15 Most Gorgeous Ideas Of Black Hair With Red Highlights

Black Hair With Red Highlights

If you want to add depth and alluring dynamics to your personality, you need to have a look at these sophisticated black hair with red highlights ideas. Black hair looks great on its own. And when you add classic red highlights to that, it becomes even more alluring. If you find your black hair to be boring, adding red highlights to that is the most creative solution that will gift you a super transformational look. Now there are many red highlights to choose from and it is quite obvious that not all the red highlights look great on black hair. Before you settle on the final streak, consult with your stylist and choose the best idea of black hair with red highlights that flatter your face shape and skin color the most. Add life to your mane and also a beautiful splash of red color to your overall personality. 

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Below are some of the most brilliant ideas of black hair with red highlights that will provide you with some of the best options to choose from. Go for a balayage or try ombre or even go for babylights – browse through the ideas and give yourself the best-ever hairstyle look. 

Most Gorgeous Ideas Of Black Hair With Red Highlights:

The Dark On The Dark:


If you have really voluminous black hair and you want to jazz up its look, try this dark-on-the-dark black hair with red highlights look where you go for very dark red highlights that give a stunning appearance to your dark and voluminous mane. The red highlights are not very stark and may not be in the face. But a closer look at your mane will let everyone fall in love with your sophisticated choice.

Full-length Black Hair With Red Highlights:


If your choice is edgy and fun then this full-length black hair with red highlights idea is perfectly suitable for you. It is sexy and starting from the roots to the ends, the highlights look well blended. Not so vivid and yet the perfect amount of refreshing, go for a regular touch-up to maintain the highlights and gather compliments wherever you go.

Flaming And Fiery:


Red hair highlights are one of the most flattering color treatments one can have and it looks more ravishing when you already have dark black hair. It adds a playful pop to your entire look. Want to go bold and try a red that is as experimental as it gets? Go for this flaming red alternative and make a difference no matter wherever you go.

Cherry Highlights:

Show off your confidence to the whole world when you add magnificent cherry highlights to your dark raven tresses. Cherry is a very versatile shade of red. You can use it in a very subtle manner or can go for an extravagant vibrant shade and both the way a cherry tint would look gorgeous. A cherry color also has an amethyst sheen to it so depending on the angle of light, your hair is going to look different at different times. 

Bold Is The New Beautiful:


If you believe in the mantra ‘the bolder, the better’, this black hair with red highlights is the best pick for you. It helps you stand out in the crowd and it surely deserves everyone’s attention. 

Subtle With A Bob:

Source: @salonmixx

The best part about trying a red highlight is that your desire to go experimental is fulfilled but it is still not over the top as it in the cases of bright pinks and greens. Choose an office-ready option like this and add that needed depth and dimension to your persona and at the same time remain classy. 

Black To Red Ombre:


Going ombre is fun and it is one of the most super chill ideas of trying black hair with red highlights. A beautiful shade of black till the midway of the length of your hair and then a jazzy shade of red that becomes more intense as it goes down the length. Trendy and playful, this ombre-style hair color is just to die for.

Flamboyant Ombre:


This version of ombre is flamboyant and definitely not meant for the faint-hearted. If you are not scared to try dramatic and over-the-top hair colors, try this black and flaming red ombre. You can do this for all of your hair or just choose a few strands and give them this dramatic ombre effect.

Multi-Tone Highlights:

Source: @amiehairgirl

If you love multi-tonal highlights and have hair with black as the root color, this is one of the best hair colors to go for. It incorporates every style element from bangs to curls and so cleverly blends red highlights with purple highlights. Ditch the purple if you do not want to go overboard and just go for the black with red highlights. Trendy and chic, you are just gonna turn heads. 

Red Highlights For Curly Hair:


Have beautiful curly hair? You too can sport a red highlight look. Have a look at this picture. The red highlights have been done across the hair and they are just accentuating the beautiful curls that the lady has got. Add a pop of fun color to your hair and who said that only girls with straight hair can sport highlights?

Few More Ideas:

Instagram @MENNNDI.A.L.M.B

Be experimental and accentuate your features when you go crazy with black hair with red highlights. It livens up your face and brightens up your complexion. No matter what your hair length or texture is, if you have naturally black hair, there is certainly a shade of red that will transform your look from drab to fab. Be fashion-forward and add life to your hair with these dynamic and fun hair highlight ideas that we have gathered above. Sending warm hugs and love your way. 

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