20 Best Ideas Of The Red And Black Nails You Will Die For

Red And Black Nails

Bring on the glam with these hottest ideas of the red and black nails that are sexy, feminine, and so gorgeous- all at the same time. They are just apt for the party season. Every individual has her personal choice when it comes to talking about fashion and nail color. Some love neutral palette more than the vibrant summery shades. And some prefer bold neons and a cute manicure that are so eye-popping and fresh. But no matter what your usual preference of nail colors is, the passionate combination of red and black nails will surely win your heart.

These two colors can be worn in so many ways. Go ombre, or create chevron designs. Mix and match colors with blingy glitters or create a holographic nail design with two of these sexiest colors. This party season you need nothing but these steaming hot ideas of red and black nails to catch everybody’s attention toward your stunningly manicured hands.

What Do Red And Black Nails Mean:

Red and black have their own unique meaning. Red is everything that is passionate, glamorous, and profusely furious. The color carries a gravity and is a color of love at the same time. On the other hand, there lies a deep mystery and a poignant emotion in the color black. Black is sophisticated, it is so strong, and is meant for those ladies out there who are fearless and powerful from their heart. And when you combine two of these strongest colors together to create your designed manicure look, you are sure to turn heads and attract a bag full of complement. Now just scroll through the post and explore these most brilliant ideas of red and black nails to bring on the fire.

Best Ideas Of The Red And Black Nails You Will Die For:

Glossy Red With Glittery Black:


Sophisticated with a subtle touch of glitter, these red and black nails are the easiest to create with only two shades of glossy black and red and a transparent glitter nail polish. Do not be too overboard with the application of glitters. Keep it dense at the base of your nail and gradually reduce the intensity as you go up. Finish your nail art with a good quality top coat and carry a sexy black clutch to make your hands look perfect to the T.  

Squared To Sophistication:


When you want to wear red and black on a regular basis, this design can prove to be a timeless classic. It is so elegant and has nothing very ornamental going on. Just glossy red on three of the nails. And to cut the monotony, smart application of black lines with varied width on the canvas of porcelain white. Perfect to even wear to the office and equally graceful to flaunt in an evening party.

Black-Red Gel Nail Art:


Easy to create with nail tapes only, you neither need to ask for anybody’s help nor need to visit any nail parlor to pull off these winter-ready cozy and warm red and black nails. This moon tip design prettifies your nails and at the same time expresses the boldness that your personality carries.

Red, Black With Glitter Accent:


The combo of red and black becomes sassier when you team that up with classic gold accent nail. You do not need to go gaga over glitters. Save only one nail to paint that with a generous amount of glitter nail polish and for the black nail create a few white polkas to make it look edgier. You are combining three or four design elements in one nail art yet it looks so effortlessly classy and not too overpowering.

Black Nails With Red Glitter Flakes:

The dark matte canvas of black color and the whimsical chunky specks of red on that, this is one of the most unique ideas of red and black nails you would ever get to try. Go for a good quality matte black color like OPI Nail Lacquer in the shade Black Onyx and on top of that, apply a good coat of red glitter flakes and seal everything up with a matte topcoat. Now you are ready to rock your long-lasting matte red and black themed nails.

Red And Black Themed Nails:


A tomato red base color and on top of that, an extraordinary work of black tree art, a nail design couldn’t get more perfect than this. Unique, mysterious, and so unpredictable, this is such a piece of art, we must admit.

Black Heart Manicure:


When you have very little time in your hand and you yet want to create cute nail art with red and black nail polishes, create this black heart mani. Start off with diagonally sectioning your nails with red and black. Let it dry and then paint sexy hearts on the black section of the nails. Beautify the hearts with blings or studs to dress up your red and black nails. Pretty for the winter parties and also perfect for the date nights with your bae.

Checkered Red And Black Nails:


Perfect for the sweater weather and perfect for the shorter nail, this nail art is meant to wear on those chilly wintry nights when you do not wish to leave your bed and the comfort of the quilt and want to give your nails a makeover.

Cloth Texture Design:


Texture designing is IN now and you can certainly try that to create your red and black nails. This is a fun way to match your nails to your clothes. Attractive, luxe, and eyecatching.

Black French Mani On Nail Starts:


You must have tried a French manicure where the tip of the nail has a different color. But this nail art is just the reverse of that. Here the black french has been done at the base of the nail to give it a twist. The tomato red nail with the simple and elegant small black French nail art – you will surely love this one of the sassiest red and black nails.

Red And Black Hearts And Dots:


This nail art is an example of ‘less is more’. No ornamentation, no glitters, no drama. Just a night-black coat of black and a few minimalistic heart and polka designs with a blood-red shade – be the queen of everybody’s heart when you wear this stunning design of red and black nails.

Have A Look At These Wonderful Design Collection of Red And Black Nails Too:

The idea is to broaden your option so that you choose your preferred nail art design according to the occasion.

A Nail Art Apt For Halloween:


Stunning Stiletto Nail:


Festive-y Gradient Nail:


Mysterious Ombre:


Red And Black Acrylic Nails With Studded Rhinestones:


Spiderweb And Dripping Blood Red And Black Nails:


Fishnet Nails:


This is absolutely stunning with fishnet designs going on your nails. Ornate floral designs and dripping red add a mysterious sinister element to the nail art and the design is perfect to wear during Halloween.

Mix And Match Red And Black Nails:

Falling For The Leaves:

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Red and back nails are the talk of the season. Celebrities are flaunting it and everybody is applauding its unique and bold charm. Then what are you waiting for? Grab your polishes and gather the nail art tools and start giving your nails a pretty makeover for every occasion.

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