not everybody likes their Chow Mein to be really dry. Gravy Chow Mein is another popular version of the regular Hakka style Chow Mein. The recipe is more or less the same as the authentic Chicken Chow Mein recipe. Only you need to add a mixture of corn flour and water to have that thick gravy-like consistency. You can play up your recipe with tomato sauce, chili sauce, and garlic and chili paste if your taste buds love spicy stuff.


Chicken Chow Mein With Broccoli:

Experimental cooking is what we all love. Mixing and matching with the combination of spices, sauces, seasonings ends up in a delicious all new dish. This Chow Mein recipe uses blanched broccoli florets that add a pop of green to the food. It looks like a plateful of savory affair when you garnish your sauce coated noodles with a pinch of basil leaves and fried shallots.


Thai Chicken Curry Noodles:

Flat pad Thai noodles have been used in the recipe. A rich mixture of soy sauce, honey, rice wine vinegar will inevitably make you fall for this one of the yummiest Chicken Chow Mein recipes. The dish is flavorful and makes a good weekend night dinner option. Serve hot when prepared and add sriracha sauce and green garnishing agents to make it colorful and picture perfect.


A perfect Chicken Chow Mein requires a balanced mix of sauces to coat the noodles. The right amount of spice, stir-fried chicken pieces, sautéed veggies – it is a complete ecstatic experience to enjoy a plate of steaming hot noodles. Try these amazing Chicken Chow Mein recipes of different styles and get appreciated for your fantastic culinary abilities every time.

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