15 Brilliant Ideas Of Black And Gold Nails That Are No-fail

Black And Gold Nails

Black and gold nails have their cult following. When the energy of black meets the fiery gold, you get a deadly combination of glitz and glam. Your nails are an extension of your creative mind. And you have every right to deck up your nails with all the opulent and jazzy nail art and designs. Black and gold nails can be prettier than you even think of. It is versatile, rich, and looks so luxurious. And moreover, it is CLASSY.

There are a plethora of casual to party-apt ideas of black and gold nails that will surely provoke you to get them on your nails. From when the summer sun is over the head to when the temperature drops and festive season advents, try these ideas of black and gold nails that we have collected for you and give yourself a gorgeous nail makeover to die for.

Brilliant Ideas Of Black And Gold Nails That Are No-fail:

Simple Black And Gold Nails:


Shiny black for all the nails except for one nail which you will be decorating with sparkly gold glitter. It is sober and simple. One single horizontal gold stripe on the black base would look chic and will enhance the beauty of your nail art. Complement your nail art with a golden watch and you can even carry yourself this way to your workplace too.

Black And Gold Horizontal Stripes:


Alternate black and gold horizontal stripes are very easy to create but leave a maximum impact. This is one of the smartest ideas of black and gold nails ideal for teenagers and ladies with a minimalist choice. Wear this nail design and hold your mug of brewing coffee or glass of wine with utmost grace and poise.

Abstract Art:

When you do not want to go all over with gold and black but also do not want to miss the fun of wearing this deadly duo, try this abstract and contemporary nail design that is way different from being your regular black and gold nails. You create a nude base first. choose any finish between matte and glossy for the base. Let the base dry out completely and then go all experimental with the help of a regular piece of straight-edged tape. Create unusual patterns out of your own imagination and admire your pretty nails later on. Source

Artistic Obsession:


When it comes to experimental fashion and creativity, the sky is the ultimate limit. And this one of the fantastic ideas of black and gold nails loudly speaks out in favor of that. This design is really cool and adds an artistic edge to your total outfit. Look at the picture to get instantly addicted to the design.

Gold Digger:


Prep up your nail with an even white nail base. Make sure that it is opaque and your actual nail color is not peeking through. After it has dried out completely, make golden and black designs on your nails with the help of a striping art nail brush or striping tape. When you are happy with the nail design, seal everything up with a high shine or matte topcoat. The perfect party –wear nail art that will go with your LBD as well as glitzy and sexy party wear dresses.

Black And Gold Leopard Nails:


Leopard nails nowadays is a rage. From leopard print shoes to bags to even dresses, this print is one of the favorites among stylish ladies all over the world. Vividly bold and an immediate statement maker, embrace these black and gold leopard nails to look all bossy and spicy. Now let your nails roar like those powerful leopards.

Badass Nails:

This nail design is so badass and makes your hands look as powerful and sharp as a sword. Complement your sassy black and gold nails with unique nail rings and let your hands do all the talking for you.  Source

Dripping Gold:


Let your fierce soul drip into a black hole with this drip nail art. Use black as your base nail color and create the dripping effect using a glittery gold color. Make your fingers stand out with this idea of black and gold nails that have a charismatic luring effect.

Gold And Black Accent Nails:


When you cannot settle on one single design and wish to wear sparkles, polka dots, stripes all at the same time, take inspiration from this nail art. It has all the stunning elements but it does not look overboard and is very subtle and elegant to the senses.

Black And Gold Stiletto Nails:

If you have stylishly cut stiletto nails and you want a unique fierce stiletto nail idea to copy, look at this gorgeous stiletto black and gold nails. The designs look fab with the pointy shape of the nails and are so fierce and sexy to get. If you are up to showcasing your bold and powerful taste of fashion to the whole world, resort to this jaw-dropping nail design that is so edgy and has a very slight gothic vibe to it due to the shape of the nails.

Uber Sober:

If going crazy is not your style and you always like to keep your fashion game low-key and minimal, try these simple and classy black and gold nails that are not at all on the face but will make a difference. Perfect to wear to the office or to the college, we love this idea of alternate black, gold, and nude theme going on that as a whole looks too attractive and classy.

Black And Gold Nails For Wedding:


Extremely luxurious to look at and so much enviable, this inspiring black and gold nail art is for your upcoming wedding parties. With two golden glitter nails, two shiny black nails, and one accent golden speck design on a black nail – this is one of the most happening nail design ideas to copy on any special occasion.

Black-Gold color Block:


Gold is the color of all the seasons and we want to wear gold and black together each and every day. And for that, we need more of the smarter and contemporary styles that wouldn’t clash with our outfits. A full-bling nail design is not meant to wear with your pants and blazer workwear.

So what to wear on the day to day days when you are fond of this duo but can’t find any sober design? Look at this one of the smartest designs before you lose your hope. It is high on glamour but not at all gaudy and too much. And it is so easy to create with only a few nail art striping tapes.

Dramatic Nails:

When you want your long nails to steal all the thunders, this is the nail design to go for. Not meant for the faint-hearted and not so easy to carry as well – you must go for this one of the craziest ideas of black and gold nails if and only if you have the confidence to carry it with grace.

Stripes That Are Not Stereotypes:


Yes, this is one of the basic black and gold nail designs that look so sober but is very impactful. On the plain and clear canvas of matte black, you just need to add golden and a very few orange stripes. Be whimsical with the direction and placement of the stripes. And do not add a lot of oranges. Believe in the ‘less or more’ mantra and get this wonderful nail design on your own dear nails.

Now extend fashion to your fingernails and add instant jazz to your whole personality. And after going through all of these varied ideas of black and gold nails, now you do not need to confine yourself within limited options of designs. From stripes to color-blocking to a crazy amount of embellishments added to your nails – you are free to deck up your nails in whichever way you want them to be. No one is gonna judge you for mixing and matching with designs and styles. Get these black and gold nails and let everyone stare at your exclusive nails with astonishment in their eyes.

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