8 Best Guard Dogs To Protect Your Home And Family

Best Guard Dogs

Guard dogs protect your property, your family, and guard your house against unwanted human and animal intruders. We generally confuse between the guard dogs and attack dogs, although both are not the same. Guard dogs or watchdogs are excessively loyal to the family and do not behave ferociously in day to day lives. They are being used as guardians since ancient times. In ancient days, they were used to guard the livestock against the intrusion of large predators such as bears, wolves, and leopards. In urban areas, they are mainly kept to protect the properties during the night when masters are sleeping. If you also want an extra level of safety in your life as well as true companionship, you need these best guard dogs in your life.

Choosing the right breed is very necessary when getting a guard dog for your house. You need to make sure the dog you are getting is alert, loud, and easily trainable. Generally, guard dogs are not attacking. They are trained to intimidate people and alert the master by barking loudly and to show aggressive gestures like showing teeth to the intruders. So proper training is the key when it comes to the best guard dogs. They also need socializing, they need to learn educated barking, they also need to learn to back off. If you are looking out for some best breeds of guard dogs that are suitable for your house and family these are some of the breed recommendations you need to check out.

Best Guard Dogs To Protect Your Home And Family:

German Shepherd:


German shepherds are the best family-friendly active guard dogs, according to us. With proper training and socialization, they can be gentle toward the family members and a fierce protector too. This is a large dog breed and without proper training, they can be threatening. They are loud barkers, are alert, and love to listen and obey commands. Due to their large size, they can deal with animals and human beings of any size. Usually, they are a bit aloof but once befriended, they tend to be very loving and loyal with the family. But with outsiders and when they can sense a threat, they are very strong, powerful, and protective.

In general, female GSDs are more sensitive and easier to train and males are more aggressive. But with proper training and socialization, you can handle both the genders. So if you are searching for large deterrent best guard dogs with natural guarding instinct, German Shepherds are one of the best choices to go for.

Doberman Pinscher:


These compactly-built medium-large sized dogs are strong and known for their powerful bites. They are loyal protectors to the family and can be extremely intimidating to the trespassers. Doberman Pinschers are fearless and their muscular body, endurance, great agility, speed, and regal appearance make them one of the best guard dogs. A well-trained Doberman is even trustworthy and friendly with their children. Dobies are not high-maintenance and they are naturally very clean. So that is a big yay part. But they need plenty of exercises and need careful socialization to excel as a strong, well-behaved guard dog. Studies show that this dog breed is more likely to show aggression towards unknown people than other breeds. So make sure you are training your pooch well.



Rottweilers are alert, steady, fearless, confident, and courageous dogs – everything that you expect in the guard dogs. One of the smartest dog breeds in the world, Rottweilers tend to be very generous with the families if trained and brought up properly. But if not trained properly, they can pose a threat to children and can be destructive. They cannot handle neglect and you need to treat them well. Rotties are highly protective and if well-raised will be affectionate toward the master and will show high aloofness to the strangers.

They are highly sensitive and that is why you need to be careful with kids around. Male Rotties are more aggressive than females. They need exercise and mental stimulation to grow up well. Also, they are intelligent and are loud barkers. With stern training and socialization, Rottweilers can be the best guard dogs for your family and property.



This breed was originally developed by the 19th-century gamekeepers to guard their estates. And this breed is actually a crossbreed between English Mastiff and Old English Bulldog. The Old English Bulldogs are now extinct though. Bullmastiffs are alert, loyal, protective, powerful, and courageous. For their firm and fearless attitude they are considered as one of the smartest and best guard dogs for the families. Even if you live in an apartment, you can consider having these ‘silent watchdogs’. They are also lovely with kids and are easy to groom. They need at least 2 hours of exercise daily not to put on extra weight. Being overweight can cause extra pressure on their joints and bones. These dogs are lazy and love to snuggle all day long. A low-bark breed but would even risk his own life to protect his master and family. Originally bred to be the ‘gamekeeper’s night dog’ now can be your pet-friend that are loyal, easy-going, and protective.



Boxers are distant cousins to the bulldogs which makes them naturally protective. They are short-built, compact, and have a short coat. So if you are planning to get a medium-sized guard dog, boxers are the best fitting options. They were originally bred to chase wild-games and that is why they are excellent runners. Their agility, intelligence, fierce appearance, natural instinct to sense a threat, and athletic body make them super guard dogs. They also jell well with kids if brought up well. Boxers look imposing in the first place but they really are not dangerous.

They are enthusiastic learners and if you start training them early, they will grow command following habits in no time. Start obedience training and socializing and boxers will turn out to be the best protectors for your family. They are also barking dogs and will alert you every time they sense any threat. But make sure that they are not over barking due to boredom or lack of physical exercise.

Saint Bernard:


Saint Bernards are gentle giants. They are large but they have a gentle spirit. So if you want a guard dog for your family that is less menacing but look imposing to the strangers, consider getting a Saint Bernard doggo. They are strong and are impressively smart. Their size can be an issue with the kids around as they can easily knock down small kids without even knowing. They are protectors and also rescuers as they were originally bred for rescue purposes to rescue travelers from an avalanche in the Swiss Alps range.

Also, they have a history to work as livestock guardians and herding dogs. Due to their large size, they are susceptible to various bone-related diseases and do not live beyond 8 to 10 years. Socialize them well and make sure that they get enough space to walk around. Bernards are not the best guard dogs as the Rottweilers or German Shepherds are but if you want a massive dog that can create a sense of fear among the burglars, they will serve you the best.



Akitas are heavy-boned, large, spitz-type dogs of intimidating stature. During the time of feudalism in Japan, they were used for guarding royalty and nobility. Fearless in nature and loyal and affectionate with families, Akitas are one of the best guard dogs in the world. With proper training and socialization, an Akita doggo will be the best mate for your family and will protect your family from any threat. They are wary of strangers and also do not jell well with other animals. If you are a novice in handling Akitas, be extra careful as they are highly sensitive. Akitas can tolerate cold weather very much. Though they are known as silent hunters, Akitas will bark for sure when they sense a threat. They are reserve, calm, and need training from an early age. If guided and trained properly they will be excellent guard dogs and will co-exist with families without making any menace.

Belgian Malinois:


Do not confuse them with German Shepherds. Though they look kind of similar, Belgian Malinois is an entirely separate breed. They are medium to large breed dogs with a well-muscled body. The breed was originally used to guard livestock. They have strong smelling capability and that is why they are often used to sniff out drugs and bombs. Malinois is a highly active, working dog breed and is quite intelligent. So they are really easy to train. They are not unnecessarily aggressive but will become protective when needed. If well-trained and raised along with children, they also mix well with the kids around. Malinois might not be the typical family dog that will snuggle around you and sleep on your lap but with proper socialization, training, perfect mental, and physical stimulation, Malinois will become your perfect watchdog as well as a responsible member of the family.

Always seek professional trainer’s advice to train your guard dogs. It is very necessary to teach your watchdog who is his family and who is not. You need a lot of patience as training your doggo can really take a lot of time. Obedience training is one of the primary trainings that your dog needs to learn. Other than that, you need to understand your dog’s temperament. In one word, you have to be very sensible while choosing the best guard dogs. If you have a kid in your family, the job becomes even tougher. But getting a guard dog while he is still young is the best thing you can do. If you can start his training early, he will learn more hurriedly and will grow up being an excellent watchdog.

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