7 Most Innovative Black And White Bathroom Ideas To Copy

Black And White Bathroom

Black and white bathroom ideas are sexy and intimate. It might not be the most popular combination of colors to choose for bathroom design, but if you want to create a striking space that is far from being boring, these black and white bathroom ideas are just for you. Black and white is a trendy combination that will never go out of fashion and moreover, it is easy to pull off if you know the right way to design your space. If you agree on this point that, today’s bathrooms are no longer just a functional space and they are associated with luxury and comfort then, black and white will give your space a major transformation. Whether you have a big spacious bathroom or a small one to work with, these are some of the most striking black and white bathroom ideas ahead that will surely inspire you to design your intimate space. Let’s check them out and soak in the gorgeousness.

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Black And White Elegance:


To create the perfect atmosphere of a space, first, we need to decide on the color palette. And the way these two colors have been used in this particular bathroom design is making the space more refined and sleek. The space is totally in harmony and the black marble wall is adding so much aesthetic value to the whole area. It has beautiful white veins and the other wall has a very elegant muted grey-in-color patterned tile work going on that is adding perfect balance to the overall space. One of the best black and white bathroom ideas to copy.

Hint Of Blacks:


If too much black overwhelms you, consider having a bathroom like this. It is mostly white with a statement freestanding bathtub and the marble floor and large tiles are just adding to the peaceful elegance. The only black element in this bathing space is those two black cabinets that are perfectly blending with the theme. If you know the right tricks to pull off these two colors together, the end result can be as perfect and luxurious as this. 

Add A Pop Of Black:


If you believe in the words – less is more, this design will inspire you to get your dream black and white bathroom. It is airier, brighter, and is having an all-white theme. The golden and wooden accents on the wardrobes and washbasins are adding the minute details to the white space that is giving the bathroom a definition. And to make everything pop, the frames of the mirrors have been done in black color. Here, black has been used in very little quantity but that is enough to make everything stand out.

Add Contrast:

Contrasting patterned walls and floors are all about going bold and flamboyant. If you are thinking of going for an all-white wall and an all-black floor, change the game by adding in patterns to it. Like, in this image, the white wall has got an elevated look from the herringbone pattern and the floor has been kept in deep black color that is full of contrast and is having simple, crisp hexagonal patterns going on. The other element to notice here is the black pentagon flower pot that is adding extra character to the space. This is certainly one of the best black and white bathroom ideas for small spaces. 

Black Brassware And White Carrara Marble:

Image credit: Future

A black and white bathroom is monochrome and modern and uniting these two colors will effectively create an intimate space for you that is warm, cozy, and luxe. If you have an all-white bathroom and you are finding it to be a bit boring, just add that matt black brassware fittings and black tap to it and it is an easy way to add full-on drama to your bath area. 

Black Out:

This all-black bathroom may not be everybody’s cup of tea. But if you love drama, if you want something that is out of the box – go for a bold black bathroom. Black, being a very flexible color can be matched with any neutral shade. If you keep your bathroom fixtures and sink all black, balance out the drama by choosing white or grey flooring and neutral wall colors. Black bathroom tiles are also very Instagram famous nowadays. Black tiles backsplash looks so smart when complemented with a white sink and neutralizing countertop.

Chequerboard Floor:

This black bathroom might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It is overwhelming, it is dramatic, and is full of character. It has salvaged washbasins and the black and white chequerboard floor is the show stopper of the bathroom. The glossy black paint, the white photo frames, and the brassware – this is one of the best and most innovative black and white bathroom ideas that you will love to copy.

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