20 Utterly Gorgeous Ideas Of Chest Tattoos For Women

20 Utterly Gorgeous Ideas Of Chest Tattoos For Women

The chest is one of the most appealing female body parts to get a tattoo on. Go for a full-chest covering tattoo design or just get a small pretty one, chest area has become one of the most popular placements for women to showcase a tattoo. Now you can divide the chest area into three segments: the upper chest area, the mid-chest, and the under the chest or under-boob area. And you will get to explore different tattoo designs depending on the placement you decide to get tattooed. Also, you can experiment with designs that beautifully embrace the curve of your cleavage or you can just have a sweet and simple feminine design on one side of your chest that will be a statement piece. In need of some cool design ideas for chest tattoos for women? Check out these stunning designs to find out the best one that suits your taste. 

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Utterly Gorgeous Ideas Of Chest Tattoos For Women:

Floral Chest Tattoos For Women:


What can be a more subtle and feminine tattoo idea for a female chest area other than a floral tattoo? From a sweet and simple tattoo design that does not have much ink to an elaborate watercolor rose tattoo that looks royal and vibrant, floral tattoos are one of the best chest tattoos for women that come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Choose designs that enhance your natural curves and attract attention to the right places.

Mini Ones:


If large, whole chest covering pieces are too much for your taste, think about designs that are dainty and barely there. Go creative with more intimate designs that might be mini in size but are full of aesthetics. Mini chest tattoos may include minimal designs with lines and dots or they can also go all experimental and quirky with designs like pizza slice tattoos or a dog paw tattoo.

Mandala Chest Tattoos For Women:


If you are experimental by nature and want to try designs that are not timid but bold, this chest mandala tattoo must be your favorite one. An expression of your heart and soul, chest tattoos are easy to conceal and look intricate and flawless.

A Fox And The Fire For Walpurgis Night:


When you want to try something that is really elaborate and covers your whole chest area, try something like this large and beautiful tattoo design.

Scorpion Tattoo:


A scorpion tattoo represents strength and they are often worn as a symbol of protection. If you are looking out for a chest tattoo that is intense and looks unique, this red scorpion tattoo will just fit the bill.

This blackwork scorpion tattoo between the boobs looks fierce and is one of the best chest tattoos for women. 

Lotus Flower Tattoo:


This lotus flower chest tattoo is so eye-catching, artistic, and so exquisite – simply oozing with elegance. 

Beautiful Butterflies:


Feminine, flirty, and epitome of beauty, butterfly tattoos are one of the trendiest tattoo designs to choose from. And a female chest area is one of the best placements to get this lively creature tattooed. Go for a petite one in a simple black outline or go extravagant with a more dramatic tattoo piece with gorgeous colorful wings – both the ways, a butterfly tattoo looks just divine. They stand for freedom and rebirth and are one of the most feminine and safest designs to go for if it is your first tattoo ever.

Chest Quote Tattoo:

Choose the placement rightly to do justice to a chest quote tattoo. It looks the best across the collar bone or you can also get one right under your breasts. Choose a meaningful quote or a more personal taste and get yourself tattooed. 

Phoenix Chest Tattoos For Women:


If you are looking for a symbol chest tattoo that in addition to being visually appealing, holds a deep inner meaning to it, you must go for a phoenix tattoo. It is one of the most popularized designs in the world of tattoos and has a deep-rooted history and annotations in popular culture and legends. Fiercely beautiful and representative of strength and rebirth, a phoenix tattoo would look magical on your chest if you choose the design wisely.

Full Chest Tattoo:


If you are sure to be committed to your tattoo for the rest of your life and want to embrace a design that is elaborate, bold, and will cover the full chest area, these are some of the best tattoo ideas you would love.

Heart Chest Tattoo:


New to the world of tattoos? Want to wear something dainty but full of artistic beauty and meaning? Then a heart tattoo will be the perfect pick for you. As a heart tattoo is less extravagant and does not require much space, the right placement for it would be under your collar bone approaching your shoulder. Hide your tattoo when you feel like or go for a strappy top and let your heart play peekaboo with the world. A heart design will be one of the best chest tattoos for women that looks subtle and is too lovely to resist. 

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