20 Best Back Tattoos For Women That You Will Envy

Back Tattoos For Women

Back provides the largest canvas for any elaborate tattoo design. And that makes your back one of the most suitable body parts to get a sexy tattoo on. A butterfly tattoo with lovely wing colors that is a whole back piece or a small and cute minimalist one – back tattoos for women are so attractive in every way. Stylish and comes in so many feminine to bold designs, you have to try a back tattoo if you are in the mood to explore something new and experimental. Back tattoos look aesthetic and as we said in the beginning, it is the largest canvas to get a single tattoo that is not interrupted by any joint. So if you have decided to get a big single tattoo, your back is the best place to get that tat on. Fretting over which back tattoos for women to choose? We have compiled below some of the best of them to help you out in your search. Check them out and settle for your fav design.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Back Tattoo:

Keep one thing in mind in the very first place and that is when the tattoo artist is inking the tat on your back, you just can’t see the process. So you cannot direct your tattoo artist any way while he/she is executing the design.

If you have any back or spine-related problems and if you may have to undergo back surgery in the future, getting back tattoos is not a good idea. You may also consider getting a back tattoo after you have given birth to your baby and not before that. As the tattoo ink may increase the chance of infection while placing an epidural catheter.

And the last thing which is one of the major ouch factors is that, for several days, you won’t be able to sleep on your back. You only have to sleep on your belly or sidewise.

Back Tattoos for Women: Pain Chart:

You know, it depends. The portions on your upper as well as lower back where you have muscles and fat tissues tend to hurt less. And the areas nearer to the spine and shoulder generally hurt more as there is very little or no padding at all. In these areas, the needle would directly hit the bone adding to the level of pain.

The Aftercare:

  • Good aftercare will save you from any tattoo infection. Do not expose your tattoo to any source of infection like swimming pool water or pollution until your wound is completely healed.
  • Apply ointment on your tattoo on a regular basis to accelerate the healing process.
  • Apply good quality SPF on your back tattoo in case of any exposure to the sun rays.

Back Tattoos Last Long:

Glad to hear that? You must be. The thing with back tattoos for women is that they remain in the exact color and maintain the firm design for the longest time as the skin on our back does not age easily. It takes a longer time to show the signs of aging like wrinkles and losing firmness.

So these were some of the most important things to consider before you can actually head to the tattoo parlor to get your most cherished back tat. Now let us move on to some of the most outstanding and hottest designs of back tattoos for women that will take your breath away.

Best Back Tattoos For Women That You Will Envy:

Minimalist Leaf Tattoo:


Small and sweet, this black and white leaf tattoo is next-level gorgeous.

Check out below some of the most amazing minimalist back tattoos for women.


Dragonfly Tattoo:


This is another minimalist tattoo that follows the line of the spinal cord and gives your back an extraordinary seductive look. With the wings of the dragonfly spreading on your upper back and its body following the centerline of the back – this is one of the most lively back tattoos for women to embrace.

Origami Bird With Colorful Flowers:


No tattoo design can get as creative as this one. It is so artistic and so appealing. A simple origami bird is the focus of this tattoo design. And colorful small flowers are rimming the bird in a semi-circular manner making the design look so different and creative. It is small in size and can be donned on your upper back portion.

Divine Angel Wing Tattoo:


Angel wing tattoos are extremely trendy and no other place than your back is the perfect place to get an angel tattoo donned because it gets maximum space to draw big elaborate and intricate wings with more detailing. You can get a simple wing design and even can personalize it to stand out in a more fashionable manner.  

An Angel Wing Tattoo that Is Also Incorporated By Quote:


Watercolor Tattoo:

Giving a watercolor effect on your tattoo makes your tattoo look more stylish and prominent. If you are confident enough about it, watercolor back tattoos for women can be one of the most striking tattoo ideas to get.


The first watercolor tattoo is an abstract tree tattoo where the tree’s base has been placed at the middle of the back and its trunk is growing all the way up and spreading out into colorful branches. Your back will look like a complete piece of art if you dare to get this unique tattoo on.

Check out below some other watercolor back tattoos for women:


Istanbul City Watercolor Tattoo:


Mandala Back Tattoo:


Mandala tattoos are one of the most traditional tattoo designs that have never gone out of fashion. In a mandala tattoo, there is supposed to be a central design that is generally drawn in a circular pattern and many intricate shapes and symbols do radiate from that central component. Bigger or smaller, you can try any sort of mandala tattoo designs on your back. Brilliant designs confined within a circle, a mandala tattoo would look drop-dead gorgeous on your wide bareback. Get some design inspiration from the pictures above.     

Flying Bird Back Tattoos For Women:


Birds symbolize freedom, protection, and strength. And they look visually the most appealing when you ink them on your back. There are so many designs to choose from when it comes to talking about bird back tattoos for women. From colorful small birds to big black birds with intricate wings, bird tattoos are real stunners.  

Full Back Tattoo:


When you are in your flamboyant mood and want to go all crazy with a full-back back tattoo that is out and out fabulous, you have to take inspiration from these exclusive designs of back tattoos for women. Yeah, they are not meant for the faint-hearted and it takes guts to go for such a bold and outrageous tattoo design that is simply provocative.

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