8 Best Essential Oils and Their Health Benefits You Need To Know

Essential oils are enriched with the goodness of the nature mother. If you are finding some home remedies or herbal way out for fighting against some severe health issues or you just want to try some aromatherapy in your home to soothe your nerves and calm your senses, essential oils are your best companion. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils into a bucket full of warm water and get all refreshed while you take shower. Today’s article is all about some of the best essential oils, their goodness and health benefits.

Good for your health, emotional state and overall well being – these are the best essential oils you can use to relax yourself. Essential oils are not essentially oils as they don’t contain that many fatty acids, they actually have concentrated plant components in them. So let’s get into these best of the best essential oils and let’s know about their innumerable health benefits.

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Best Essential Oils and Their Health Benefits You Need To Know:

Tea Tree Oil:



Tea tree, which is also known as ‘melaleuca’ is famous for its strong antiseptic properties. It is highly efficient to treat wounds and calm bacterial infections. This essential oil is prescribed even by the doctors to heal many skin issues and treat viral infections.

If you are fond of natural medicines instead of other stuff, you should really keep one bottle of tea tree oil handy in your cabinet. Many of its traditional uses like treating acne, cold sores, respiratory tract infections, MRSA make this oil one of the best essential oils we have ever known about.

Lavender Oil:



Use it as a diffuser or sprinkle some as a mist, lavender oil is great for your mental and physical health. Use it for its antibacterial property or make a bottle of insect repellent, lavender oil is just versatile. After a long hectic day, this oil will relax your stress and will ensure you a good night’s sleep. A perfect anti-depressant, lavender oil calms your nervous system and fights against anxiety disorder without any sedative effects.

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Eucalyptus Oil:



The eucalyptus tree is originally native to Australia but for its medicinal properties, it is grown all over the world today. If you are having long time cough problem, give this oil a try. For many years it has been used to relieve cough problems. Use it as a mosquito repellent or use it to prevent infection, eucalyptus oil has all these health benefits. If you are finding for some natural remedies to fight against blood sugar problem, hold your breath, eucalyptus oil has strong potential to combat against that also.

Geranium Oil:



Due to its many health benefits, geranium oil is used as a holistic treatment to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of one. This oil is very famous among the Egyptians as it promotes radiant and acne free skin. It has a very sweet, soft and flowery aroma, that can also uplift your mood and can reduce fatigue and enhance emotional wellness.

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Peppermint Oil:



The minty fresh smell of this oil makes it an excellent option to go for. Mix it with castor oil, coconut oil, and the mixture will work great for hair growth. You can use this oil to relieve head pressure and good news for those people out there who are fighting against obesity as this oil curbs hunger and reduces the desire for snacks. If you are having severe concentration problem, this is one of the best essential oils to go for as it improves your concentration level and keeps you alert.

Chamomile Oil:



Chamomile oil has a long history in the Ancient Egyptian medicines. There are majorly two types of chamomile flowers- Roman chamomile and German chamomile, both of them offer their own additional health benefits. We all know the health benefits of chamomile tea and now comes the essential oil. It is no less than the tea. The oil boosts your skin health, treats dandruff efficiently, is good for fighting against anxiety, depression, and insomnia and is excellent for them who are suffering from a digestive disorder.

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Rosemary Oil:



You might have used this fragrant herb to spice up your delicious recipes, but apart from being a great culinary partner, rosemary, when used as an essential oil helps to fight against many hair and skin related problems. Its enchanting wood-scented smell is a must mention, and when you inhale the smell, it instantly releases your mental fatigue. It promotes hair growth, improves memory, deals with the respiratory problems as well. So make it sure that you keep this one of the best essential oils handy in your home or office drawer as an instant solution.

Lemongrass Oil:



If you are in love with strong, pungent smells, then this essential oil is gonna be your real-time BFF. Lemongrass oil is antibacterial, it is antioxidant due to certain compounds present in it and it is sedative so is very helpful to offer you the feeling of peace and solitude. If you are having a problem regarding less urination, try this oil as it helps in increasing urination and that way it keeps your kidneys healthy as well.

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So these were some of the best essential oils you can easily get your hands on. So, get your own favorite oil today and make benefits out of them. Use them while you take shower or just massage your body with few drops of oil. Use the essential oil at your pulse points and keep depressions at bay. Some good choices in lifestyle can change your life totally and using essential oils is one of them.

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