8 Best Dogs For Kids – Best Family-friendly Dogs To Have

Best Dogs For Kids

Dogs can be your kid’s most lovable companions if you choose the breed of the dog wisely. They can be your toddler’s playmates and they also shower unconditional love and affection in the family. Thinking of bringing a bundle of joy in your home when you have a baby? You really need to consider these happy breeds before you settle for the right one. Dogs have a unique personality, temperament, and also their size, and energy levels are a few important factors that must be taken into consideration. Your family’s lifestyle, budget, grooming, and care of the dog – these are also important. So if you are planning to gift your baby a happy and furry companion, these are some of the best dogs for kids to go for.

Best Dogs For Kids – Best Family-friendly Dogs To Have:

Labrador Retriever:


This medium-large dog breed with its origin owing to the United States and Canada is probably the most popular pet dog breed in the world. Labs are playful, loyal, calm, and obedient. They come in three different colors: black, chocolate, and yellow and all three colors have different roles. Although the chocolate variant is the most suitable as pet dogs, the other two colors are also a good fit. Labs are easy to train, intelligent, and gel with other dogs well. They are energetic so they would end up being good playmates of your kids.

Also, there are some cons that you should take into consideration. Firstly, they need a lot of bodily exercise in order to maintain healthy weight. Secondly, they shed a lot, and by that, we mean A LOT. And that can be an issue with the kids. So groom your dog properly. DO NOT EVER SHAVE YOUR LABRADOR.

Golden Retriever:


Just like the Labs, Golden Retrievers are also the best dogs for kids due to their caring and gentle temperature. They tend to be magically tolerant with the kids. They make fabulous family pets and one of the best parts about this dog breed is that Golden Retrievers can also be left alone for some time if you maintain some precautions. They are playful, happy followers, and can end up being your kid’s best friend. An incredible service dog, Golden Retrievers are very good even around your babies.

French Bulldog:


A breed that is very popular as a pet, French bulldogs were originally bred as companion dogs. French bulldogs or Frenchies are one of the most popular registered dogs in the United Kingdom. Among the Americans also, they are favorite. With their characteristic ‘bat’ ears, they love to be in close contact with humans. They rarely bark, they are easier to train, very affectionate, and easily mingle with kids around. If you are living in a small apartment, bringing this breed home is a wise decision as they fit in a small space really well. Their exercise need is not as much as the Lab’s but you need to take them out for daily walks. Frenchies have adorable flat faces and are bundles of joy.



A native dog breed to Scotland, Collies are medium-sized, lightly-built dogs. In addition to being one of the best dogs for kids, they are excellent watchdogs too. They are very loyal, affectionate towards children, and are highly intelligent. You need to exercise them well in order to keep them healthy and are comparatively high-maintenance. Other than that, they are protective, affectionate, and can be a wonderful new member of your family. They are also so beautiful with their soft, long fur coats, and are one of the most popular dog breeds across the globe.

Note that, Collies and Border Collies are not exactly the same.

Newfoundland Dog:


This gentle giant is super popular as ‘nanny dog’. Though large in size, Newfs are super chill with the kids. They have a sweet and calm disposition and are protective in nature. Newfs are also water babies and are great swimmers. Super sweet, loyal, and are easy to train. To train them the best start when they are young. So good toward the kids, their size can be a little bit of issue with the toddlers as they can accidentally be knocked down.

Cocker Spaniel:


Suitable for apartments and even more suitable for a family having kids, Cocker Spaniel is gentle, affectionate, and fun-loving. They need oodles of attention and love being close to the owner. Trustworthy in nature and ever loyal, Cocker Spaniels are the best dogs for kids as well as for keeping with other pets and elders. Talking about the con part, they feel separation anxiety when left alone and make noise and become destructive. Have you seen the 1955 animated movie “Lady and the Tramp”? This movie had a doggo character named ‘Lady’ who was a female American Cocker Spaniel. Her soulful eyes and expressive face was to die for.



Okay, so this cute furball is the national dog of Cuba and is a toy breed. They are outgoing, intelligent, and are very affectionate to the kids. Their brown eyes are oozing with mischievous charm and they are very popular among the Americans. Havanese dogs have very silky coats that come in many colors and they are utterly social. Truly kid-friendly and according to the AKC Breed Popularity chart, they are the 24th most popular purebred dogs in the nation!

Other very important reasons that make them one of the best dogs for kids are a) they are small and easily trainable, b) they are non-shading and one of the best breeds for the allergy sufferers, and c) they are very protective. Get ready for extra cuddling time with your pooch if you bring this ‘velcro dog’ home.



How can we forget this admirable dog breed with expressive eyes and droopy ears? Beagle is a breed of small hound and due to its medium and compact size, good temper, and gentle nature, it is one of the most kid-friendly dogs. They come in tricolor combination or in white with a combination of other colors like black, tan, brown, or reddish-brown and have hard coat. Intelligent, cheerful, and sweet – Beagles will be excellent play companions for your kids. Adult Beagles are also easy to housetrain.

Beagles are extremely curious breeds and also bark excessively and can become highly destructive if left alone.

Various studies have shown that if you keep a dog with a child, the child feels less lonely and also grows a true companionship with the dog as that would have grown with a sibling. Also, they learn to share things and space and become kind and loving to other animals. There are also some studies that suggest, children who are kept with dogs experience fewer sick days! Leave behind all these reasons and the cute face of a furry friend is more than enough to bring him/her home, isn’t it? So these were some of the best dogs for kids that you can blindly consider bringing home and let your home fill with the genuine love and innocence of a playful dog.

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