11 Best Easy And Quick Home Decor Ideas To Try

Easy And Quick

Whether you have a luxurious big house or you own a pretty but small space, you do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to decorating your home. And you really can do that with some easy and quick décor ideas that do not cost you a fortune but beautify your space making it feel fresh. If you want to give your house an eclectic new makeover that is easy and quick, lean to the DIY stuff.

Wisely choose the wall décor, understand the characteristic of your space, and do not always blindly follow the trend that may not even go with the size and orientation of your room. And if you are falling short of ideas, check out the below points where we have rounded up some of the best easy and quick home décor ideas that you can smoothly copy and transform your home into cozy heaven.

Best Easy And Quick Home Decor Ideas To Try:

Paint The Walls Right:


You can give a stunning makeover to your wall just by painting it exceptionally. No extra element, no wall frame, nothing, only break the monotony of a single color and make your room more fun and cheery. Adding fun and drama to the wall painting can transform your simple boring wall instantly. Bring in some pattern or go all ombre or use different decorative paint techniques to make your wall a striking piece of art. Color-block your wall or paint them in many more creative ways.

Bring In Greenery:


Green is soothing to the eyes and it instantly adds freshness to your home. Easy and quick, an indoor garden can be made under a minimum-set budget. If you have a free wall in your kitchen or in your living room, transform that wall into a vertical garden. Trellis pattern wall plants look amazingly creative. Use some empty tea cans or mason jars and turn them into plant holders. Hang them on the wall or place them in the window space where ample sunlight comes in. Without burning a hole in your pocket, it will take care of the aesthetic of your home.

Use Your Headboard As Room Divider:


In a small studio apartment where you are always running out of space, you need to cleverly use your given space, keeping in mind about storage, partitioning every zone, but at the same time not messing up with the open space. In these scenarios, one of the easy and quick tips is to use your bed-headboard as a room divider. Consider a headboard that has enough storage space, where you can store your stuff, and it will also double up as a nice working room divider, separating your bed area from the rest of your small apartment.

Use Your Space Wisely:


Your small room must have some unnoticed but potential spaces that you might be missing. Think twice. The area under your stairway is such a potential storage place. You can cleverly install an array of drawers there and can efficiently put your things in them. Give them a nice outer appearance and make them a part of your home decoration. We love this all-wooden ‘under the staircase’ storage space.

Multipurpose Furniture:


A small, as well as a big house, must have multipurpose furniture so that you can get more and more open and free spaces. Go for the furniture which is multipurpose and has built-in storage space. Beds, sofa sets, dining tables all of them come in many multipurpose varieties. Just be particular while choosing yours. This was one of the best easy and quick home décor tips that will take you a long way.

Black Paint Is A Game Changer:


Want a tip that will immediately transform your whole indoor. Try black paints. Yes, you read it right. Black is passionate, bold, and can look stunning in your home if done the right way. Try a chalkboard wall or go for a black and white striped wall paint idea. For a change, you can also paint your ceiling black. Choose the furniture wisely so that they go well with the black paint. Use gold or silver accent pieces that look brilliant with the color. A black kitchen or a black bathroom is nothing but pure sophistication that is sure to do black magic on you.

DIY Décor:


Going DIY is one of the best easy and quick ideas to go for if you want to decorate your home just the way you want it to. You can do stone and pebble craft, tissue papercraft, or even DIY wall décor. A stone bath mat automatically brings in a rustic breezy feel. You can also include your kiddos in making some DIY fun crafts. Like you can make word pebbles by writing inspirational quotes or words on your stones and customize it in your own way. Use bright acrylic paints to write your quotes and it is one of the easiest crafts to do.

Add Quirky Pieces To Your Interior:


Adding a quirky touch to your interior can buy you a whole lot of appreciation. Like a nature-inspired wooden bookshelf. This floor to ceiling masterpiece is just beyond any description. Full of rustic spirit and full of artistic imagination, this bookshelf is one exceptional idea you can try in your bedroom. Just throw some random couches beside the shelf and spend your leisure time being indulged in some good reads. It is fun to do and is easy and quick.

Use Barn Wood Elements:

Decorating your space with earthy or wooden elements has two plus points. Firstly they are budget-friendly and secondly, they are easy and quick. For instance, take an example of this simple and so elegant wooden house number sign. You don’t really need to do anything complex and challenging to get this. A small and creative piece of a DIY project can make big difference in your home decoration. This cute, little wooden house number sign project justifies that fact. Some black and white numbers, a rustic wood board, some plain twines, and a pinch of a creative mind. You are done with this project. Hang it from a tree in your yard or just place it at the main entrance and you are good to go.


Go For Minimalistic Bathroom Décor:


The minimalist decoration is easy and quick to do but has the maximum impact and it is the best approach to go for when you have to work with a smaller space. Try to install dainty, round, or oval-shaped washbasins and smaller bathroom storage spaces. Instead of adding extra decorating accents in the bathroom, try to keep only the required ones neatly arranged on the shelves. This bathroom in the picture is looking so compact and clean with minimum accents and a petite washbasin.

Copper Penny Wind Chime:

If you have an innovative idea in your mind, you don’t really need much investment to wonderfully decorate your home. This copper penny wind chime is just the perfect example of a dainty, easy, and quick home décor item that you can make and hang on the same day. A quick treasure for your garden area or the window side.


So how did you like our easy and quick home décor ideas? Try out these ideas and make your home feel trendy and fresh in no time. We tried to keep it budget-friendly and also tried to cover as much aspects as we could. Hope you had a nice read and you will apply these cool ideas to transform your house into a gorgeous creative space.

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